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Greg interviews Jared

After minute 35 the American Jared Taylor talks about the founding fathers of his country and even mentioned Eisenhower as someone congenial to white interests! Compare this to what I say in ‘The Iron Throne’ that is now a kind of sticky post for this site, and to one of the final chapters of Pierce’s book that I have been linking to lately (where he also talks about the psychological toll of the Second World War).

The blindness of white nationalists is portrayed in this interview. Neither Jared nor Greg Johnson want to see that the founding myth of post-war whites has to do with the bestiality of the Hellstorm Holocaust, the de-Nazification of Germany and the lies that, through the media, reversed the story about what really happened in WW2. Greg, who interviews Jared, suffers from identical blindness throughout the interview. In the 40th minute, speaking of Eisenhower’s repatriation of Mexicans living in the US, he tacitly put that monster as a good president.

In the 45th minute Jared wondered ‘how white people have been tricked into thinking like this’ referring to the anti-white religion suffered by whites, ‘a church where there is no salvation’, only collective suicide. Neither of them realises that the story about WW2 that we have been telling each other for over seventy years triggered the final phase of white psychosis: a condition that was already underlying the collective unconscious of whites due to Christian-instilled guilt, but that has only recently metastasized.

By the way, the review of the book on feminism that will be published by my Daybreak Press is taking much longer than expected. Those who haven’t read Pierce’s book should print it out at home and study it while I am away from this blog.

3 replies on “Greg interviews Jared”

I’ve long regarded Taylor as a honey pot and a subversion. He will not allow any serious discussion of the jewish source of all the poison. And Johnson? He blocked me a few weeks on on GAB, because he was attempting to nag and cajole his followers into getting the Jew Jab. A raised the roof in calling him out. He just blocked me. He’s obviously taken the shekels. No confirmation – it’s just my not so humble opinion.

The fag and the fed? There are only two sides my friend, unequivocal Nazis and everyone else. These two subversives are Jordan Peterson-tier and don’t deserve anyone’s time nor money.
Nothing would change if all whites became such kosher nationalists. It’s just a new flavor of Republicanism. If all whites became Nazis on the other hand…

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