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Queen’s gambit

This is a postscript to my previous two posts on the TV series that has been a hit worldwide. Above, D.L. Townes playing Beth Harmon in The Queen’s Gambit. But the position we saw on Netflix is actually an old study composed by a man!

In chess there’s a current World Chess Champion, Magnus Carlsen, and in a parallel universe of players there’s a Women’s World Chess Championship (WWCC). Why are there separate tournaments of chess for men and women, if according to current egalitarian doctrine the latter are supposedly as smart as men?

Because women cannot compete with men in chess.

See the names of the top 101 players in the world according to the list of the International Chess Federation. There’s only one woman, Hou Yifan, ranked #88 in that list, which means that there are 87 players with a higher rating than her. *

In a nutshell, the Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit only advances feminist lies about women.


(*) This FIDE list is updated every first of the month, which means that the ratings for Hou and the top 100 male chess players are subject to change (see my comment below, in the comments section).

2 replies on “Queen’s gambit”

Incidentally, Hou Yifan is now #86, as of December 2020.

Still, this list is biased geographically, as the USSR had a stronger chess culture than the USA, and Korea/Japan don’t seem to play chess at all.

If it’s anything to go by, female eSports players have been even rarer in the past 20 years. And you neither need to be seen, or even say a word in your voice to compete in computer games! So absolutely nothing is stopping women from becoming grand masters in StarCraft 2 or challengers in LoL, and then “coming out” when they are invited to a team. But it’s only crickets chirping. Even the troubled transvestites outnumber and outcompete women in cybersports (Sasha Hostyn, Maria Creveling, Ricki Ortiz). Men seem to be better at being women than women are, LOL.

> ‘Incidentally, Hou Yifan is now #86, as of December 2020’.

Yesterday she was #88. These FIDE guys changed the page today, from Nov to Dec.

Keep tuned for still another forthcoming post of mine this morning.

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