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Devlin postscript

I would like to clarify something about what I recently said in ‘On Roger Devlin’. Last week I visited the home of the Catholic family that I referred to in that article and, now I realise, what I wrote is inaccurate. While it is true that the woman who sent her husband to the asylum is a Catholic, she didn’t belong to the circle of very traditionalist Catholics, as I said in the middle of this month. However, there is something that I witnessed in my recent visit to this very decent family that I must share.

A real nymph of that family, of stunning beauty, very slim, with blond hair and light eyes—like those on my sidebar—will soon marry a swarthy Mexican from one of the southern states of the country. Of course, neither her parents nor the nymph’s brothers are bothered by the matter. That has been happening in Latin America for half a millennium, it is a practice that doesn’t have to change at the last minute.

What I see ignominious in all this is the cowardice, throughout the American white nationalism movement, of not wanting to see something that has been happening on the continent for five hundred years. Recently a Christian tried to post a comment on this site claiming that Europeans genocided Amerindians, as if that would refute the criticisms of Christianity on this site. I didn’t let that comment pass due to his obvious dishonesty: not wanting to see the catastrophe that miscegenation represented in most of the continent. This blood mixing was due to a religion that made no difference between Iberian whites and Amerinds. Both were souls that the Church of Rome could save, exactly alike in the eyes of the Christian god.

One can take a look at The Unz Review, which collects articles published in various sites on white nationalism, the alt-right and the alt-lite, and the ethnic suicide of Iberian whites from the 16th century to date is not even remotely mentioned, despite the immense extensions of land in which it was carried out—and continues to be carried out, like the nymph friend who will soon ruin her blood.

I already said it but it bears repeating. The trick American white nationalists do by blaming Jewry solely and exclusively for Aryan decline is to conceal the history of most of their continent. In his recent article for example, which I referred to in ‘Why I don’t talk about the news’, MacDonald sums up his ideology by committing the usual trick: talking about the Frankfurt school, etc., without mentioning anything about what happened from the Rio Grande to Argentina, even centuries before the Jews emigrated to the US.

I have already discussed this in the last Daybreak article and those interested can either print the PDF, or purchase a copy of it. The only thing I’ll add is that it’s becoming increasingly clear that white nationalism is an extremely dishonest movement. And the reason for their dishonesty is obvious: they don’t want to put their parents’ religion on the dock.

One reply on “Devlin postscript”

Saddening. Amazing (genetic) Aryan’s even survived in any of the New World.

“Feminism” must be destroyed. It seems the most pressing of all the sub-viruses that stem from christianity to me. It ruined my family of origin, and Aryan women in general.

I’ve been thinking over a campaign of the willing that could be organized online and implemented readily (if the Will exists among at least a few hundred genetic Aryan men to participate wholeheartedly, definitely the most pressing issue) with what seems like minimal risk of usual disruption by the powers that be. Something that can be done quickly.

Protect (genetically Aryan) Females Again: after promotion online with full preparation for willing participants mentally/emotionally/psychologically/spiritually best as is possible, on an agreed upon date (probably sooner than later) all participants stop playing this game. No more letting our females leave residence by themselves, by any means necessary. Participants must accept & be prepared to fight whoever/whatever might oppose their individual physically but united in spirit actions.

Anticipate the Jewish-christian alliance’s possible/likely efforts to try to sabotage the efforts by all means at their disposal (infiltrate the online effort & hijack it by claiming it’s called off or the work of a very bad madman, or whatever…claiming low participation or a mass surrendering of participants….or perhaps the media ignores it entirely while they send SWAT cucks to identified participants). Each participant is encouraged to implement it individually unless extraordinarily confident he knows someone worthy of trust. Oh, and Sabines treatment is A-Okay.

Ask the mangina’s who will be outraged how our women will be raped if we refuse to continue (insanely) allowing them to own vehicles and leave without our permission? How will niggers continue raping our women? They’ll have to break into our residence to try that.

You may say it’s too early to attempt any sort of revolutionary activities beyond more talking online &/or “activism,” but I wholeheartedly disagree. It’s not a perfect metaphor, but the Jews sure as hell didn’t wait for opportune moments to strike. The sooner Aryan men understand and accept we truly have no-thing to lose, the better. Whatever we seemingly have can be taken in the blink of an eye and besides Aryan children, I think whatever we seemingly possess is overrated anyway.

To me, the worst things about the “cause/movement” is the christian caused glorification of ignorance/denial of reality, the widespread love for our race’s enemies (you got that one spot on), the Soy-aggravated glorification of anti-violence and the quick knee jerk denunciation that comes from many “leaders” when a prankster does a prank as you call it. If only there were many more pranksters. As A.L. succinctly puts it, “who wants to be part of a ‘movement’ that always only suffers blows & never delivers them (& when, by a seeming accident, one is delivered by a ‘rogue,’ , he is accused of being a ‘false flag artist’)?”

Anyway, I agree that America must burn so the Aryan race might survive. It’s tragic, because there are still so many genetic Aryan’s of good stock here. I still see healthy looking children, full of potential.

You’ll probably think “off the deep end” (below):

You will surely think he a quack overall (he may be, idk, I’m more of an Agnostic than an Atheist insofar as I can perceive – having N.D.E. might change your opinions & whatever you think, I genuinely doubt it’s merely a bio-neurological phenomena…but I leave it open I may be wrong,IDK!!!), but a (((Jew))) wise mythologist who is also (((christian))) wise has some interesting concepts.

