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Today’s Germans ‘allow this effigy of national humiliation’


The story we have heard about the Second World war is an absolute lie. What Black Pigeon Speaks says above is only a half-truth. He has yet to speak out about the Holocaust committed in Germany by the allied forces.

But he’s right about one issue: contemporary Germans suffer from a complete lack of masculinity. They don’t want to see what really happened in WW2.

2 Replies on “Today’s Germans ‘allow this effigy of national humiliation’

  1. The UK and the US will have to pay historically for the greatest sin in Western history: siding with the bad guy (excuse my childish Christian language).

    1. Such a horrendous crime against their own kind will have horrendous consequences.
      The Anglo countries (and the West) will either pay for this treason with their own blood, or with the blood of their racial enemies.

      The West today is paying this karmic blood-debt with the genes of their sons and daughters, through miscigenation, ‘incelism’, homosexuality and suicide.

      It may require a whole decade of living conditions similar to that of East Germany in 1945-47 for Amerikwans to even become aware of this blood-debt.