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Hate Indo-European heritage


Keep in mind what I said in ‘White nationalism is a club for women’. The gulf that separates me from those who promote race realism, civil racialism, and even outright racism and white supremacy, is my ability to hate.

Today for example I was reviewing the comments about the article that Fred Reed published yesterday on The Unz Review about blacks who have recently murdered white children and adolescents. There are neochristian commenters on that webzine who keep saying the same old bullshit: giving each black man thousands of dollars to return to Africa, etc. Just compare that love of neighbour with the spirit of Pierce’s great novel, or with what I say in my first Day of Wrath essay.

I am reviewing sixty selected articles that, since the previous decade, I have published on this site for inclusion in a new book. Once the review is done I will try to publish that compilation in both printed book and PDF.

Reading racialist neochristians kills my spirit, so after I finish reviewing my new book I’ll change the direction of this site. I will follow the advice of Manu Rodríguez that appears in The Fair Race: ‘But we do not need a new religion, only to be aware of our pre-Christian cultures. We must recover such cultures to educate our children according to the varied heritage that these cultures represent. I think of the Edda, of the Mabinogion; of Homer and Virgil…’

The priest of the 14 words must be consistent, and the only way to do that is to suppress almost to zero all neochristian reading through readings that come before the Judeo-Christian infection: infection so well explained in the Judea vs. Rome section of my previous post.

So after my new book is published the character of The West’s Darkest Hour will change. I guess my thinking will reach maturity…

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Good news!
I am sure you have digested a lot of issues and themes and went to the very end of them.
So you have come to a point that you dont want to waste your time on discussions with nincompoops who are having a reasonable ability to debate things but have absolutely no capacity to feel.

In my opinion every spiritually alive person changes continuously and it is obvious now that debate has to be focussed on cultural and spiritual issues.


Thank you for first translating the Rome contra Judea; Judea contra Rome and then reproducing it on your site when other links either disappeared or were made to disappear! I cannot state enough how many times I posted it in order to red-pill casual observers or otherwise unconvinced/ambivalent others. Yes, there are many more rigorous studies, but this concise and poignant essay seems to carry more weight with the normies and still believing christians. It is a powerful antidote for the common folk. As it should be, your efforts were not unnoticed and thereby rewarded.

Thank you for your kind words.

Very few have told me they loved Soberana’s essay.

And yes: we need to supplement it with academic sources, which is why I have tried to advertise Deschner’s work on this site.

I’m very curious: How was this Rome / Judea essay received when you linked to it in other forums?


At the moment it seems to be a mixed bag; too many christians are still ensconced within its spell, but I’ve heard quite a few positive rebuttals in gratitude for a different and sobering look at the atrocities committed against the white (Greco/Roman) race; the positive responses being the bulk of the most recent ones. Some kind of a change is in the air, like a shift in polarity, recently.

The efforts seem to bear fruit–especially recently (post Trump election). I have no empirical evidence, but the shift in the mood seems undeniable to me. Our efforts were not nor are not in for naught! Thank you again, and please do not lose hope, as it is becoming more palpable. There is room for hope afterall!

The people who responded to my sharing it have been profoundly effected (& affected too). I spam it on bitchute and elsewhere.

One of the amazing associates of the amazing Alex Linder recently started talking about christianity again after he said he downloaded “Rome vs Judea,” Jan from South Africa (“History-Reviewed”).

You probably know he makes podcasts with Linder, “#TeamWhite.” His most recent video available on bitchute is critical of christianity (and it’s not his first anti-christian commentary).

KMD was sent a copy of the “Rome vs Judea” essay with an intended to be respectful yet cautionary message his legacy will be tarnished if he fails to address it. No acknowledgement or response from him thus far.

Linder’s work is awesome. Many very good points that seem very obvious after experiencing his articulations. Agree with him that the idea pro-Aryans cannot do anything due to it “being too early” (or too late), though obviously it’s best to plant one’s seeds in fertile soil. Very important stuff he articulates, like how a key to Hitler’s success was the SA.

Hitler didn’t wait until the economic crash of 1929 to make moves, as you know.

I am reading Irving’s biography of Goebbels and its very clear that they faced an even more overtly tyrannical sort of oppression, much more explicit at least (though they did have major advantages simultaneously to especially Americans).

