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Two essential books

PDF of my recently published book here, hard copy here.

Lulu, Inc., has solved their technical problems and I was able to publish not only Daybreak, my collection of sixty essays, but also the September 2020 revised edition of The Fair Race.

Don’t try to get The Fair Race via Amazon or Barnes & Noble; only through Lulu (PDF here, hard copy here).

Amazon and others are selling a pirated, outdated copy before I removed and added several articles, and copiously checked the Spanish to English translations.

If you have trouble ordering either book please let me know through my email that appears on the sidebar.

6 replies on “Two essential books”

Hi Cesar.

Sorry for the delay, but I’ve been spending much more time in the physical word, and less time in cyberspace. I still read this blog though. I wanted to follow up on a purchase of TFRDH through Barnes and Noble that we previously discussed.

I returned the book to a local B+N. I told the clerk that it was a pirated copy, but he didn’t care. He just gave me my money back.

Looks like Lulu has pulled it together finally, so I should be able to get a copy through them.

You’re welcome. I want to order FRDH through Lulu. But before I do, let me verify: If I do, I will get the most up to date copy that is available. Is that correct?

Hey C.T.,
I have noticed no spelling errors so far in your book Daybreak, in PDF form, so far, and wanted to point out a slight factual error in Daybreak the short essay. Blond hair can be passed on by two brown-haired people, such as my parents. I have brown hair and brown eyes and my brother is blonde, though more dirty blonde in his adulthood, and blue-eyed, so the gene and phenotype can be passed on, it’s just much less likely than were both parents blonde.

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