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Today I read two other articles from Siege, ‘The Numbers Game’ and ‘Twilight of the Idiots’. In the first Mason mentions the four phases that Rockwell envisioned to seize power in the United States, as well as Tommasi’s secret: that all talk, all discussion, was counter-revolutionary; the situation has been talked to death and racialists still go on talking! In other words, what matters is action.

So true, but after Charlottesville it has become increasingly clear that the System won’t allow the slightest action, even if it is perfectly legal, on the part of whites (although it does allow illegal actions as long as they come from BLM or Antifa).

Even so, if there is something that is breathed in these Siege articles it is that a few decades ago the American movement was a club for men, unlike what today we call white nationalism: a club for women. However, upon reviewing the history of the men’s club in Siege, with the benefit of hindsight the three-eyed raven sees things quite differently.

Today I received the second edition of Hellstorm, published this year by Money Tree Publishing and accompanied by Kyle Hunt’s DVD documentary based on Goodrich’s book. Incidentally, I will soon begin to reproduce the translated chapters of a book by a German author who touches on the same subject: Bleeding Germany Dry.

I confess that before the elections I had fantasised about reducing this site to its bare minimum, posting only two articles per month: one from Bleeding Germany Dry and the other from Christianity’s Criminal History.

Seeing the past of ‘Westeros’, the hidden past that most Aryans are unaware of, is what provides the cognitive power to change the paradigm. What happened with the hostile takeover of Europe by a Semitic-inspired cult, as well as the greatest crime in history (the Hellstorm Holocaust), should awaken the Aryan male. Rockwell, Tommasi and Mason never had this retrocognitive vision. None of them knew, especially, what happened in the first centuries of Christendom. None had the ‘third eye’ to see the past or lived entwined with the weirwood.

But it’s not just the past. One of the things I liked about the television adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire is that, the one who inherited the title and powers of the three-eyed crow, couldn’t see the future with the clarity that he could see the past, though even with this limitation isolated glimpses of the future came to him: like the shadow of the dragon that briefly flew over King’s Landing. Similarly, some prophets have glimpsed what is going to happen to the US—Westeros’ King’s Landing!—dollar, as we saw in the video that I embedded at the end of my previous post.

What I want to get to is that those who belonged to the men’s club lacked the powers to see the past and the future (of course: those who now belong to the women’s club also lack such power). They weren’t able, for example, to realise that to change the paradigm it was first necessary to see how the Night King was formed, who now only wants the extinction of the white race. Being aware of this implies an accurate knowledge of the history of Christianity told from the racial point of view. In the English-speaking world, this was not attempted until almost three years ago. On December 4, 2017 I began to translate into English an essay by a Spaniard entitled ‘Roma contra Judea; Judea contra Roma’, which is now the central essay of The West’s Darkest Hour.

Seeing the past is absolutely essential, as well as having at least some fleeting glimpses of the future. It is true that the women’s club that is white nationalism isn’t going anywhere. But the men’s club neither got anywhere! They lacked the insight of the crow who authored that essay. This is why the subtitle of this site now reads ‘metapolitics: not time for armed struggle yet!’

Before killing the Night King we must know what exactly we are dealing with. He is not Jewry but Christianity and its bastard son, secularised Christian ethics. Remember what I said yesterday in the comments section, that I rephrase today:

By the ‘Judeo-Christian’ problem I mean that there is white agency, not only Jewish subversion. For example, Brad Griffin of Occidental Dissent willingly gives himself up to evil by subscribing to Lutheranism. You can choose: apostasy from the Jewish infection but he chooses evil. Likewise, Greg Johnson indulges in evil by subscribing to secularised Christian ethics. (See, for example, his manifesto and his neochristian distinction between ‘Old Right’—men’s club—and ‘New Right’—his women’s club.) Johnson is perfectly aware of the Jewish Question but still obeys, in secularised form, the commands of the New Testament: the Night King.

The fact that Griffin, Johnson, and many, many others in our movement are still entangled in the Semitic tail, shows, in my view, that whites are not helpless victims of Jewry, but active agents in their own destruction. Just see my last essay in Daybreak about Kevin MacDonald (free PDF linked on the sidebar).

In other words: If even the racialist right, which is perfectly aware of the Jewish Problem, maintains ethno-suicidal vestiges, that can only mean that there is something beyond Jewish Question: what I call the Christian Question, the Night King.

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I’ll approach this from a different angle. Do you believe that if the Whites of ca. 1900 had unshackled themselves from Christianity, there would have been no Great War? No spilling of European blood? They would have gone to exterminate the Japanese instead?

But would there peace after that? Do you think they would have all agreed that the Nordic race is the ideal, and breed it happily ever after? I myself wouldn’t mind an all-White world torn in a prolonged war to determine the Whitest.

What would have stopped even the racially-conscious Anglos from such an alternate history to turn on the Germans eventually? When there are no skraelings, there are no holds barred, no conscience sullied.

Since I alluded to his novels above, it is still too early to know how George Martin will conclude his saga. The Winds of Winter might be released the next year, but he may die before completing A Dream of Spring.

But if the HBO series provides a clue, after the NK’s death the fight between two surviving feudal houses—both commanded by Aryans—followed.

The point is that in the grand finale, in sharp contrast to those bellicose houses Bran was crowned king of Westeros: a vindication of Plato since only a wise man should rule. If non-whites are exterminated, we are back to square one, the big question Plato advanced in The Republic: just what political system should whites choose?

See this year’s June post on the virtue that the philosopher-king, from Martin’s point of view, must have: empathy.

c.t., you may be the only voice harping the double-edged sword of jew-christianity. may i try to attach a set of labels to those two edges? anti-gentile and anti-human.

finished reading Disgrace Abounding by Douglas Reed. i long for pax-germanica. (the iron fisted rule of the principle of the value of work over the value of accumulation, which may well emasculate the JP. arrest all work shy’ers.) (of course, the anti-gentile programming from birth would still exist. reed proposed a jew nation with strictly enforced immigration limits imposed by all other nations. good luck with that. the jew as shape-shifter remains forever a problem.)

edit: “(the iron fisted rule of the principle of the value of work over the value of accumulation, which may well emasculate both the JP and CP. arrest all work shy’ers.)”

An interesting comment at the Unz review today. And comments like this seem to be popping up more and more. The article was about the denigration in advertising of the white male and his achievements and the general denigrations og the white man.

“Why wouldn’t we? Whites don’t get offended, don’t fight back, and don’t take their own side. It almost invites aggression and humiliation. We disrespect you because we can, not because of any grand conspiracy. We’re not trying to convince you either: the ads are to kick you while you’re down because it feels good, man. It’s really that simple. It’s not even intended as propaganda.”

The enemy is getting more cocky by the day, and they have no problem admitting openly that they are way up on the Mauricio’s ladder on behalf of their own.

The world may be moving fast towards what this site has predicted for a long time: Either the whites start killing for survival, or there is no survival.

Somewhat unrelated, but I notice that the snake oil salesman Anglin is now claiming that the current mess in Murka is all part of his master plan: an “army” of healthy Christian Identity believing Murkan Nationalists is ready to…er…do…er…something.

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