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Daybreak (book) Daybreak Publishing Mauricio (commenter)

Daybreak’s preface

The other book I compiled, The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, collects essays by other authors. The vast majority of the essays that I collect here are mine. I put them in the chronological order in which I published them from the past decade to the current year and wrote them with English as my second language, although I couldn’t afford that a native-language checker proofread these articles. Both The Fair Race essays and the ones I publish here originally appeared on my website The West’s Darkest Hour.

These two books represent a paradigm shift in white advocacy. White nationalists err in their diagnosis of blaming only Jewry, as if whites were not responsible for their own decline. The real diagnosis of the decline of the West—Christianity, or rather Christian ethics—has been exposed in The Fair Race.

I am afraid to say that there are no apostates from Christianity among Westerners, not even atheists. Their great sense of guilt and so-called human rights are self-abasements and Christian ethical mandates in a secularised form. Not wanting to see it—and the final essay in this book includes a critique of Kevin MacDonald for being in denial—means that the pro-white movement is in its infancy. In Europe the situation is even worse, since after the Second World War all racism was mercilessly banished by the American Diktat. So we have no choice but to keep focusing on American racialists.

There is a lot of doublethink in believing yourself Jew-wise and continuing to live by the precepts for Gentile consumption that a Jew wrote in the New Testament. Concurrently, white nationalism is reactionary, not revolutionary as National Socialism was. None of the important figures in the current movement is proposing armed revolution like The Turner Diaries as the only way out. The pacifism of white nationalism is a consequence that the Americans who promote it have been unable to break away from the bourgeois and ethno-suicidal lifestyle that sells us both the gospel and secular liberalism. Today’s generation of whites, feminised to the core and worshipers of Mammon, is the perfect antithesis of the Spartans, the Republican Romans, the berserkers and the Nazis we studied in The Fair Race.

Of the present collection, the texts authored by other authors are ‘The Red Giant’ by a Swede, ‘How awake are you?’ by Mauricio and ‘On the Origin of the Word Racist’ by an American. As you can see in Mauricio’s rating scale, white nationalists are psychologically stagnated in levels four and five (the following ‘turner diaries’ levels can only be reached after transvaluing Christian values). I included ‘The Red Giant’ because it represented a eureka moment in my intellectual life. Before reading it I idealised not only Christianity but the United States itself (as we can see in that text).

I have modified many of the articles for inclusion in this book, and some of them have been heavily edited. For example, the first article that I collect here was written in 2006. I recently added a short sentence about the hand that Jaime Lannister lost in the third season of Game of Thrones, an episode that did not premiere until 2013. In some of the following articles I also added, or subtracted, several sentences when reviewing the text. From my magnum opus, From Jesus to Hitler, this book only translates a couple of chapters and the text about the Turin shroud that appears in ‘Introjection’. In the Contents page I have indicated in bold-type those chapters in addition to other serious essays that exceed 5,000 words. Most of the articles in this book, by contrast, were originally short blog posts.

Only the Aryan race has the potential to attain divinity, as can be seen on the cover image, Daybreak, which is also the image I chose in the original incarnation of The West’s Darkest Hour. The moment the white man sees that the religion of his parents is responsible for the darkest hour in the West will represent the breaking of dawn.

C. T.
September 2020

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It seems that Lulu, Inc., has solved some of its problems, as I was able to download my new book today and I’m just waiting for the proof copy to reach my postal address to approve the project!

7 replies on “Daybreak’s preface”

C.T. says

I am afraid to say that there are no apostates from Christianity among Westerners, not even atheists.

Ben Klassen was an apostate from Christianity, although unfortunately he is no longer with us, but his books still are, and they’re in 100% agreement with the philosophy of C.T.

Ben Klassen said
“Without a doubt the most difficult obstacle in the White Man’s struggle to save himself from destruction and mongrelization by the colored races is the strange and perverted attitude of the White Man towards himself. The main problem now is not overcoming the Jews or the blacks, but strictly a matter of straightening out the White Man’s thinking.”
Natures Eternal Religion
— Ben Klassen – 1973

‘Christianity is a rebellion against natural law, a protest against nature. Taken to its logical extreme, Christianity would mean the systematic cultivation of the human failure’.
—Hitler’s Table Talk, page 51

Ben Klassen

Some books by Ben Klassen:

Against the evil tide
Building a whiter and brighter world
The little white book
Nature’s eternal religion
This planet is all ours
A revolution of values through religion
The white man’s bible
On the brink of bloody racial war

Addressing what might be called the “jew mono-causal view”, is the malaria victim at fault for not being immune to malaria, or is the virus at fault? Looking at the issue another way, would things be (a) better, (b) worse or (c) exactly the same, if jews did not exist?

This is an important question. My answer is in line with what Corneliu Zelea Codreanu says, that a country has the Jews it deserves: just as mosquitoes that spread malaria can thrive and settle only in the swamps, so the carriers of malaria can only thrive in the swamps of our sins.

I believe that it is the swamps of Aryan sin that have caused the tremendous proliferation of (((mosquitoes))). We must destroy the carriers of malaria, of course: but that doesn’t mean we must believe in the spontaneous generation of mosquitoes. Just see how the United States allowed (((them))) since the late 19th century, and how the Christianity of the Puritans who came to the continent, with their crazy infatuation for the Old Testament, is involved in such empowerment.

It all has to do with History and with Christianity. To answer your question profoundly, I would suggest that you read the quotes from Nietzsche that appear at the end of the ‘Judea vs. Rome’ essay.

The problem with mono-causalists is that they don’t want to acknowledge the role that Christian and neochristian whites (e.g., Napoleon) have played in allowing mosquitoes to proliferate, as can also be seen in the Wm. Pierce quotes in my last essay of Daybreak.

thank you for the careful response – it could be said that the concept of sin itself is an unnatural christian concept. An alternative view is that Whites have forsaken nature or reality itself, as a result of being tricked/forced into christianity, and that is the ultimate cause of the current predicament. In nature no animal would have such an out-group preference as is extended to the jews as a result of christianity, except deceived animals such as birds with cuckoos 😉 Adolf Hitler and National Socialism are the only way forward.

The error of christianity is that sin is mostly an “crime” against the soul of the person committing it, as that keeps him from going to heaven with jesus. Its a selfish self-centered view point. He can repent and be forgiven, regardless of the harm he may have caused to others.

Indigenous European religions are more concerned with your family/tribe you have harmed by your “sins” rather than trying to save you! Which is why you should never “sin”/ be a traitor to your people! (Germanic protestant mindset!)

Christianity is anti-tribal/nation as it considers all souls the same.

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