Goebbels definitely didn’t have a problem with violence, but unfortunately +90% of especially Americans who claim to be pro-Aryan do have problems with it.

Another very important observation of Linder that seems so obvious is the fact Hitler went out of his way to speak to the enemy. The main point is he didn’t do what even I was minded to do, to *only* find my bro’s who have awoken like myself and then more or less stay among them & to avoid the leftist zombies.

Linder’s VNN “Showcase” section has a good critique of “white nationalism” if you haven’t seen it yet (“white nationalist strategy” is the thread title). 42 brownshirts against 700 commies who threw their beer mugs at Hitler and did their judeo.christian nonsense. You know who won.

Linder’s associate Jan has an excellent video about “why (Aryan racialists) always lose to blacks & jews” on bitchute. Paradigm shifting, for me at least.

Glad to hear that at least some liked Soberana’s essay; that an email was sent to KMD, and that Jan has downloaded it (both Jan and Alex appeared in WDH radio show before thoughpolice took it down).

I’ll check those sources, as I am so disappointed with non-Linderesque WN that I’ll expose these pussies in my forthcoming book (essays that I’ve already published here, but I’m recently polishing the prose for more formal publication).

Let me know if KMD ever answers…


the VNN forum article alluded to here earlier can be found here (posters should provide links as to save time…it seems to be from 2012–the era of the Greek ‘Golden Dawn’):


Does Alex Linder post anymore? Does he give interviews? Perhaps you could reach out to him for an interview.

The VNN forum did post a link to your website:


Does anyone know what happened to Alex and why there is rare current thoughts made by him (assistants aside)?

Yes, Kirskville Today is one of his sites.

To also address the question above; I’ve devoured all the Linder podcasts I’ve been able to find – I think one of his most recent was with a guy/channel on BitChute called “muh fashy bookshelf,” the interview took place during the covid-19 lockdown because they referred to it.

In one of the interviews he explicitly stated he felt that there is only so much repeating the basics of the judeo-christian questions and the plight of Aryan’s publicly. He records audiobooks with commentary, his “learning college” to educate people about the West’s Darkest Hour.

He has at least a couple other interviews on Bitchute that took place during the Covid lockdown and it’d be great for you guys to have another discussion if y’all are interested. I know he has an email address public on at least one of his sites. And Jan does interviews, he said he is facing a major crackdown right now.

I can’t speak for him, but Linder seems to feel a similar disappointment with the average “white nationalist,” who he mocks as conservatives masquerading as revolutionaries. Hard to disagree with that, and it’s hard to disagree with his assessment that Henry Ford’s theory that the fat and rotten majority (of Aryans) merely need to be informed of the jews in order to enact systemic change is wrong.

Off topic below: ———————————————————-

Did you hear about the recent formation of a new political party involving Mike Enoch & Eric Striker? “National Justice Party.”

Unfortunately, I’ve never heard him criticize christianity, but Striker seems to be building real infrastructure/networking.

His news site has regularly obtained leaks (like a PayPal policy to identify & neutralize any white advocacy, he published a screenshot from an apparent insider). It at least appears he’s made some important contacts. He’s also apparently building a network of lawyers who specialize in defending any pro-Aryan who has been targeted by the judicial system in America.

What do you think of abandoning the apparent global approach of the pro-Aryan cause…of trying to “retain” (retake) all our lands simultaneously, as racialists at least verbally talk about getting around to doing?

You convinced me that America really has always been anti-racist, from it’s founding; and the majority of influential leaders of the so-called white nationalist movement are indeed like women. “I do not want to be true, thus it really is not true.”

Finally, what do you know of the Sturmabteilung, insofar as a good detailed history of it’s orgins/tactics/how it survived constant persecution/legal oppression?

If KMD responds I’ll update (that was about 3 weeks ago), maybe I’ll be persistent.

Take care.


Once again, are you able to provide actual links to the bitchute discussions you’ve previously mentioned? Why is this so difficult to comprehend?

Recent Linder articulations would be nice, if there are links to them for consumption…are you able to provide any on bitchute?


It seems Alex does post on the site you’ve mentioned:



Any thoughts about interviewing him?


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