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Companies that get woke

‘Corporate America is lining up behind leftists just like corporate Germany lined up behind the Nazis, and for much the same reason. They want to back the winner to protect themselves from being on the losing side. That’s a collective judgement they’ve made’. —AmRen commenter

3 replies on “Companies that get woke”

The situation seems hopeless..And there’s no one even close to Hitler to raise us. American culture produces porn not Hitler.

Have you put any thought to the story of the Mormons? The LDS church seems to reject the Bible, or at least, gives their own scripture priority. Their features are polygamy, large families, totalitarian control of their members, strong leadership, huge financial assets, and they had been explicitly prohibiting miscegenation until the recent decades. But now they are full of Africans. What happened? They literally had a clause about killing coal-burners.

I have been watching a former Mormon “It’s Me Jessie”, it’s so uncanny to see a pretty Nordic woman caring about idealist nonsense such as the “holy ghost” or “familiar spirits”.

corporate america could buy their own armies if they wanted. They aren’t lining up with the “winners”, they dispossessed you on purpose, and elevated the scum of the world into “winners”

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