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Bible Racial right Trolls

Troll army

My last comment has given me an idea. Compared to the white nationalist forums this site has very few followers. It would be ideal to have at least a hundred young fans, even teenagers, to troll those forums with the arguments and historical facts of this site.

For example, to each christcuck that we meet in those forums we could call him names: ‘Jew-obeyer Joe Doe has said such and such, to which I respond like this and that’. But the term Jew-obeyer also refers to secular racialists who haven’t broken with the morals left to us by the gospel author.

As I have said countless times, Christianity in general and the Bible in particular is a recipe for exterminating the white race. Have you already read Kevin MacDonald’s first volume of his trilogy on Jewry? While the Old Testament commands strict ethnocentrism for the Hebrew people (MacDonald’s first book), the New Testament written for the Gentiles commands a loving universalism for everyone else.

Unlike the Nazis of the previous century, the vast majority of American racialists have undertaken the quixotic task of saving their race without violating the moral commandments of the fictional Jesus. And since both the Old and New Testaments were written by Semitic authors, nationalists who haven’t transvalued their values to how the values stood before Constantine are literally Jew obeyers. The term is not even an insult: it’s a simple definition of what they are.

I wish, as I said, that enough followers trolled the main sites of white nationalism every time their admins publish articles in which these so-called anti-Semites unconsciously obey the Jew. And if your comments are blocked or not allowed to pass, shake the dust off your sandals and preach my gospel at The Unz Review, which tolerates all points of view and republishes the articles of those other forums.

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4chan is occupied by many different people, of course mostly young people. They are willing to have a discussion about anything, but most in the forums don’t always take things seriously. This thread might get you a general idea of what yo expect and the general knowledge some may possess, or not at all.

Don’t send him to 4chan, not only is it filled with retards and absolutely stemming with christcucks, it’s level of discourse is that of an edgy ten year old. Cesar would be much better off going to 16chan and it’s /fascist/ or the TOR net site Neuchan, he’ll actually find revolutionary thinkers there, interspersed with cucks and shills of course. He will more likely find the people he’s looking for in those places than on 4cuck of all places.

The main reason that the Christians – especially American WN’s – are so hateful is because they are in desperation of using their religion to keep their Monopoly on Moralism and other so-called “virtues” which they don’t really possess, away from other Vanguards who know better and live lives in actual decency and away from hypocrisy like they do.

The Christians are basically two-faced, because they claim to Worship God while in actuality they are Satanic behind the scenes and worship the same so-called “God” as the Luciferians do.

Christians love to pretend they are all peaceful, loving and tolerant, but we find that they are actually the most hateful, intolerant and ready to stir up conflicts at a moment’s notice against any perceived adversary.

Every Christian I have ever had to deal with, has spread rumors behind my back, inciting other people against me and creating hostile environments, wherever that may be.

The recklessness among Christians is very pervasive and consistent.

We are in the mess we are in today in the White Nations because Christians are always obsessed with trying to look like the “better people” and they obsess that people must pray and love their enemies.

It is because of Christian values and morality that there has not yet been a true uprising over the current order, aside from what the Third Reich tried to achieve in the last century.

Just the other day I got into an argument with some Christian over the JQ, because he believed it was not “Christ-like” to hate the Jews or fight against them, because Christianity teaches one to love their enemies, and that the best thing is that they can “pray for the Jews”, haha!

This is why the Christians will always be perpetual “Jew obeyers”.

A True Aryan can instinctively perceive everything about Christianity to have a queerness and unnaturalness to it. Even from the strange incantations and chants, and from their bizarre use of language and terms.

It is because of Christian values and morality that there has not yet been a true uprising over the current order, aside from what the Third Reich tried to achieve in the last century.

The phrase before the comma deserves its place of honor as today’s quotable quote. Regarding what you say after the comma, at least the Nazi leadership had already begun to abandon Christian ethics.

If it makes you feel better Cesar, I have tried to post links to your site on youtube comments trying to get anyone [people of any worldview] to at least read your site. Even if they have nothing but negatives to say about you and your work, the mere mention of your existence as a genuine racist thinker can eventually spread to other people who may become interested. This way, I hope, someone can find themselves here and actually READ what you write for what it is.

In the meantime, I have severed myself from a few self-proclaimed anti-xtian racists simply because they refuse to look at what discomforts them. One being the man calling himself “Ted Sallis” whose work I appreciated before comparing it to yours. Here is his blog:


His thinking is backwards in some areas but he has potential to train others if given the chance. His problems are that he refuses to acknowledge the previous racial purity of the Achaeans [he thinks the current problem of White Man is due to “genetic pacification” from Xtian dysgenics rather than admixture with inferior races] as well as dismissing those who are not “scientific” like Savitri Devi. He can be very difficult but his work is valuable for his denunciation of Counter-Currents and the HBD crowd as frauds.

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