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Time of introspection…

‘Adversity introduces a man to himself’ was my quotable quote this morning. Today American Renaissance published an article by Gregory Hood worth reading: ‘An Open Letter to Trump Supporters’. The article contains a passage in which Hood tells us that Trump’s legacy was to have forced the Regime to show its true colours: it’s now an openly anti-white Regime that will continue its vehement anti-white agenda for years to come.

But Hood and other American racialists who have republished the article today in other forums fail to ignore the basic and fundamental aetiology of this hour, the darkest for the white race.

Those visitors who have not found out that this site has diagnosed the aetiological double-helix of such a dark hour, should make a pause in this memorable day to read two texts that appear in the books whose images are seen on the sidebar: something that happened 1,700 years ago—the surreptitious war that some Semites fought against Aryan Rome—, and the founding story that white traitors invented after World War II. This is the double-helix of a mental virus that now has conquered the soul of whites.

In medicine it is known that a disease whose aetiology is still unknown hasn’t come to be understood from a strictly scientific point of view. I would say the same about humanities and history. It’s about time whites who want to save their race from the coming apocalypse become familiar with at least those two essays linked above.