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Tom Sunic

Why is there no axiological revolution?

Today a commenter of Prussian heritage commented: ‘It is because of Christian values and morality that there has not yet been a true uprising over the current order’.

This is absolutely true, and we can illustrate it even with the best mind the American continent has produced: William Pierce. After his first novel, in which he throws Christian ethics overboard while proposing exterminationism as the solution to our problems, Pierce cucked somewhat with his second novel: in which he used the figure of a Christian preacher as a possible way to wake up his people.

But that’s impossible. From Christian ethics the movement will get nowhere. It was precisely because of Christian ethics that Americans felt a moral obligation to destroy the Third Reich (read Tom Sunic’s Homo Americanus with a preface by Kevin MacDonald).

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media-control = cattle-control

Cattle has been under house arrest for a year, forced to wear diapers.
Humans have been unable to stop this insanity.

Anyone who seriously calls surgical masks “face diapers” out of genuine belief that such masks are unnecessary deserves to be sterilized.

The masks are unnecessary however. Not only are they entirely pointless because they do not work as they are designed for already sterile spaces, but it should be abundantly clear by now that the virus is nothing more to fear than a simple common cold.

Pierce’s preacher figure, Saul, I believe, was an attempt at humour on the good doctor’s part. A minor plot point concerned constructing a radiant halo for his performances! To my knowledge the National Alliance never attempted or advocated the attempt to use preachers.

Even assuming it was humour, the fact is that Pierce’s second novel was not overtly anti-Christian. And that is a shame because since 1964 the American Gore Vidal had published an openly anti-Christian novel, Julian, which I have quoted extensively on this site.

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