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Conspiracy theories

On Ron Unz & 911 truthers

The intelligence of Jews is merely verbal, as Stefan Moly says in this video with another Jew, Dave Rubin. A Jew can have a very high verbal IQ; an Asian or an Aryan may have a very high IQ in spatial intelligence, and at the same time both, Jew and gentile, may be mentally retarded in an area of intelligence that is not evaluated by psychometric tests.

Those who have read the late neurologist Oliver Sacks (I read two or three books by him) will know what I am talking about. In his books, a literary treat (unusual for a neurologist), Sacks talks about judgment: an area of the brain ignored by neurologists because to study it requires the biographical narrative of those with a disease in some area of the right hemisphere of the brain.

I don’t want to delve too deeply into what Sacks is trying to tell us. In a nutshell, we can use his legacy as an analogy to also talk about those with high IQ and who are literally insane regarding judgement. Remember what I said about world champion Bobby Fischer in my recently published The Human Side of Chess? His case exemplifies it: extremely high IQ in computational matters (chess is ultimately a computing game) and a true mental infant, and madman, regarding the most elementary aspects of life.

I can say something similar about all those who believe in conspiracy theories, be the best known—such as the JFK assassination or the September 11 attacks—or the lesser-known, such as that the US government has been misleading the public since the 1940s by hiding alien ships in their hangars, that the moon landings were staged, and so on. (By the way, I have only studied in-depth one of these conspiracy theories, the so-called Satanic Ritual Abuse, as can be seen in my critique of Lloyd de Mause, and in 1996 I saw Buzz Aldrin at the Hyatt Regency Houston downtown.)

I’m not going to repeat what I’ve already said about Unz on this site, who just posted another of his crazy articles about one of these theories (9/11): an ethnic Jew who also believes the insanity that millions upon millions believe about JFK.

If I write this post it’s because I’m shocked that so many racialists believe in such nonsense. They are obviously like Fischer: very good at understanding JQ (J of Jew) but insane about the more mundane aspects of life.

Sacks has a point: true intelligence is not only IQ but judgment. And many contemporary Westerners have lost their minds.

The lie of Unz and the beardless racialists is that the ‘official’ story about JFK and 911 is not that of the government but that the masses believe. What matters is what the masses believe. If someone believes what the masses believe he is a normie, not a dissident of the system. Simple as that!

Those who have never heard a truly sceptical voice about 911 should watch this video about Building 7, supposedly the strongest argument of the ‘truthers’ (his other videos on 911 are linked: here). Likewise, those who believe that Oswald didn’t act alone, let them see what I have written about Unz: here.

There are a ton of ‘truthers’ in white nationalism, a movement (WN) to which I don’t belong. As visitors know, I rather call myself a priest of the 14 words. I still have a lot to translate from Savitri’s book, and I don’t want to waste time by discussing the subject with those nationalists who haven’t read Vincent Bugliosi’s book. So this entry will not receive comments. Read Bugliosi and then we talk…

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