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Robert and Ned

‘Civil war or the gulags… That’s now the choice of white males in America and they should take chances with the former’. —My paraphrasing of a commenter

For some time I have been imagining that, when starting the racial wars, some guerrillas will execute their victims with a photogenic message to upload on the internet: two daggers in each eye until they reach the brain, and another dagger stuck in the solar plexus of the traitor with the message: ‘This happens to me for having voluntarily given myself to Evil’.

Of course, it’s pure fictional imagery for a novel of the future, when things get much worse. But the imagery shows the gulf between the racialised right and what I imagine will be those freedom fighters who feel infinite hatred.

Yesterday for example I heard part of the podcast from Keith Woods (a brat about whom I said something last year), who invited Richard Spencer and Hunter Wallace to ask them about their reaction to the MAGA march on the US Capitol. I also heard the beginning from Jared Taylor’s podcast about the same event yesterday.

None of these hetero fags think about the bloody revolution that is coming, not even at the level of futuristic novels. But even the topic of literary fiction needs to be discussed outside of this site. I don’t think WordPress censors would like an expansion of Pierce’s or Covington’s fiction on their platform. Will the dark web be the site for the priests of the holy words? One thing is clear: I feel increasingly more and more disgusted towards everything that comes from the hetero fags of the racialised right, be it their texts, videos or radio podcasts.

But perhaps more than insulting them we have to understand what is going on in their cute little heads. They remind me of a passage near the beginning of the first A Song of Ice and Fire novel. King Robert Baratheon curses the northern climate even in summer; he tells Ned Stark that the Others (meaning the white walkers) take the light snowfalls, and he wonders what Winterfell would be like in winter. Then Robert adds a phrase that I consider key to understanding the chasm that separates the three-eyed crow from the Americans: that in the south—that is, far south of Winterfell—all citizens are drunk and have become rich.

The wealth of the West has corrupted the white man in ways never seen before in all of human history. With people like those native English-speakers who have become so rich we won’t get anywhere.

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Have you contemplated writing your own expository novel to inspire incipient Priests Of The 14 Words? “The Turner Diaries” has sold approximately 300,000 copies. It inspired Robert Mathews and his Comitatus to build a new Aryan state or die trying. Consider this project a seed of a future weirwood tree.

– Jake F

Some time ago I was asked something similar and IIRC I responded that it’s already written: my eleven books (Whispering Leaves refers precisely to a tree that I loved). And as I recently said, nobody has realised that those books inspire infinite hatred: far more hatred than fiction because it’s based on real-life tragedies.

Once you embark on a 32-year project of non-fiction you cannot go back to fiction: it feels infantile, regressive and pointless (compare, e.g., the two non-fiction books by Solzhenitsyn with his novels).

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