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Conspiracy theories

Mistakes corrected

In the video that I embedded in my previous comment, this young Brit says that out of the thousands who watched his miniseries about the 9/11 attacks, only one stopped believing in conspiracy theories. That is precisely the experience I have had with people I met in a New Age cult and parapsychology: the vast majority are impervious to the evidence.

The pathology of belief is a topic that goes beyond the limits of this site, although I have talked about it in my books written in my mother tongue. Simply put, the astronomical delusions represented by religions, paranormal pseudo-sciences, and even secular ideologies (feminism, anti-racism, idealising sexual deviants, etc.) have nothing to do with reason and good judgment. It has to do with self-esteem, self-image, groupthink, and the defence mechanisms we develop in the face of a cruel world.

The subject is huge, and just as Oliver Sacks used the biographical narratives to illustrate the symptoms of right-brain injuries, only an autobiographer who has rid himself of one such false paradigm could illustrate how the psychology of self-deception works.

By the way, in my post yesterday about truthers I made a couple of minor mistakes that I just corrected. One of them was a link to the wrong article about Ron Unz. It is worth rereading the right article, including the discussion thread.

4 replies on “Mistakes corrected”

Do you mean that there is one correct view of the world, and anyone who wasn’t abused clearly sees it? That with such an immense complexity? I’d say, most people have evolved this attachment to perpetrator partly due to the need to believe in a specific ideology and “close the ranks”, so to speak. Drones don’t have to think anyway.

People use the concept of ‘God’ as a tricky way to heal the inner wounds of abusive parenting. But this is a dangerous magic that leads to paleologic thinking. When I read Silvano Arieti’s Interpretation of Schizophrenia I discovered that many of the defence mechanisms used by psychotics are used by neurotics—and common, purportedly ‘sane’ people—as well.

“That is precisely the experience I have had with people I met in a New Age cult and parapsychology: the vast majority are impervious to the evidence.”

I can confidently state that you never took even 5 minutes to seriously examine any of what you refer to as “conspiracy theories”. The thing is, like most people you’re intellectually lazy and to make things worse, because you wasted years of your life mired in Catholic/parapsychology crap, now you automatically see all non-mainstream narratives as just as deranged as that kind of stuff you used to be involved in.

Let’s face it, you’re just a racist boomer. If one scratches the racism, the Nazism and the anti-Christian hate, under the surface you’re just yet another silly normie boomer who buys into whatever the TV tells you to believe – “but I saw it on the TV!”. You’re such a boomer that if one asks you if you believe in the fake the moon landings, your reply is to link to a Wikipedia page that “debunks” such views! LOL

For example, unlike you (who never came up with a single idea of your own in your life) a serious scholar like Laurent Guyenot has gone through the trouble to study the Kennedy assassination and the events of 09/11 for several years and he has penned a number of highly scholarly articles about these topics, available on the Unz Review (anybody who has seriously researched both topics knows that ISRAEL is behind both events). And yet a cretin like you, lazy and presumptuous like all of your fellow citizens, never even bothered to read them and yet you keep talking out of your ass as if you knew anything about these issues.

(Or take Christopher Bollyn, for example: https://odysee.com/@CyberNews:c/Israeli-Terror-911-False-Flag-Attack:b The guy is not even a racist, he’s not even on the Right politically, he’s just a professional independent journalist who has been investigating 09/11 for years now. Like and Unz, Guyenot, he has reached the same conclusion: Israel did it, nobody else had either the resources or the motivations to attempt that and pull it off.)

But I tell you what: enough of you and your silly blog. Except for the “I love Hitler” thing and the “I hate Jesus” thing what do you even have to say? “I hate conspiracy theories”? Is that all your stick? Oh, that and “We must save the White race!” Is that it? The “White race” doesn’t give a shit about you, dude. You’re just some guy living in Mexico, fantasizing about WWII. What a loser.

> ‘I can confidently state that you never took even 5 minutes to seriously examine any of what you refer to as “conspiracy theories”.’

I didn’t read anything beyond your above line because you didn’t even pay attention to what I said yesterday: ‘I have only studied in-depth one of these conspiracy theories, the so-called Satanic Ritual Abuse’. Just studying this conspiracy theory took me three full-time months, in 2007, and I published my opinion in my book Day of Wrath.

As I said yesterday, I do not have time to discuss the topic, so I will close this discussion thread. I would suggest tough that you click on the links in the article I already linked above…

Ron Unz and JFK (or Leaving the courtroom)

…and that you pay special attention to what Buliosi says to his fellow lawyers about the irrationality of their a priori stance (leaving the courtroom every time the prosecutor speaks).

It’s not us who leave the room when the lawyer speaks, but conspiracy theorists who do it when the prosecutor dares to open his little mouth.

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