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CNN lies

Look how a CNN anchor misleads her viewers regarding the score that I quoted, twice, in my previous post regarding the games between Garry Kasparov and Judit Polgar.

I guess CNN viewers are under the impression that a Netflix TV series was based on a real biography, as even Kasparov himself cucked in his very polite response to the anchor.

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The dishonest anchor told Kasparov:

‘You said the score is in your favour. It certainly is in terms of the numbers of men versus the number of women’.

That’s not a score! Kasparov replied that he didn’t want to sound arrogant, so he omitted to say that the actual score between him and Polgar was one dozen games won by him, four draws and only once he lost.

Of course: the media focuses like a laser beam on that single game when Polgar beat the champion—and lied by omitting the other 16 games!

No wonder. Kasparov is considered a soygoy in Russia. It can even be glimpsed through his Wikipedia article.

> Kasparov is currently chairman for the Human Rights Foundation and chairs its International Council. In 2017, he founded the Renew Democracy Initiative (RDI), an American political organization promoting and defending liberal democracy in the U.S. and abroad. He also serves as chairman of the group. Kasparov currently lives in New York City.

A $$$ draws kikes like flies, so does their anti-gentile early-childhood programming draw them to goy beatdowns. They’ve found no better time-tested strategy & tactics for those beatdowns than playing the sjw role and implementing communist rule. For which the propaganda tactic is most effective. Hence their ownerships of mass medias. Kasparov’s RDI does not surprise. He can’t help his goy-beatdown nature. Neither can CNN help their propagandizing.

Douglas Reed notes the importance of numbers in demographics in his book on South Africa, Somewhere South of the Suez. Ultimately, numbers win, as Reed predicated and the present ownership of South Africa and Rhodesia played out.

Applying Reed’s reasoning to the United States, presently whites greatly outnumber blacks across these good ole United States. Whites can, in fact, be considered the natives in America, just as the blacks are considered the natives in Africa. All this to say, despite the kikes’ attraction to communism for America, ultimately the numbers tip the balance in favor of the native population. However, this time, after winning the coming war, native whitey had better finally learn from history and mistakes:
– Transport all of the minority immigrant blacks back to their native land, Africa.
– Transport the minority immigrant kikes to their rogue nation state Israel. (The native Palestinians appear to in this, as Israel as reduced them by genocide to minority numbers, in their own native land.)
– Enact strict immigration quotas on both troublemaker species.

Alas, i think the liberal mindset is a result of the fairness gene, the humanoids instinct to assess a conflict and judge the fairness of the outcome. The liberal mindset dooms the humanoids to forever war. The sjw’s to their flim-flam work-shy calling. The industrious to their daily work calling. The male blacks to their daily work-less calling. And ultimately, the same old groove in the record, wars and rumors of war. Hitler tried and failed. Churchill reacted and won. Again, the numbers determined the outcome.

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