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Lucretius quote

Suave mare magno

(It is pleasant to watch the wild sea)

— Lucretius, 98-55 b.c.e, Roman poet

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His Dē Rērum Nātūrā showed up in the middle ages. It is atheistic, atomistic, and epicurean. The Classical Latin in it was so Superior to the Barbarous Ecclesiastical Proto-Italian Latin that humanists, scholars of human wisdom, really wanted to study it, for it’s meter and syntax… however, not a few of these were subtly persuaded into Lucrētius’s apostasy from Medieval-Catholic Creationism.

Revilo P. Oliver called Medieval Latin: the Yiddish dialect of vulgar Latin. It made him wince, and he hated to subject himself to it.

‘As Latin increaseth, Orthodoxy decreaseth.’

Medieval saying. Certainly true in my own case.

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