I’d be surprised if you never heard of the “Nag Hammadi Library” (associated with the Gnostic cult wiped out by the christians centuries ago) that were discovered in 1945. The mythologist is John Lash. He’s said the Gnostics were not in truth christians (idk), and one of a couple things that I’ve found interesting is his remarks that the Gnostics alleged that the Jews made a pact with extraterrestrials (idk, but I would say it’s ignorant to claim such a premise to be at least theoretically impossible, why not?) who promised to assist the Jews in taking over this plan-net.

The leader of the supposed extraterrestrial race is Yaldabaoth aka the Demiurge, aka Yahweh, aka Jehovah; and supposedly by whatever means “he” selected Abraham & later Moses with whom to forge this supposed supernatural alliance. This mythologist John Lash claims that the Gnostics considered Neoteny a major vulnerability and a primary means by which Jewish “subversion” is able to manifest itself. Were it not for Neoteny, how could christ-insanity mind-virus keep infecting new generations? The lad has a point, even if his interpretation might be gibberish (insofar as the type of men who have unquestioning faith in the supernatural, Lash does at least concede that he’s not infallible).

What do you know of the permanent star of david/hexagon polar storm on the north pole of planet Saturn that actually definitively exists (unless images attributed to space probes are all frauds) in real reality that a few years ago changed color to gold (when the Cassini probe was exploring & studying it)? Scientists have apparently been baffled by it and struggled to explain it under the Standard Model. Either way, I am confident that it’s true the Jews still obsess about Saturn/Chronos.

There is a surprisingly plausible (to me, once investigated, but shocking at first introduction) theory of Plasma Cosmology/Electric Universe that claims that Earth once orbited what is now the planet Saturn as our planet’s star, the Saturn Myth.

According to it (best I understand their arguments…and it doesn’t make it true but I find the fact that the main physicists who endorse it are Aryans rather than Jews who insist upon the Standard Model), Saturn’s hexagonal storm faced the northern hemisphere of Earth. There were supposedly no seasons, until our modern Sun came and caused many global catastrophes. It is an explanation for the Flood Myth which seems universal among the bipeds.

P.S.-I agree with Linder that all the supernatural issues/questions (aside from a viable “pure Aryan” religion like your suggestion to use Hitler as our savior as I understood your argument) ought be minimized/omitted when preaching to average genetic Aryan plebs. The message & goals are probably best necessarily preached in the simplest terms as is possible.

But the Aryan Priest-Warrior class I hope is truly forming (& determined to bring sword & fire to the Jews & their christ-cuck golem sooner than later) can consider these issues.

I used various psychedelics during my hellish teen years – and a so called “life flashing before one’s eyes” during a NDE seemed much much more profound than a mere chemical reaction…and I am skeptical (despite considering myself to be a skeptic in general, at least with most matters) that there is any logical need for us humans to even experience such a process in the first place when we are…dying.

For what natural purpose would such a “life review/flash” process -wherein your most long forgotten earliest life’s memories suddenly come back alive anew more vividly (than any other mechanism I know of) over a span of moments that seem a lifetime each, as you simultaneously are fully aware of what is happening to you in real reality take place? What logical “necessary” purpose would there be for such a phenomena that is real whether you believe it so or not?

The best “logical & worldly” answer I’ve been able to conjure is to cause the person in perceived grave threat of dying to accept his fate. Open to better suggestions whether one accepts as real the premise literally or not (enjoy it when it comes – according to some, the purpose is to manipulate our consciousness/”soul” into coming back to this “plan-net” for a new life in the body of a babe with our previous life’s memories “wiped clean”…naturally because extraterrestrial energy vampires wish to keep harvesting our supposedly eternal soul’s energy-force).

But is it truly necessary? If you’re going to die, you’re going to die. I assert for me at least, both times, it seemed to my most objective assessment to be a separate process than Fight or Flight wherein your bloodstream is injected massively with cortisol’s & adrenaline’s.

That F/F survival system was activated long before my “life flashed before my eyes.”

Only when my deepest being became convinced that I would not survive my ordeals (late teenage yrs- falling asleep at the wheel driving approx 65mph wherein – according to cops – I missed a certain to be fatal head on collision with a concrete light post by inches but still totaled the medium sized SUV; & a few years ago: falling into the lower Mississippi River & being swept underneath two tiers of 200ft long by 35ft wide grain barges, at night…you just would not believe the basic physical details of that experience that I know beyond doubt happened beyond my subjective perception & I myself would be inclined to think that a person telling what did happen that permitted my extremely improbable survival is surely exaggerated or entirely false) did my “life flash” experiences begin taking place.

I’ve again lost “access” to many of the memories again within a few days. There was a sense that “I”/my consciousness was going elsewhere after I had finished feeling such regret as I begged for yet another chance to try to rise above and leave behind my “dysfunctional family”‘s (((legacy))) behind, my parents who I consider to both qualify (supremely) to the models of Cluster B Personality Disorders. After my life review “caught up” and finished to the Present moment, there were the most extremely powerful sensations of acceptance and love I’ve ever felt/experienced. It had a distinct “otherworldly” vibe to it. The extraterrestrial reincarnation theories claim that the Light At The End Of The Tunnel many people claim to perceive (& feel overwhelming urge to go towards) when their physical body had flat-lined is a trap similar to how we use light to attract & fool insects into getting zapped. The life-review is supposedly to make you feel like you have more to accomplish and ultimately cause you to consent to come back to Earth in a new body. Its interesting to think about if nothing else.

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