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R. Dolan: ‘Robert… Kevin Macdonald called Christianity our only cohesive group strategy, and he surely has a good 30 IQ points on you… as well as three massive tomes, forty years of intense study, a journal, and an exceptional website’.

Dr. Robert Morgan: Sure, if Kevin MacDonald says something, then it must be true! LOL. You’re such an idiot.

You admit it’s a universal religion, open to anyone of any race. Then you also say, echoing your hero, that it’s a ‘cohesive group strategy’. Clearly, both cannot be true, at least for ensuring white racial preservation.

And then you dopes wonder why you’re losing. Smdh [shaking my damn head].

I have read those three massive tomes by the way, and my last Daybreak article shows that MacDonald is terribly ignorant about Church history.

‘Forty years of intense study’ says Dolan? Well well… Since I discovered racialism in 2009 it took me about ten years to become fully convinced that Christian ethics was the main culprit of white decline. Before the present year I believed in the witches’ brew, i.e., I wasn’t reductionistic enough. Am I smarter than white nationalist pundits? No. Rather than ‘a good 30 IQ points on you’ I believe it’s all about who has more ‘valour and honesty’, as I say in the sixth essay of that Daybreak book: something that apparently American nationalists lack.

About Jef Costello’s ‘Yes, We are Headed for Violent Civil War’ published this week on Counter-Currents and republished on The Unz Review, Morgan commented:

War would mean there are two sides, each attacking the other and defending. But so far, the right confines itself to defense only, and therefore there is no war. Only if the day ever comes when an American Breivik or Tarrant arises, and his action is celebrated by ‘traditional America’ instead of denounced, could we say it’s a war.

Well said. And going back to the previous subject, after I finish my translated excerpts of another Deschner book I will try to write a short piece about MacDonald’s second book of his trilogy, where he naively claims that the Church was a good institution against Jewish subversion.

Spoilers: the opposite is true, and it’s precisely because of the ethno-suicidal, Judeo-Christian stance of these nationalists that the new subtitle of this site, America delenda est, makes me feel comfortable…

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In the Counter-Currents comments section of the above linked article there’s an insightful comment by ‘NND’:

Posted October 9, 2020 at 5:18 am

I wonder: what the people of CC will do when the war starts? Throwing Heidegger books at them? Give speeches about Evola? Saying that they are not nazis, but like to read Savitri Devi anyway?

Effete intellectuals and cowards are the firsts to go. Remember that.

More examples to demonstrate the fact (((christ-insanity))) is Aryan Kryptonite, examples which I haven’t seen cited.

The many christ-cuck Aryans who assisted & sheltered Jews, as the death struggle was being waged – despite Goebbels/NS gov’t reps having exposed the menace of Jewry to the “normie” masses (“Germany Must Perish” got a lot of attention by the NS German press), after Jewry had declared holy war upon Germany in 1933, after the depredations of Wiemar Germany, as the Hellstorm firebombings were being unleashed – like the Aryans who sheltered Anne Frank’s family, who repaid the good christ-nuts by hoaxing the holocaust (which unfortunately didn’t happen).

Like the “White Rose (protest group),” who called for overthrowing the National Socialist government, to “save Jews”, like the good christ-cucks they indeed were. At least 1 member of that group is an official “martyr” of the catholic church as of 1999 – he had tried to become a priest before his execution for treason, & a “spiteful mutant” appearing specimen from the clique is celebrated a “saint” of the Russian orthodox christ-insanity cult – an Alexander Schmorell).

FDR & Churchill both explicitly stated that they were fighting against “Paganism” in the form of NS Germany and/or on behalf of christ-insanity to provoke the christ-cuck Aryan herd to go stampede their brothers (as I’m sure you know).

The attention you draw to how the catholic cult provoked forced miscegenation in South America – turning a victory into a defeat – is absolutely devastating. The (((C.I.))) nuts don’t like being confronted with that little fact. Besides fear of the Jewish volcano demon yahweh, I think one of the other primary reasons self-avowed Aryan racialists refuse/cannot let go of christianutty is the false opposition to it by Jews (& obviously their fear of being ostracized as well…go figure, a trinity).

I recently stumbled upon an apparent text of Revilo Oliver’s (under a pseudonym, Ralph Perrier), “The Jews Love christianity.” It’s available on and well worth reading in the unlikely event you haven’t yet.

I request you make “Letter To mom Medusa” available in pdf format; even if not for free.

I’m sorry but I can’t do it.

If you look at my previous entries of the ‘Nobody Wanted to Listen’ series, the names of my immediate family members are slightly modified. For example, I appear as ‘Caesar’ instead of ‘César’. I did something similar with the names of my siblings.

The reason I do this is to prevent search engines to hit this page when looking for my family. I live with my sister in the house our father left after his death, and I have nowhere else to go if my siblings get mad at me.

The Letter to mom Medusa, on the other hand, as well as Hojas Susurrantes have the real names, without those slight adulterations. They shouldn’t be in PDFs but stay in printed form. Only those who purchase the books will read the names without minor modifications.

On the other hand, the other names have not been slightly modified on this site. For example, the guy I referred to yesterday, the late Juan Carlos Vidal, was really the grandson of Victor Serge. He died in a public psychiatric ward in Mexico.

(Christian) Alden wrote in the latter thread:

As long as White men prefer to agitate against black and brown women’s abortions while ignoring affirmative action discrimination against their own White children, we are lost.

Civic Nationalism, family values anti abortion anti gay anti tranny, patriotism, pro business anti minimum wage, preserving Christmas and Easter, all those rightist causes are nothing to the White cause.

The White Cause should be destroying affirmative action, the power of the Jewish media and academia, the black criminal wealthy White control of out great cities and seizing control of the anti White public school system.

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