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To my PayPal donors:

On the last day of this month, the old number of my debit card expires (donate button appears at the very bottom of this site). Tomorrow, I will pick up the new card at my bank.

In theory, this shouldn’t cause a problem for a donor: my bank account is the same; it is only the number of the new card that changes.

However, if when trying to donate you get a temporary message (something like the transfer of funds is not complete but ‘pending’, etc.), it is only because I will find myself changing the number in my PayPal account.

When the process is finished (I hope that tomorrow the card will be waiting for me in the bank), I will turn these words into grey letters and I’ll write, in black letters, an update in this post.

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to The West’s Darkest Hour!

______ 卐 ______


Update of August 31: All right! I have now updated my PayPal account with my new debit card.

Incidentally, in addition to PayPal, Bitcoin and Monero, there is another way of making donations. My email is on the sidebar (or just post a comment with a legit email in the comments section of any post).

2 replies on “To my PayPal donors:”

I got kicked off of PayPal a long ago. You, too, will get kicked off eventually. They’re an intransigent company–they wouldn’t listen to reason.

My apologies, César! I will have to have someone donate on my behalf.

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