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Biden declares war on us!

Listen to a couple of seconds from this moment of his inaugural address. But what I linked in my previous post, the essay on Judea against Rome, can be seen in these words by normie Tucker Carlson.

How clear is it!

Normie Americans like Biden and Carlson find white supremacy repulsive because according to them the god of the Jews made all of us. Whites, Blacks, Indians and Asians: we are supposedly his children. And since we are all equal in the eyes of god nothing can be more disgusting than white supremacy.

Perfect syllogism, Tucker!

It’s curious that, among white supremacists, I am the only one constantly hammering on the subject of the basic aetiology of the darkest hour for the fair race. Unknowingly, normie Carlson hit the nail on the head tonight on what is causing all evil in the West. In fact, liberals like Biden and conservatives like Carlson are, ultimately, two sides of the same coin.