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Dear Caesar,

I sent you a small donation in support of the Daybreak Publishing project. I believe this is an invaluable project for our people, a sign of great devotion to the Nordic ideal and the 14 words. I did a little research on Lighting Source and it seems as though the initial cost for submitting the complete manuscript is $120 with additional fees for revisions, etc. Is that what your research shows? I made it a recurring donation, but please let me know if there are any additional costs and I will do my best to assist you.

I have never been much of a tech junkie or online poster so you probably do not recognise my name. Nonetheless, I certainly value your insight and the dedication that goes into your prodigious web site. I have been perusing your website from a distance for several years and I am a firm believer that our world is now completely consumed by neochristianity—a most astute observation my friend!

The recent COVID insanity is a case study in the absurdity of Christian ethics in modernity. I keep telling people that we are totally neglecting the most basic Darwinist principles and the mindless lemmings always reply: ‘We can’t possibly do that, people aren’t ready for that, we need to protect the vulnerable’.

The funny thing is that these people are not even professed Christians! So tiresome. Seems as though the survival of the fittest philosophy was burned up in the Hellstorm. Nonetheless, I am most hopeful that there are a few embers still burning. The new David Irving book is good evidence of this theory—I plan on ordering my copy later tonight.

Furthermore, I want you to know that I am really enjoying the new pdf book, On Exterminationism. Thanks again for all your hard work and please let me know if you need any additional help.

Best regards,

SS physician

6 replies on “Dear Caesar,”

In On Exterminationism there are a couple passages I was thinking about yesterday, the first one from a critical book review of my Day of Wrath:


C.T. runs a website entitled The West’s Darkest Hour… No children or animals are in evidence there either. Clearly, like his book, a high-strung, self-involved, and volatile temperament rules the blog as well as the book under review here.

Remember: I am a priest of the four words (‘Eliminate all unnecessary suffering’) and the fourteen words (‘That the beauty of the white Aryan women shall not perish from the earth’). In Spanish I focus on the former and in English on the latter [this appears in ‘Steiner’s critical review’, page 77].


Adunai responding to Neo-Luddist Robert Morgan:

I never understood this position. Hadn’t it be for the Christian axiology, the White race would have cleansed all of Africa, Asia and America of the non-White nations as early as the 1890s. Or for sure in the 1950s, with the advent of atomic weapons. Why do you focus so firmly on the technologies failing to see it as a tool Whites have used as they have seen fit?

The problem is not the technology, it is purely the axiology. Technology only allowed HIV to transition to AIDS. But for all I care, it’s only for the better. Better to deal with this menace sooner than later. Europe had little hope in 317, even in 732 and 800 (when the Franks failed to kill the Church). The French, industrial and green revolutions do not change that. In short, I disagree with your pessimism concerning technology. [in ‘Exchanges at The Unz Review’, page 86]

The issue is that the idealist poison of Christianity seeped so deep into the Aryan soul that any hope for the materialist worldview was vanquished in 1945 under the double sign of Christianity and Bolshevism. [page 88]

It’s great honour to see my contribution featured in your latest work!

Ron Unz has banned me again, allegedly for “off-topic” as per his e-mail reply (but more likely for my quoting your blog, like this).

I don’t understand how one may connect Darwinism and carelessness about the coronavirus. A thought experiment – should we kill off a frail scientist because he can’t run? Physical fitness is not the be-all end-all. (Obviously, the morbidly fat Americans have no excuse.)

A glaring problem is that every week there is a new case of an illegal immigrant who was already charged with crimes in the past, yet is spared deportation as its too dangerous for *them* to return to their home country, and then they go and kill or rape another person…and still our system defends them like they are a new jesus.

There is no logic or reason that this should be allowed to happen, yes “deranged altruism” is a good diagnosis, but what kind of brain can continually reconcile this?

In the past our heros were ones who defended us from threats of the “other”. Now the ones who enable the threats from the “other” believe they are the heros, what an inversion of values!

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