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A psychotic Christian

Just once a week I check Counter-Currents and I did it today. I was shocked by a recent article by Nicholas R. Jeelvy, ‘The Struggle is Real’, because just yesterday I wrote about most white nationalists: ‘They are like the ladies sheltered in Holdfast praying to the old and new gods that the city does not fall’, and Jeelvy exemplifies it:

Imagine you’re a White Nationalist activist. You have a show on the internet where you discuss our issues. It’s going okay. You’re developing a small following. You hear from a friend that there’s a group of young guys who are your fans in another town. You’re elated and start talking to them over the internet. They seem okay, maybe a little on the rowdy side, but they’re young, it’s expected of them. You arrange an event in that town, ostensibly as part of a political maneuver, but in fact it’s because you want to meet those guys. You’re expecting a group of Ernst Jüngers to greet you.

(Gustave Courbet, The Desperate Man, 1843-45.) You find a bunch of weirdos who can’t stop talking about starting a revolution.

One of them vibes like an actual schizophrenic. No, these guys aren’t agents, you double and triple checked them. You tell them that armed insurgency isn’t the path forward and furthermore, directly antagonizing policemen and soldiers will do damage to our cause. Their faces suddenly change—they declare you a cuck, a softie.

They demand you call for a violent uprising on your show; otherwise, you’re a cuck. They feel so betrayed that they start an online campaign against you that lasts to this very day. Gradually you realize that these guys aren’t LARPers, or even stupid. These guys do not seek struggle, nor victory. They seek self-destruction.

Yes: actual revolution is premature. But doesn’t it occur to this idiot that what they really want is the destruction of the System?

And as time goes by, you start seeing in yourself that same demonic will to self-destruction, and start wondering if your entire engagement with dissident politics isn’t just a long, dramatic, and roundabout suicide-by-cop. “No, it can’t be, I live for the struggle,” you say, and then you remember that you’re often suicidal and that you often have fantasies of dying heroically in struggle against the enemy…

For many, being hated and hounded by the system is precisely what attracts them to the Dissident Right. They want to be Nazis precisely because the current morality deems it morally justified to punch, persecute, deplatform, fire, and ultimately kill Nazis.

What absolute imbecility! Doesn’t it occur to Jeelvy that they want to be Nazis because white nationalism has already shown itself to be a charlatan movement (see The Fair Race and Daybreak on the sidebar)?

There’s a little bit of the sociopathic urge to be notorious and feared at play, but far stronger is the will to self-destruction. This will to self-destruction exists because it is the ultimate act of independence and self-actualization in the egotistic and thanatophobic modern world where a long life is the ultimate good. But this self-destruction cannot take the form of your bog-standard suicide, because suicide is destigmatized and excused and suicides are pitied. No, the destruction of the self must come at the tail end of a grand epic of self-denial so that the self may be actualized…

I believe that this article can help resolve the psycho question.

But who’s the real psycho?

Jeelvy doesn’t realise that he and the shitty bourgeois who behave like women sheltered in Holdfast are the psychotic ones (even though it’s still not the time for armed revolution, only of pamphlets). More and more I want the US dollar to collapse so that BLM enters the homes of these shitty nationalists to see when their balls grow.

But Jeelvy is a fucking Christian, and on this site we know what that means. In the comments section he confessed: ‘For the record, I am an Orthodox Christian, but I recognize that I write for a religiously diverse audience so I necessarily take on the perspective of other faiths. It isn’t enough to solve problems only for white Christians’.

Yes, white Christians are the problem, and Greggy is offering them his new site.

4 replies on “A psychotic Christian”

What all Americans lack is the sense of collectivism, of party work towards a clear goal. Moreover, Westerners constantly think like idealists – violence is always and absolutely “evil” because the Galilean Jew told them so. They do not arrive at conclusions rationally. It’s a mad playground of “good” and “evil” for them, not a material fight.

On the tomb of Baruch Goldstein the inscription reads: ‘To the holy Baruch Goldstein who gave his life for the Jewish people, the Torah, and the nation of Israel’. Goldstein had murdered 29 Arabs and wounded 125 in the Mosque of Ibrahim in 1994.

Will nationalists like Jeelvy ever engrave similar words on the tomb of those who gave their lives for the White people? Of course not. Jew obeyers (Xtians) like him have unconsciously chosen ethno-suicide for all whites around the world.

As time progresses with the Christians, I strongly believe we will be forced to launch a Crusade against the Christians and finish them off. They are too much of a liability and danger to allow them to be kept alive to conduct their “doings”. Every Christian I’ve ever met is mentally ill and they are intolerant douchebags.

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