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White nationalism

I’m not done with what I said on Friday.

What is known in the United States as white nationalism is not white nationalism. If it were, the Americans who promote it would say that Leonidas, Hermann and Hitler are the heroes who would replace the faces carved at Mount Rushmore. This American provincialism is the great failure not only of ordinary white nationalists but of one of their best minds, the retired Michael O’Meara, who in one of his articles that I have been mentioning wrote:

If you want, then, to engage in discussions about race and racial differences, you bring in the geneticists and Darwinists. But if you want to build a nationalist movement to ensure the continuity of white America, you appeal to Andrew Jackson and Thomas Jefferson, to the Battle of the Alamo and Kearney’s Workingmen, to the Stars and Bars and the sustaining voices of those quintessential representatives of America’s white culture, the Carter family.

Stars and Bars? Really? As Robert Morgan explained to us, the carved personalities at Mount Rushmore, including the Jefferson that O’Meara wanted to put on us as an inspiring figure, represent ideals that would eventually lead to white decline. Let’s compare what O’Meara wrote with what Mauricio recently told us responding to an objection about carving out the images of Leonidas and Hermann (‘We are unsure as to how they looked’):

We don’t need photos of them. The Christians didn’t need photos for Jesus, neither do we for our demigods’ iconography.

Leonidas looks like a veteran of a hundred battles. He is the wise old man of sixty years, husband, father, king. Long grizzled hair tied in braids. Cleft chin, scars across his cheeks and brow. His deep, sullen blue eyes observe the horizon fiercely, as the subhuman hordes approach. He grips his spear with his right hand and his Corinthian helmet under his left. Long red cape, shining bronze armour. Behind him, a wall of shields with the Lambda symbol. He is hopelessly outnumbered, and yet he knows no fear.

Hermann is a virile young man full of wit and brash confidence. Golden-blonde, bright blue eyes, very tall. He is the clever two-faced warrior. In one face, he is a gallant Roman commander, with steel armour, silvery helmet and blue cape, on horseback leading his cohort across the Rhine. He is the Eagle. In the other face, he is a muscular, bare-chested German warrior, with blue war-paint markings, leading a ferocious charge against the Roman shield-wall, roaring from top of his lungs: ‘TYR!’ He is the Wolf.

There is no image we cannot carve.

In short, what people on the internet call white nationalism, O’Meara included, is actually American nationalism. That should be obvious: as a legitimate white nationalism would imply a story that inspires all white Nordic types, not just those from a single country.

Tomorrow will mark three years of the event in Charlottesville. Just compare how the American government reacted to that big event with its reaction to BLM. The reversal of classical values to Christian values that Nietzsche so feared (‘last shall be first’, etc.) is now complete. The government of the United States is really Sauron. That non-revolutionary, law-abiding civilian white nationalists fail to propose the destruction of at least all of Lincoln’s symbols is so delusional that there is no point trying to argue with them.

America’s near future will disabuse them.

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This is what Morgan said in the piece linked above:

Then we have Thomas Jefferson, a randy old fellow who was probably nailing his quadroon slave Sally Hemings, and likely had a child by her. His was the colonial prototype for the long American tradition of race mixing (aka white racial suicide). Thanks Tom! You set a fine example.

Like most WNsts, O’Meara fails to detect the real heroes that tried to save their race.

I have to agree, American nationalism/white nationalism is completely uninspiring. I find Hitler and his great movement to be fascinating even mystical. Nothing in American history does that for me. I’m American by the way. Although, I identify much more more strongly with my English/Irish/ German heritage. America has done more harm than good for Europeans. A German victory in Word War II would have been much better for us. Tell the average white American that, which I have on rare occasion, and they have a fit.


As an aside, are you cognizant that wordpress removed the link you originally provided to the Rome vs (contra) Judea; Judea vs (contra) Rome essay? Thus far I’ve been unable to find an alternative link.

I have it as a pdf, but cannot share it to your site nor the original word press site. What a shame! It is a wonderful read.

To the topic at hand, I tend to agree with you especially when discussing Hitler or National Socialism. Here is a bit of a white pill: although even discussing the aforementioned topic was brought up on various boards as near as a year ago (when it was shunned or met with open hostility), over the period of last year I’ve witnessed somewhat initial interest, amicable feedback, and less hostility when I repeatedly brought out the subject on boards that would not normally be woke on the subject, or those with luke warm engagement on the subject.

There was also a video released by a ADL linked spokesperson warning about an uptic in Holocaust denial and Hitler praises.


I usually delete the obsolete links of FRDH chapters (which includes the one you mention). The current one can be clicked below the book cover pic on the sidebar.

I entirely agree on the need to re-evalue our heroes.

In addition to the above, we also need to cherish the everyday hero.

Here is a story form WW1 which I found fascinating. It concerns a British officer – Captain Campbell – having been captured by the Germans.

“He was captured and seriously injured one week later after an attack by German forces. The Germans took him to a military hospital in Cologne, where he was treated. When he recovered from the injuries he was taken to the prisoner-of-war (POW) camp at Magdeburg.
He got note that his mother in England was dying, and decided to write a personal note to Kaiser Wilhelm II, begging to be allowed home to visit her for one last time. The German leader granted him the request and allowed him two weeks leave, but under one condition – that he promised to return to the prison camp.
Captain Campbell was an officer and he made a promise in his honour to come back.
Had he not turned up again, there would have been no retribution on any other prisoners. But the man kept his word and returned to the camp after the leave as promised.
A rather remarkable example of war time honesty.”

Now imagine this type of honorable men without any shred of gullibility towards those who wants to deceive us, and a profound drive to uphold our race.


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