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Massive blindspot

As of this writing, only one commenter has said anything on Counter Currents about the preface to Greg Johnson’s latest book:

America died when my parents’ generation (b. 1920s) failed to respond positively and constructively to the black uprising of the 1950s and 1960s, and couldn’t find a way to resolve the Indochina crisis before the country was torn apart. (Granted, those were both devilishly difficult tasks.) All that the ‘conservative’ counter-revolution that began in the 1980s did was dive deeply into globalization, which only poured gasoline on the fire.

What strikes me greatly is the blindness of these conservatives who comment on racialist forums. Instead of seeing the elephant in the room, Christian ethics (see my post yesterday) they fixate on these trifles. I would say that the US died as early as 1861 (*), and the foundations for ethno-suicide were further laid in WW2.

I have already said it and it bears repeating: although a few commenters are more or less in agreement with our diagnosis of Aryan decline (see for example the two that have commented in the previous post) in general I preach in the desert. While I am not completely alone in the desert, very few racialists are willing to change paradigm: from JQ to CQ.

Only the CQ explains all the historical data, including the mass miscegenation after Constantine re-founded Byzantium, the way the Iberians stained their blood after the expulsion of the Jews in 1492, and today the anti-racist nonsense of Michael Jones in his recent debate with Jared Taylor.


(*) Note that the American Civil War was fought in favour of the Negro long before the Jews took over the American media. Obviously, the CQ precedes the JQ in as much as if the Vikings had conquered the continent, they would never have allowed neither that war nor the appropriation of the media by Jewry.

2 replies on “Massive blindspot”

The JQ and CQ (along with the IQ) form the AQ – Abrahamic Question. It’s difficult for me to even differentiate between them anymore. Even casual analysis finds them standing upon nearly identical foundations. Neither is capable of fundamentally opposing another’s worldview. Is it Abrahamic or Aryan? Abrahamic or…human? These are questions I use to evaluate movements, men, and nations.

America never had an Aryan or heathen phase unlike the Germanic, Celtic, Latin, etc. Nordic tribes. Someone in Germany or France now is a living descendant of Arminius. We Americans have at best a few non-Abrahamic deists that lived in an otherwise Abrahamic continent. Obviously this is a serious deficiency. I do wonder, casting aside racial masochism, how many Americans romanticize the indios for being polytheistic? At least subconsciously?

Moribund America died conclusively in 1933 – the same year Germany was reborn. Ironically this was only 9 years after the Johnson Immigration Act passed as a last-ditch panacea. Very fitting.

> ‘It’s difficult for me to even differentiate between them anymore’.

That’s why I like the icberg metaphor: JQ and CQ are the same thing.

Scientists know not to play with icebergs too much. Icebergs sometimes turn over without warning.

Good image that what white nationalists see above the sea surface is the same as what we see on this site: sometimes it flips over and part of the CQ is up (e.g., Michael Jones’ recent pronouncements)!

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