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Adunai responds

> ‘The Empire as such is run by and for Jews’.

In no way is America run by Jews. Had America been run by Jews, it would likewise have genocided all the Arabs, Russians and other Asians. And then would have liquidated itself.

No, America is run on the spirit of universal love towards mankind, towards every individual—as long as he professes to love his neighbour, to ‘live and let live’, to accept the god of the Jews into his heart.

Source: The Unz Review (comments section) here. And in a previous thread he had said:

What is the opposite of materialism? Idealism, in the case of the Western civilisation—Christianity. Therefore, I blame not some ephemeral, rootless ‘leftism’. The maggots under the carpet do not self-germinate from spontaneous abiogenesis, as Pasteur proved. Likewise did the egalitarian liberalist cult have a predecessor in the message of universal love spread by the old Jew Jesus.

And in another thread he also responds to a monocausalist:

> ‘(((God’s Chosen))) are the only winners of WWII’.

It’s the Americans, stupid. The Americans who were 99% Nordic in 1945. (I don’t consider Negroes or Italians American.) The Americans had all the power in the world to do as they pleased. The Westerners were only limited by their merciful nigger-breeding Christian morality, fatally so…

America could have gassed all Mexicans, all Pinoy, all Japanese. America had all the power in the world in 1945 methodically to cleanse Iraq, Turkey, India and China. But didn’t. The reason—Christian cuckoldry. This is as clear as day! There wasn’t a capitulation in history as large as the American one. That’s when they had the bombs each of which could burn a million Asiatics alive. This pitiful sight abhors me to no end. History, return, and make the Anglo kill himself!…

I’d like to remind everyone that the triumph of the Taliban over the Christian faggots in Afghanistan in 2021 CE is but a foretaste of the final victory of the Asiatics in Korea in the future. That’s what happens when you pit Jewish love against racist hatred—hatred always wins. The sooner, the better.

In Adunai’s latest post he responds to Robert Morgan’s claim that technology is the bad guy of our movie:

Name me one cultural counter-current that has challenged Christianity since Julian—you cannot, only Hitler tried to commence such a revolution. Technology is an amplifier of the already existing substance. That is the issue with you—you think there was an invisible coup d’état in culture where Europe stopped being Christian between 1789 and 1900. No, a true apostasy looks like The Holocaust.

Adunai’s italics. However, he uses a straw-man against me: ‘Chechar’s idyllia is lions eating straw with lambs’, something I’ve never claimed of course (the 4 words is something altogether different).

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  1. Reblogged this on Adûnâi and commented:

    I didn’t want to waste spacetime sidetracking the discussion and thus give the mods a casus belli to truncate my post (as Morgan cannot expand those).

    My arguments are slightly more intricate:

    1) the Four Words would rather kill the beautiful, intelligent and cultural killer dolphins (like Captain Nemo did) and side with that one lioness who protected a goat baby from another lioness (a YouTube video);

    2) the child abuse side of your ideology fails to explain why all non-Christians remain faithful to their race, while your very worldview posits them as crueler than the Aryans – of course, I posit that child cruelty is but an instrument of culture’s Will.

    [Admin's note: The rest can be read in Adunai's site]

    1. 1) I have not explained in detail what I mean by the 4 words. These confusions will occur as long as I don’t do it on this site. Those who read my untranslated books will know their ultimate meaning when they reach the eleventh book.

      2) Exactly the same I can say about my POV on child abuse. It is not the focus of this site, although I doubt you have read Day of Wrath, which translates much of my fourth book in Spanish. But just a few examples will suffice. The Spartans, the Romans before the Punic Wars, and the pre-Christian Goths were not Christians and were faithful to their race. The point is that they were no crueller than the Christians we see in the last entries of our translations, on this site, of the books of Deschner.

      1. I may appear as a queer, whimsical, eccentric Little Russian, but I hope the following gem will pleasure anyone’s eyes here. This Soviet Jewish film from 1965 at 10:00 depicts the process of manufacturing a copy of Mein Kampf in parchment, wood and steel (written in Fraktur). If anyone knows whether the original footage of the creation of Das Buch der Deutscher exists in cyberspace, let me know.

  2. While I find Adunai’s fondness for North Korea very ironic and silly, I cannot help but feel much optimism for the future when he says that racist hate wins over xtian love. Too long have I pondered over why the past nations that upheld racism fell whereas those who loved the lie survived. Too little time have I spent figuring out how to disable and destroy my enemies.

    1. Racist hate obviously wins over Christian love, just look at the winners, the Jews and the Chinese (see e.g., how the latter are treating the Muslims).

  3. ᛋᛋ Main Office, Reichsführer-ᛋᛋ (Heinrich Himmler) 1942 : Read the full German Original: http://www.docdroid.net/uQxvVjM

    //From the beginning, the Christian Church has preached the equality of people and realised it in its domain… Anyone could become a Christian, whether Roman, Greek, Jew, Negro, etc., as Christians they are all equal, because the value and fate of people is decided solely by their membership of the Church and their belief in its dogma. There is only one difference among men, that between believers and unbelievers, and within the Church itself between priests and laymen…
    the goal is a unified humanity, united in the Church… [and] presided over by the priesthood.

    Through acceptance into the Christian community of faith and through Christian education, the peoples… could only be made insecure in their instinct for what is appropriate to their species, i.e. foreign influences interfered in matters where only blood may decide, e.g. the relationship between man and woman, the choice of husband, the relationship to family and Volk, to morality appropriate to the species and to the lifestyle appropriate to the species in general… The Church has erected barriers where none should exist, e.g. between German people of different confessions, and has broken down barriers erected by nature, it has blessed marriages between Aryans and Jews, Negroes and Mongols.
    It has withdrawn millions of valuable human beings from their God-given destiny and segregated them from the community of the people in monasteries and in the priesthood.

    Nordic people have fought against this alien dogma for centuries… Luther bites the Christian to listen within himself and act as his conscience commands; but (and therein lies the tragedy and doom of the Reformation, which began as a Germanic awakening and failed miserably as a petty dispute over dogma) Luther finally ties the conscience back to the Jewish teachings of the Bible.
    With Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo and many other researchers, the battle of modern science against church dogma begins.
    Nordic inquiring minds only want to accept as true what corresponds to the results of science and experience. And today it attacks the seemingly irrefutable foundations of the Christian doctrinal edifice itself, and raises the question of the equality of human beings.

    The National Socialist world view, which is based on the knowledge of the laws of heredity and the inequality of the races, will succeed in overcoming this millennia-old misteaching and in leading the German people back to an original way of life.//