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In computer science rubbish in, rubbish out (RIRO) is the concept that, if the original data is aberrant, even the most sophisticated computer program will produce aberrant results or ‘rubbish’ (in the US the term used is garbage in, garbage out, GIGO). The principle also applies to more mundane situations, for example, what is happening in our universities.

But Christendom, from Constantine to the forthcoming demise of Christianity—Xtianity’s fundamental premise is that whites must worship the god of our ancestral enemies—is the perfect paradigm of RIRO/GIGO. The darkest hour in the West—rubbish out!—is nothing but the acting out that whites suffer today as a result of such an extremely aberrant programming.

4 replies on “RIRO / GIGO”

I know we sadly aren’t friends after exchanging insults over conspiracies, but i do continue spreading your excellent & insightful work regularly and will continue doing so since its more important than me.

I think they’re a bit over the top and seemingly overly paranoid (canadian…smart guy though) but they are vehemently openly anti-christianity from a pro-Aryan racialist perspective.

I haven’t listened to the podcast (below) but i think this guy’s funny meme graphic is one of the best to attack christian identity loons. Really captures the essence.

The episode below of dissident channel “Aryan Practical Idealism” is apparently all about christianity as Jewish subversion killing the Aryan race. He has spoken about being abused by his parent/s as well…his experience is strikingly similar to my own by my parents (i think his book is “White Light: Transvaluation” or something also strikingly similar to your transvaluation terminology).


I didn’t insult you; you did.

And regarding your insults of Martenson (Down Syndrome face, etc), his latest videos are vehemently against covid lockdown.

I have listened to the podcast for 13 min. These two seem cuckoo. Talking about “gangstalking” and directed-energy weapons. Some quotes: “spiritual is real”, “dark energy was disintegrating into the air”, “black magic formula”.

I guess, the freemason Jewish gangstalkers with microwave weapons at the ready have deemed that podcast innocent enough.

Honestly, how can people stoop to such insanity? And the thing is, they’re not even on the right track. They’re talking about the names Jesus, Jehovah, while the main enemy is the Christian morality (which is shared by atheists these days).

The fact that they started the podcast with degenerate music wasn’t a good start, but at least around minute 18 they said a truth: that NS is completely incompatible with Xtianity.

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