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Friedrich Nietzsche India Transvaluation of all values Twilight of the idols (book)

The Aryans in India

A generous sponsor has contributed the amount that Lightning Source demands to publish On Exterminationism. Still, I would like to wait until the first days of 2021 before making the expense in case Lulu responds earlier and solves the problem of the software that is preventing me from publishing it on their platform.

In the context of Aron Nelson’s YouTube series about the classification of life, yesterday I was talking about page 100 of On Exterminationism. I would like to add that Nelson has not responded to what I said, nor did any of his commenters.

Here is what appears on page one hundred, a quote from Nietzsche about the religion of the Aryans in India. We can already imagine what the West would be like today if an Aryan religion had taken over the imagination of whites instead of the Semitic bullshit that our asshole parents taught to us:


______ 卐 ______


My demand of the philosopher is well known: that he take his stand beyond good and evil and treat the illusion of moral judgment as beneath him. A first, tentative example: at all times morality has aimed to ‘improve’ men—this aim is above all what was called morality.

To call the taming of an animal its ‘improvement’ sounds almost like a joke to our ears. Whoever knows what goes on in kennels doubts that dogs are ‘improved’ there. They are weakened, they are made less harmful, and through the depressive effect of fear, through pain, through wounds, and through hunger, they become sickly beasts. It is no different with the tamed man whom the priest has ‘improved’.

In the early Middle Ages, when the church was indeed, above all, a kennel, the most perfect specimens of the ‘blond beast’ were hunted down everywhere; and the noble Teutons, for example, were ‘improved’. But how did such an ‘improved’ Teuton look after he had been drawn into a monastery? Like a caricature of man, a miscarriage: he had become a ‘sinner’, he was stuck in a cage, tormented with all sorts of painful concepts. And there he lay, sick, miserable, hateful to himself, full of evil feelings against the impulses of his own life, full of suspicion against all that was still strong and happy. In short, a ‘Christian’…

Let us consider the other method for ‘improving’ mankind, the method of breeding a particular race or type of man. The most magnificent example of this is furnished by Indian morality, sanctioned as religion in the form of The law of Manu. Here the objective is to breed no less than four races within the same society: one priestly, one warlike, one for trade and agriculture, and finally a race of servants, the Sudras. Obviously, we are no longer dealing with animal tamers: a man that is a hundred times milder and more reasonable is the only one who could even conceive such a plan of breeding. One breathes a sigh of relief at leaving the Christian atmosphere of disease and dungeons for this healthier, higher, and wider world. How wretched is the New Testament compared to Manu, how foul it smells!

Yet this method also found it necessary to be terrible—not in the struggle against beasts, but against their equivalent—the ill-bred man, the mongrel man, the chandala. And again the breeder had no other means to fight against this large group of mongrel men than by making them sick and weak. Perhaps there is nothing that goes against our feelings more than these protective measures of Indian morality. Manu himself says: ‘The chandalas are the fruit of adultery, incest, and rape (crimes that follow from the fundamental concept of breeding)’. These regulations are instructive enough: we encounter Aryan humanity at its purest and most primordial; we learn that the concept of ‘pure blood’ is very far from being a harmless concept. On the other hand, it becomes obvious in which people the chandala hatred against this Aryan ‘humaneness’ has become a religion, eternalised itself, and become genius—primarily in the Gospels, even more so in the Book of Enoch.

Christianity, sprung from Jewish roots and comprehensible only as a growth on this soil, represents the counter-movement to any morality of breeding, of race, privilege: it is the anti-Aryan religion par excellence. Christianity—the revaluation of all Aryan values, the victory of chandala values, the gospel preached to the poor and base, the general revolt of all the downtrodden, the wretched, the failures, the less favoured, against ‘race’: the undying chandala hatred is disguised as a religion of love. (Twilight of the Idols, section ‘The improvers of mankind’).


______ 卐 ______


‘The general revolt of all the downtrodden, the wretched, the failures, the less favoured, against race…’ This is why, according to a recent Amren article, BLM has received a billion dollars, and why LGBT has become also the neochristian religion of our times.

10 replies on “The Aryans in India”

The funny thing is that I am the only one in the entire racialist blogosphere who insults his own parents.

The chain from Constantine to date can only be broken when one of the links absolutely rebels from the treatment that the rebellious link got in his family.

As I said to Antinatalist in the other discussion thread, that is the parallel universe of my writing in Spanish.

Cesar, I finally understood that you are absolutely right about our toxic parents.

What’s wrong with whites today, the primal subconscious wish of self destruction, comes from the toxic influence that our parents gave to us in our most vulnerable ages.

Quoting from Dr Susan Forward’s book Toxic parents:

Our culture and our religions are almost unanimous in upholding the omnipotence of parental authority. It’s acceptable to express anger at our husbands, wives, lovers, siblings, bosses, and friends, but it’s almost taboo to assertively confront our parents. How often have we heard the phrases “don’t talk back to your mother” or “don’t you dare shout at your father?

The Judeo-Christian tradition enshrines the taboo in our collective unconscious by pronouncing “God the Father” and directing us to “honor thy father and mother”.

Our parents, and their parents, and their parents, and their parents and up to ancient times are emissaries of Yahweh!

This is why we are subconsciously incapable to criticize them! This is why we can’t solve the damage they have done on us. This is why the hateful god of the Jews still has a tide grip on our fates, even today.

Yes, that’s it! There is no future for the white race so long as we don’t reject our Judaized parents’ idealization.

The destructive pathologies developed by beautiful and smart whites of today mainly comes from a toxic relationship with their parents!

This is the quintessential factor of every self hating white woman and man.

You won’t fix them by throwing them ideas of truth, of beauty, of greatness, of justice. None of that appeals to them because they’ve gained a subconscious resentment for themselves. They are basically death in life and nothing matters to the death.

If you want to really help them, you have to help them find what they love from life, that life is a wonderful gift and that they should love themselves for it.

You must help other children like yourself to forget self hatred and to love life.

“Here the objective is to breed no less than four races within the same society: one priestly, one warlike, one for trade and agriculture, and finally a race of servants, the Sudras.”

Wasn’t the Indian caste system a defensive measure by Vedic Aryan conquerors? Castes didn’t need to be “bred” – Dravidians needed suppression. Dumezil’s Three Functions were already extant in Vedic Aryan society/religion. Classes accompanied these.

Nietzsche’s broader point in this section is that any positive moral evaluation necessitates an opposed negative moral evaluation. I’ve always understood his quotation marks around “Aryan humaneness” to be sarcastic, ie that even in Aryandom some are made sick by “rules.”

National Socialism, unique to history, sought to break the cycle of Aryan miscegenation with conquered dasyas. Vedic Aryans were not exemplars in this regard.

Completely true. But the philosopher’s point is that the Aryan spirit appears in the Manu code, and the subversive Semitic spirit, in the Gospels.

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