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Feminism Game of Thrones


‘Hardhome’ is the eighth episode of the fifth season of HBO’s fantasy television series Game of Thrones and the 48th overall. In the picture we see Jorah, the poor knight in love with Dany, expelled from the city for the second time by the woman he loves!

Now that I see some passages of these episodes on Blu-ray, I have the option to change languages including the voices in Latin American Spanish for the voices of the Spanish language as used in the Iberian Peninsula. Hearing Dany how the Spaniards speak, she reminded me of the television series Isabel about which I have written an article. In this episode Dany looks somewhat like what I saw years ago in the Spanish series.

The trick of both series, Isabel and Game of Thrones is to put these little women as if they were mature statesmen perfectly capable of their work. But if you want to see how women reign when empowered in the real world just look at what happens around the West, for example in Sweden.

In this episode Dany is still in the semi-desert region of Meereen, as you can see in the above pic of the pyramid. But feminism continues even in the Arctic world, on the other side of the Wall, in the town Hardhome. When Jon Snow meets with the announced elders of that primitive town, the one who stands out from that group of ‘elders’ is a young woman. Years ago Kit Harington, who played Jon, probably the character most beloved by fans, declared in an interview that Game of Thrones was a feminist series.

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You seem to be allowing comments again? If so, I would like to pitch in. When thinking of feminism, Sweden immediately comes to mind. But that’s part of the West, where every single person is a passionate Christian by default. What’s about Asia?

I could give an example – the minister of foreign affairs of the vigorous Donetsk People’s Republic, as manly as Whites can currently get, is… Natalya Nikonorova, a cute woman!

How do you explain this? Those Donetsk folks are facing death every day. Just the other day, they had a little kid blown to pieces by a bomb. A far cry from cuckoldry.

Here in Latin America, the Cancel Culture has already arrived with its prohibition of criticising trans people. Eight days ago I saw a friend from a chess club I hadn’t seen in many years, who told me anecdotes about how impossible it’s now to criticize trans people of his school. I told him that the only ones in the world suffering from this pathology are the countries that had been Christian. Remember that we are in the red-giant phase of Christianity. The star has consumed its nuclear hydrogen (dogma) but destroys nearby planets by non-nuclear hydrogen (its axiology) that continues to burn.

Just like what happens in Latin America (the liberals here are the offspring of Catholics), that woman you mention is from a country that practiced Orthodox Christianity.

I clearly meant that that woman in a position of power doesn’t seem to affect the ability of the men of Donbass to kill and die to prevent the transvestite scum from entering their land.

As to the trannies themselves – have you heard of the Arkansas ruling to prohibit underage folks from altering their sex with hormones? Coincidentally, ((Prager U)) has released an anti-trap video recently, “Why Girls Become Boys”. Quite hilarious.

Did you ever have a Gedankenexperiment of trolling the libs with comments “if you love foreigners so much, why are you bombing Syrian children”? After all, the foreign policy of the United States is not totally bad – it’s their internal racial policy coupled with stupid monetary and cultural systems that are eating away at the structure. (This is why the opposition to the Iraq war is not a mark of a racist.)

Upon reading your old post about that lying Spanish series, I was reminded of the so-called “allies” of Germany in Romania, the Iron Guard and National Christian Defense League. For all the babble those Romanian types did [contrary to their own teachings] I could not help but notice how none of them seemed even slightly capable of thinking about the origins of their ‘religion’. For all the praise Codreanu gets for being a ” great fascist leader” I actually found him to be quite easily duped. Like the Crusaders who eventually succumbed to Mohammadanism and left the Baphomet legend behind, it seems he too would miscegenate with a she-boon if she was a “good woman of Jesus”. With types like A.C Cuza using the same books that the Jews use for themselves against them in vain, I can see why Nietzsche would have ridiculed the anti-semites of his time.

I am at the point where I am dead certain that even the most sincere self-declared xtian “white nationalists” should be eliminated just like the anti-racists they supposedly oppose.

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