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True Himmler

by David Irving

Twenty years in the making, David Irving’s biography of Heinrich Himmler, the man, is finally ready.

In two parts, the first of which appears now, Irving describes from true documents the origins of Himmler, an educated man with a Classics teacher as his revered father, and his extraordinary career until the final dramatic hours of his life, raising an army of elite SS soldiers and men to stand for Germany and defend it against the secret Soviet plans to invade all of Europe in 1941.

He becomes a most trusted ally of Adolf Hitler, and remains loyal to the end; when he hears of Hitler’s imminent death Himmler takes steps to contact the western Allies and offer them the assistance of the SS against the mighty Russian army. But the western capitals are by then powerless, sucked too far into the Soviet thrall.

Why twenty years? It has not been easy—or inexpensive—to retrieve the thousands of missing private papers, letters and diaries which vanished into unfriendly hands at the end.

Mr Irving, already the finder of other secret records surrounding Hitler, identifies the current holders of scores of private letters—partly American, partly Israeli, their identities now oddly concealed by Germany newspaper editors and historians still wilting under the glare of the draconian Morgenthau Plan. (Mr Irving published a facsimile of the secret Plan from Oxford University archives). He uses secret British intercepts of SS messages, as well as Reinhard Heydrich’s papers and KGB files in Moscow archives.

The reputation of his young soldiers was systematically denigrated on the age-old principal Give a dog a bad name and hang him. Mr Irving’s suspicions, spelled out in the first and second part, are that Germany’s enemies saw in the SS such a formidable enemy, and in Himmler such a formidable man, that they tracked him tracked down after the war ended, where his life was terminated; the very first chapter examines the circumstances of Himmler’s ‘suicide’ more closely.

The book is illustrated as usual with black and white and colour photographs immaculately printed, including hundreds selected from Himmler’s personal albums now held by the Hoover Library in Stanford, California, and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC.

(Over 700 pages, with illustrations. See sample spread of illustrations: here.)

6 Replies on “True Himmler

  1. David is 82 years old, and yet does not offer a free pdf. That’s the spirit! Truly a revolutionary fighter.

    1. I do not agree. He offers PDF files of his other books and, precisely because of financial problems, for years he could not gather all the expensive documentation to write his last book. If I who am bankrupt in the Third World could order a copy,* surely those who live in the First World can.


      (*) Yesterday I received another email from Irving informing me that (unlike Lulu) his Focal Point Publications had already solved the problem of not being able to order books and I’ve ordered my copy of True Himmler.

      1. It’s not a question of affordability, it’s a matter of reach and perception. And it’s not about “red-pilling the normies”, spreading free e-books is the bare minimum of any self-respecting subversive activity. Do propaganda leaflets come with a price tag? Oh wait, I forgot this is a clown world, and the Aryan race has literally zero will to live.

        Just commenting on the surreality of the situation, that’s all.

  2. The Soviet Union didn’t have any plans to invade Europe in 1941. Suvorov’s thesis is ludicrous, but it surely gave him good money and good laughs.
    And Schellenberg began his approachings – very cautiously – toward Himmler with proposals about starting negotiations with the Western powers behind Hitler’s back as early as June-July 1942.

    1. This is quite an entangled mess. Hitler himself believed Barbarossa to have been a preemptive strike, at least, outwardly. C.T. considers it a blunder. But the idea of taking the lands from the Asiatics is sound. And then you add in the case of Bolshevism to this, and it becomes illegible.

      Why Himmler believed the Westerners were salvageable at any point after 1941 is beyond me. I’d like to see a reality where the Führer withholds Barbarossa and Stalin invades Europe unprovoked partly to know how the Anglos would have reacted to a clear war of aggression against Germany. Most likely, with haughty, disdainful neutrality.