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Siege, 52

Editor’s note: The phrases
within the brackets are mine:

El Stupido

The worst critics of the Armed Struggle are inside the [white nationalist] Movement. If you want to be told how “not to do it”, just consult the “Phony Fuhrers” [e.g., Greg Johnson’s pacifism]. For some very good reasons do they fear and reject the concept of the Armed Struggle. It is because you can be a damned, total fool in the Mass Strategy and still live [in Mason’s time: yes. But now Biden wants to criminalise free speech as ‘hate speech’]. You cannot be thus in the Armed Struggle. You can be a complete incompetent and an abject failure in the Mass Strategy and yet still live to formulate clever and complicated reasons to hide or justify your failure. You can get away with being a faker and a blowhard within the Mass Strategy and no one can tell you apart from those who may be sincere. You can eke out a “living” as a Mass Strategy mail-order fraud [analogous to the ‘found-rising campaigns’ we constantly see in Counter-Currents] but the Armed Struggle holds no reward unless made a total success. It is therefore a decidedly uninviting climate for the fakers and the kooks [like the kooks who use goat and devil symbols, e.g., those who fell into the honey-trap called ‘The Base’!].

I’ve always said that the Mass Strategy could have been made to work under the proper leadership, such as provided by Commander Rockwell, but the sad and sorry types we see today are incapable of anything except amplifying and expounding upon the intricacies of insanity. They can’t even do what they claim to be doing and so no wonder they have no understanding of the Armed Struggle.

Those stupid idiots who, when thinking in terms of the Mass Idea, envision marching columns decked out in German uniforms would naturally also think of a stereo-typed, Hollywood-style “urban guerrilla” scenario in regard to the Armed Struggle. One is as stupid and impossible as the other except that the former will only get you laughed at while the latter one will get you killed. They are constitutionally incapable of getting their minds away from stale, sterile and programmed, obsolete ideas. If this isn’t the description of a professional loser then I don’t know what is.

If there is one kernel, one basic thread that can be used to sum up the NSLF line of thought, it must be: to go for the possible and forget the impossible. The types I’ve just referred to are also unable to recognize or differentiate between these two things. One has to maintain and strive to increase his grip over reality in order to be able to see and to know what is obvious and therefore where the appropriate course is. At this point we are dictated to by circumstances and have no real choices [except meta-politics: read The Fair Race linked on the sidebar!]. The situation is clear. Those who shrink from reality and go off in search of the unreal give away much about themselves.

The situation that is clear is that the deadlock must be broken by any means necessary. The “Phony Fuhrers”, true to form, have it “bass ackwards” when they blurt: “Everything for Power!” In fact there can be no power other than Big Brother’s power as long as Big Brother lives [Uncle Sam and the other western governments] and functions. If we’ve learned anything in twenty years, we have learned that! The revolutionary call is “Death to Big Brother!”, and until that time the only “power” exerted by our side will come from nowhere else but heroes like Fred Cowan, Joseph Franklin, the Men of Greensboro, the .22 Killer of Buffalo, etc. In many, if not most of the cases, the sacrifice is an expensive one. But it means action and only action gains results. The rest is hot air [presently all white nationalism is hot air. Currently there are not even revolutionary intellectuals!]. Let’em come right out and state that this most vicious and animal-level struggle can be won without sacrifices!

Big Brother’s power must be broken by any means necessary. One great man added to that, “by any means we can find or invent”. The key word is “invent”. The stupid ones will always take it to mean something “classic”, something that’s “been tried”, in other words something Big Brother has long ago predicted that may well be tried and therefore is perfectly ready, willing and able to deal with. Another great man has said, “No sense makes sense”, in dealing with the all-seeing, all-knowing, all-powerful Big Brother System. Big Brother may be watching but is Big Brother comprehending?

[No, he’s not. Uncle Sam is so stupid that under Biden he’ll crash his cherished dollar!]

Vol. X, #4 – April, 1981

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An interesting tidbit: Counter Currents used to stock Siege and only stopped doing so when the book started to gain prominence in the movement and mass media several years ago. GJ was happy to sell it so long as no one was paying attention.

Would you be interested in speak with James Mason sometime? He easily accessible. Quite unfortunate he’s into the very silly Christian Identity but you might still get some good perspectives from him.

Is there anyway I can arrange this potentially while respecting everybody’s anonymity or safety? Could I email you his address? He’s been doxxed by Antifa but I believe I can send it to you?

If that is the case you probably can’t physically see him then consider writing. His address is out there. He will probably respond to you.

@Ciphers & Codes

I know James Mason’s address because it can be found on an Antifa website on the internet. However as I live in Europe I’d be interested in contacting James via telephone or mobile (I think I heard him say he has a smartphone). There is a phone number for the apartment block he lives in on Google but I can’t find his personal number for his flat.

If you know James Mason’s phone number would it be possible for me to phone him sometime? I’ll give you a secure email address to send it over. If not, never mind, I’m sure I’ll find out what his number is sooner or later.

Is this that gawd damn sissy bitch Greg Johnson. You might as well rape me with a fucking rusty butter knife if this silly little he-bitch garners the attention or respect of even a damn chickenshit conservative. Hell, if any national socialist Christian Identity types like myself give this butt-pumping sodomite a lick of attention, then I think that the shit-stirring Jew mongrels deserve to eradicate us. Good freaking lord this is just the absolute runny shits and this site is too darn good to place this sodomite’s image on it. I think we need a night of the long knives and purge these Jared Taylor, Richard metro-sexual Spencer, and the rest of the phoney fag alt-right jerkoffs. No, I am not including Kevin McDonald as Dr. McDonald is one of the best men we have in the intellectual area and that is crucial, but that area has the wind taken out of it when you have men like Johnson fagging fucking around. I honestly would not bother a gay person but we are coming near a fucking war and young men need to be built up with good propaganda, such as Hitler, the above James Mason, you gentlemen on here, and Dr. McDonald. I am sorry if you have to be around Johnson and do not mean to offend you, but he is not what we need not do we need a Jared “I get the nervous shits saying Jew” Taylor. I will shut up. Great site gentlemen and you are really an honor. Hail Victory.

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