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Conspiracy theories

One honest truther

That the Truthers movement is a religion based on blind faith can be corroborated by an interview that the young Briton, mentioned in my previous posts, did with Charlie Veitch. Okay: Charlie is an archetypical liberal. But these fragments of the interview (starting here and here) are worth watching.

For the full documentary on how Andrew Maxwell took five typical young British conspiracy believers on a road trip from New York to Washington to tackle the truth about the events of 9/11, see: here.

16 replies on “One honest truther”

Snatching the opportunity, I’d like to stress one point. What’s the deal with the ugly drum beat in the beginning of the video? You can hear the likes of it in most 21st century news programmes such as the BBC and Vice. Is it supposed to mimic and venerate primitive savage dances from the Negroland? This is so idiotic, it’s unreal.

Just watch the Deutsche Wochenschau, where a cheerful manly voice recounts the propaganda ideals to some glorious music, like an opera. Apparently, it’s now considered cringe. We must listen to erratic cacophony accompanied by dead silence and a frank metrosexual’s telling us how it is.

Don’t take it for a defence of the truthers, I don’t care about dead Amermimutts that used to count shekels in tall houses.

I know this has nothing to do with the post, but I have to ask since it reminded me of Pierce and his mistake ever since I discovered it:


It would seem even Goebbels had to capitulate in one regard. Just like with American racists, it seems that the Germans were not perfect. It occurs to me that in order to fully secure the future of White-kind, anyone involved in the operations against degeneracy must be more extreme, less merciful, and more heavily tied to everyday life of the citizens than Goebbels, Himmler, Pierce or even Hitler.

The mistakes of the past were committed not because those at the helm were too hard, but rather because they were too soft. History has shown that the yielding man never wins, contrary to the message of idiotic, Neo-Xtian media like “Avatar the Last Airbender” or “Star Trek”, real life is more like the stories of the Bronze Age, wherein the brutal victor wins by stabbing his enemies and destroying all that they ever built while those who yield become slaves or corpses.

What’s the name of that jew who has written some books recently (his irritating style involves not italicising book titles)? He said that the intolerant always wins. He’s right: precisely what Savitri was saying in the sections about Judaic (& Xtian) intolerance we just translated.

How much of a mistake would be you regard “Charlie and his Orchestra” to be on part of Doktor Goebbels? If Germany in 1940 could allow what they themselves declared to be Negermusik to be broadcast in their own country, then logically modern genres could be allowed in a White nation so long as made for propaganda. Could one really fathom the idea of National Socialist Rock ‘n Roll or Hitlerist Hip-Hop without vomiting?

I cannot.

One of the things that made me see that American neo-Nazism is purely WN with Nazi paraphernalia is that the ‘neo-Nazis’ hadn’t even heard a single Wagner opera, let alone listen to his music (I used to listen to the entire Parsifal with my DVDs while driving).

“American neo-Nazism is purely WN with Nazi paraphernalia is that the ‘neo-Nazis’ hadn’t even heard a single Wagner opera, let alone listen to his music”

To be fair, most American neo-Nazis come from very poor backgrounds. In such poverty [especially before the internet] it would fairly difficult to find anything of interest that wasn’t cheap or mass produced. Things like RAC and barbeque parties appeal to many Neo-Nazis because such types literally grew on them as sustenance in an anti-racist world. Because of this limited input, they tend to dismiss what is strange to them like opera, Baroque art [which to them looks “Mexican”], Cabernet-Sauvignon and Lederhosen out of feeling alienated and confused by any culture that isn’t instantly recognizable. Many deride them for being peons, yet I pity them.

If one is to be honest, Wagner was not exactly the best musician. Even in the old days many said that his operas were mostly boring and only here and there scattered with beautiful moments. If Albert Speer is to be believed, most high-ranking National Socialists only came to hear Wagner’s music at Hitler’s insistence. In which case many fell asleep in the theater.

Well, those Nazis were ignorant about Wagner.

You see, in Wagner’s operas you really need subtitles, as in the movies spoken in a foreign language. Otherwise you won’t understand the plot. And even as a German speaker you won’t understand Wagner without subtitles. (With modern technology, it is possible today to watch operas in the theatre with subtitles, even in Mexico!)

> ‘American neo-Nazis come from very poor backgrounds’.

Sorry, I was unaware of this. Do you mean that most American neonazis are like that group of whites living in trailers (that neonazi group that Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott belonged to)?

“Sorry, I was unaware of this. Do you mean that most American neonazis are like that group of whites living in trailers (that neonazi group that Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott belonged to)?”

Yes. Around 70% at least.

The things truthers talk about seem bizarre to me, and I don’t bother generally. I try not to read the jews at Unz or the fags at Counter-currents, so maybe that’s why I don’t understand why you’re even talking about this.

I believed the story originally, and have to admit it did matter since I was dumb enough to join the military back then. I’m not sure what thread to put this in, so
“that they cannot handle airplanes is answered”

No at all. As a pilot, I don’t believe there is a chance the official narrative is the truth in this regard. As shitty as they were, and what it is claimed they did, simply don’t match up. I make no claims nor do I care about anything else, dancing israelis, thermite, building 7, or anything else. I already know something stinks, and I ask ‘cui bono?’

Some negress landing a trainer is the worst excuse for an argument I’ve ever seen. Even the jewish Pentagon engineer has more credibility than that.

I thought you were talking about the one hour documentary with the brits, since I mentioned the flying negress. It was more youtube then I’ve watched in a year probably, and for those of us without 24-7 internet, being told ‘did you watch this video,’ ‘what about this one’ doesn’t help.

Does this video mention anything about the actual flying of the planes? I’m skimming and not seeing anything relevant. I’m not interested in gotchas of random protestors.

I’m not defending the myriad of theories of which I neither know nor care. Why is any of this important? Why should people believe the official story? Just because people don’t, doesn’t mean they all believe all the crazy shit. The only thing I can think of that matters is that at least if people don’t believe ZOG, they are less likely to believe them in the future. I hate the perpetual cries of ‘false flag!’ nowadays, but it’s still better than everyone blindly trusting the enemy.

It’s like having to believe the official Holocaust happened and 6 billion jews were gassed and ashed, or none were ever killed at all, either/or. Of course both sides can make the other look like fools. Some of us think the truth would serve best, others only care about image (haven’t you said we should embrace the image so we look strong?)

I just don’t understand what is to be gained by having people trust the official version of Sept 11.

Just watch it.

‘As for the Dissident Right, it seems that some people have adopted the irrational position of always taking the exact opposite position of anything the media says, which is just as dumb as believing the sun is brightly shining outside because the news says that it is raining’.

—Hunter Wallace

Even a contrarian moron is no worse than someone like Wallace/Griffin.

I will watch this video through as well when I have the time, but if it isn’t relevant to what I mentioned, then please stop wasting people’s time by doing the ‘just watch this video’ followed by ‘but did you watch these other videos.’ I already know that the average truther is a dumbfuck.

Every hour passively watching a video when they are garbage (like the brit one was) is an hour completely wasted for everyone involved.

I thought that the garbage videos were those uploaded by truthers in YouTube.

Don’t watch what the Brit says if it’s a waste of time for you, but the Brit’s friend in the last segment of his documentary explains the psychology of the conspiracy theorist pretty well.

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