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Classification of life

Yesterday and today I watched the Systematic Classification of Life series on YouTube by L. Aron Nelson, an American who changed his name to Aron Ra.

According to his Wikipedia page, he is a feminist and tried to run in the Democratic Party. It’s fascinating how in the first forty-nine episodes of his series of fifty he describes elegantly the biological evolution from worm to man. But in the very last episode Nelson speaks of human races repeating the most psychotic claims in vogue today, that races don’t exist, etc.

In the comments section of that video 50, in which Nelson appears with a T-Shirt flaunting heavy metal (in the previous episodes he painted his beard blue: a symbol of the current degeneration), I left him a note today: ‘You’re so wrong! in claiming “Modern ethnic groups have very little differences outside of appearance”. Human races do exist and you completely ruined your otherwise excellent series with this politically-correct final episode. Haven’t you even watched the most interesting exchange between Stefan Molyneux and David Rubin?’ And I added: ‘Do you want the scholarly sources?’ linking the AmRen books on race realism.

It is amazing how men of science immediately turn into pseudoscientists when opining about the human races. I recently debunked the Netflix series Queen’s Gambit showing that in the real world women cannot compete with men in chess (here, here and here).

Well, the IQ differences are even bigger between blacks and whites. At least several women have managed to obtain the norms to achieve the status of Grandmaster of chess. But only one black man has managed to obtain such norms, and with a rating of 2504 when he reached the peak of his chess career (the first chess boards in the world have more than 2800).

Nelson doesn’t want to see these brutal differences between blacks and whites for the simple fact that, despite his scientific background, upon reaching the subject of human biodiversity in Episode 50 he bows to the dogmas of the time, just as the scientists of yore had to bow to geocentrism.

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I have been watching Jew Vladimir Solovyov from Russian state TV lately. He at least has the guts proudly to mock the homo/transvestite agenda in the West – something White Nationalists seem to be at peace with. And as a Jew, he brings up the Bible and the Quran as the “law of Nature”. Hilarious, but still manlier than what Westerners behave like.

(Those videos on YouTube get 600k views. The White race’s thought is dead, don’t get me wrong, but it’s still refreshing.)

This is a stupid meme and defamation. I’m NOT a Stalin admirer! The only thing I said is that Russia has always been better than America (by enough of a margin that Poland is still heterosexual).

You have literally quoted me about the “double-sign of Christianity and Bolshevism”. And I still stand by those words. Soviet Russia is a corpse, and Christian America is soon to be (with or without the Aryan component).

What you can accuse me of is of my worship of the Ever-Victorious Generals Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. Because I’m black-pilled on the anti-racist race of pacifist Occidental Galileans.

I remember listening to one of this guy’s videos. He literally called Hitler “a Christian creationist!” as a rebuttal to someone claiming that Hitler was an atheist. He is literal cockscum.

@adunaii Russia is the ‘Brazil’ of the Eurasian continent: an enormous landmass, a multi-racial marxist state, with rampant corruption and shitty infrastructure, populated by alcoholic, two-digit IQ subhuman mongrels.
It was never an Aryan nation; it was never better than the USA.
It would have fallen to the Germans – were it not for the traitor North American Aryans – and become what it was meant to be: living space for pure Whites.
Stop worshipping gooks, period.

On Races:
I must retort about a comment made a few posts ago, concerning Varg Vikernes’ Neochristianity.

While Varg does propose a Level 8 morality (pro-collapse/anti-civilization) and never professes exterminationism (the only steps he takes into Level 9 is through Nordicism) remember, he is reaching out mainly to White Nationalists, through Twitter.

I’m not trying to defend him like some 4D-Chess Trumpista, and I shouldn’t have to.
Varg has contributed immensely to the White race, and continues to do so by trying to convince pure Whites that they should not breed with Mediterraneans.

I won’t assume to know if Varg is intentionally toning down his true antics. He is a boon to the White Cause, regardless.

However, if a 14-Words priest came across someone with a similar “Soil over Blood” morality, and then said to him:

“Whites shouldn’t exterminate blacks and colonize Africa because it would be redundant. Given enough time, the African Whites would devolve into quasi-blacks through environmental adaptation, and then we would have racial differences again. Better to leave Blacks be, rather than to create a murderous cycle. All races belong to their lands.”

The 14-Words priest wouldn’t even go into explaining how Whites and blacks are practically different species, or how it’s impossible for Whites to devolve into blacks, or how his interlocutor is a cowardly fool for basically preaching pacifism. He would simply retort:

“If Nature truly wanted Blacks to co-exist with Whites, she wouldn’t have made possible it for Blacks to breed with Whites. Therefore, given enough time, Whites shall exterminate the Blacks, just as they shall exterminate any threat to the purity of the White Blood. And, should Nature ever impose another threat hailing from Africa – or elsewhere – upon Whites, we shall proceed to drive it into extinction. All races belong to the Struggle.”

“…came across someone with a similar “Soil over Blood” morality, WHO then said to him…”

“… she wouldn’t have made IT possible for Blacks to breed…”

A priest of the 14 words must treat the Aryan as the pinnacle of conscious evolution on this planet. The inferior must eventually give way to the superior as dictated by the iron laws of nature. Neo-Christians are insistent on promoting the wretched survival and worthless existence of any two-legged biotrash, at the expense of superior and chosen ones : Aryans. They are vehemently opposed to racial selection and eugenic measures that are aimed at promoting the overall well being and improving exisiting characteristics of a racial aristocracy. If Aryans were to completely eradicate non-Aryans from the planet, it will be an event to be welcomed and celebrated, not condemned as “genocidal” or “crimes against “humanity” ” by the hypocritical crocodile tears of neo-Christians. It would mean that the planet shall have a superior conscious species, that will further enhance the beauty and nobility of it.

Mauricio is right. Your science teachers, wrong. This is a passage from Pierce's Who We Are:

As already noted, there are a great many instances of pairs of groups which can interbreed with each other but, under natural conditions, either do not or do so relatively seldom, so that their genetic differences are not “swamped.” Such groups are customarily regarded as specifically distinct, in accord with Dobzhansky’s criterion.

One example of such a pair is provided by two very similar species of gazelles, Grant’s gazelle and Thomson’s gazelle. The two intermingle with each other in the wild, and they are interfertile, but they do not mate with each other. Although the morphological difference between the two species is slight—much less than the difference between a Nordic and a Mediterranean, not to mention the difference between a White and a Negro—the gazelles are able to recognize this difference (probably with their sense of smell), and mating is psychologically blocked.

Many other examples—not only among mammals, but also among birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and even invertebrates—could be given of pairs of species whose separateness is maintained only by an instinctive, psychological barrier against miscegenation. This general revulsion in Nature against miscegenation has long been recognized by zoologists, and more than a century ago the distinguished French surgeon and naturalist Paul Broca wrote: “Animals that live in complete liberty and only obey their natural instincts seek ordinarily for their amours other animals that are altogether similar to their own kind, and mate almost always with their own species.”

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