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Correspondence Miscegenation

Valar Morghulis

‘Valar Morghulis’ is the tenth and final episode of the second season of the HBO medieval fantasy television series Game of Thrones. The episode aired on June 3, 2012. The episode’s title is a code phrase spoken by Jaqen H’ghar to Arya Stark during the episode, but its meaning is not explained until the next season: ‘All men must die’.

It’s in this episode when Robb marries non-white buttocks, and let’s talk no more about it. Incidentally, from this post I will open the comments section after two and a half months of closing it (but that doesn’t mean that I will let everyone comment).

2 replies on “Valar Morghulis”

I have been enjoying your critique of boob-tube! What did surprise me, however, is your dismay at how the normies gobble it up. Therefore, if I were to suggest you anything, I would recommend tearing down the holy of holies of the boomers – the Terminator and the Alien films, which would be considered from a golden era by a modern degenerate.

Alien was exactly the movie that began to reverse cinematic roles from male savior to female savior. All the other things Ridley Scott did are bad (I don’t even like Blade Runner). Regarding James Cameron’s Terminator, he would have to be crucified after the Revolution for his implicit anti-white message in Avatar.

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