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Confederate Cassandra

What was the reason that induced Georgia to take the step of secession? This reason may be summed up in one single proposition. It was a conviction, a deep conviction on the part of Georgia, that a separation from the North was the only thing that could prevent the abolition of her slavery…

If things are allowed to go on as they are, it is certain that slavery is to be abolished. By the time the North shall have attained the power, the black race will be in a large majority, and then we will have black governors, black legislatures, black juries, black everything. Is it to be supposed that the white race will stand for that? It is not a supposable case…

War will break out everywhere like hidden fire from the earth, and it is probable that the white race, being superior in every respect, may push the other back… We will be overpowered and our men will be compelled to wander like vagabonds all over the earth; and as for our women, the horrors of their state we cannot contemplate in imagination. That is the fate which abolition will bring upon the white race…

We will be completely exterminated, and the land will be left in the possession of the blacks, and then it will go back to a wilderness and become another Africa… Suppose they elevated Charles Sumner to the presidency? Suppose they elevated Fred Douglass, your escaped slave, to the presidency? What would be your position in such an event? I say give me pestilence and famine sooner than that.

Speech of Henry Lewis Benning to the
Virginia Convention
, February 18, 1861.

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And yet his Confederate nation’s entire economy was kept afloat by slave-driven cotton farming, and jewish financial schemes…both practices dovetailing nicely with Christianity. The only sensible men of the era were border state leaders petitioning for nigger deportation.

Not to forget the eminence of a certain Benjamin P. Judah holding multiple positions of power. This one yid was to the Confederacy what Himmler was to the Third Reich.

That goes without even mentioning the technological backwardness of the south. Their slaves should have been replaced years before the 1860s with cotton gins supervised by white men yet they clung to their ever-so-helpful black pets for cleaning up the house and washing dishes. The poor yeomen were in this case the only good southerners, at least as long as one can overlook their tendency to degenerate under the spell of fiddle music and moonshine.

The English are the True Master Race! After all, what do you suppose Rudyard Kipling, Cecil Rhodes, and Jack London were talking about when they referred to the Anglo Saxon Race? Indeed, this is precisely what most “Americans” have historically and traditionally believed. Notice, I said the English rather than the Germans. For, after all, why do you suppose that the English, and Anglo Saxon peoples around the world, including but especially the US, ridicule German claims of being the Master Race? Do you suppose it is due to Egalitarianism on their part? No, far from it. Anglo Saxons are the ones who are truly superior to all others. Indeed, the English, and those of English blood around the world, intriguingly enough, view the Germans the same way that the Germans, in their turn, view the Poles and Russians (as lesser beings, as subhuman).

And, if you associate Master Race theories, only and solely with the National Socialists of Europe, why that simply goes to show how narrow minded and bigoted you are. For, you are overlooking most of the History of British New Imperialism if you do so, and US Imperialism as well. Besides, none adhere to the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution, in any event. Most “Americans” do not perceive each other as fellow Americans, or even fellow US Citizens. And here is the interesting point to take into consideration: exactly like the Subcontinent of India has its Caste System, and your glorious Nation, Great Britain has its Class System, what we have, here, in America is what I would refer to as the American Ethnic System.

Moreover, of all the Empires of the world, the British Overseas Colonial Empire came closest to conquering the entire planet. However one may feel about either Russia or Germany, they mere, and are, merely regional powers, regional powers, compared to what was then called the British Empire!

And yet in the end they ceased to have any power over the world right after the 1950s and became a small island nation divested of any willful influence even on their own soil. These days they barely even count as a puppet of Washington D.C.

What kind of a “Master Race” births a man like John Locke and allows him to live as he did? All that Xtian dialectic coming from the original liberalism was a like a dose of fluoride to the organism of the English nation. What kind of “Master Race” would eventually go on to disown any notion of the Organic State in favor of viewing all societies as mere aggregates of atomized, liberated individuals? A race too dishonest with itself to survive!

After reading so much from both sides of the argument, I believe that the only future Britain has to become compost for other nations that actually have a will to live. So far the inbred muzzies have their cake but they can’t eat yet lest they want to starve en masse. The Jews already took their’s a while back and have all the English banks to chew. The only hope now is that retribution can be delivered by the heroes and all Britain will one day belong to a Folk not really connected to the (((history))) of British perfidy.

That is an interesting take on it. But one day, one fine day, the English shall rise again.

The English Race lives on in America! I seriously doubt the lies claiming Germans are the largest Ethnic Group in America. I really do. I firmly suspect that most Whites, in America, are of English blood, or some form of British ancestry at any rate.

Of course, one of the various indignities that Americans, of English blood, have to suffer, is not only to be termed WASPs, but also to live in fear and dread of being mistaken for German, or German American at any rate. Oh, the mortification! One cannot know!

America was originally meant to be an Anglo Saxon Settler Colony: a garden of Anglo Saxon Humanity. And for all the whining and moaning about all the “American” Soldiers, who, fought and died in The Second World War, how many of them were actually of Anglo Saxon blood, rather than an assortment of Irish Americans, Italian Americans, or some other form of Hyphenated American? Now, answer me that. Of course, the correct term for a Soldier, in the US Army is a US Soldier, not an American Soldier. Has been that way, since the passing of the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution (but that is a dead letter).

Rudyard Kipling (d.1936), Jack London (d. 1916), Cecil Rhodes (d. 1902). Any Anglo-Saxons claims to being the Master Race may have had some validity once, but that is a long time ago. Five to six generations have passed and the Anglos have degenerated further with each. Who is today’s Kipling or London? As for Cecil Rhodes, which current Anglo is the obvious candidate? Now there may be many Anglos with the capability to match any of the past, but alas, they seem all to happy to serve the anti-White agenda, and show no signs of changing.

Odd, that the Anglos achieved their global power only after allowing the Jews back in: those master of the master race! Sometimes, I can believe the whole ‘British Israelite’ twaddle; the Anglos have long been fan boys of the Levantine cults – there was precious little resistance amongst the ‘English’ to converting to Christianity, yet formidable desire to convert others to the creed.

The English as a whole are most unlikely to rise again, as are their Murkan fellow Anglos. Greatness may yet be found in some, but the degeneration of that once proud misguided race has done tremendous damage. The “Master Race” are happy to dance hand in hand with their beloved Jews (surely a ‘master race’ if ever there was one?!) to lead the world to some globalist ‘utopia’. Murkan Anglos managed to dream up ‘White Nationalism’, whatever that is supposed to even mean, while English nationalists are an embarrassing collection of 1950ists and LARPists pretending that Woden and not Yahweh is their tribal god.

“Can we have everything the same minus the Empire Windrush, please”. But then ‘nationalists’ are not truly representative of the Anglo-Saxon race, they are an ’embarrassment’ to the Anglos, nothing more. Some English may rise again, but not as ‘English”; as a whole, they will join their Murkan cousins: masturbating to racial death in mom’s basement.

A few outstanding historical individuals, certainly, but the “True Master Race”, my arse.

Off topic again, but this is an older thread, so I thought it better to
put here, rather than disrupt a current topic. I just received my copy of “The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour.” I did not order it through the lulu link.
Apparently, lulu has made recent changes, and reviewers were voicing their displeasure with them..

I didn’t want to have hassles getting it, and I found it is available on Barnes and Noble, so I got it there. I plan on reading it from beginning to end. Looking forward to it!

Sell them at discount to clear inventory? But I can’t imagine I am going to miss much.

I have no control over that. Who printed them? Certainly not Lulu…

That’s why on the sidebar I only have Lulu’s edition as the only updated edition.

Please tell me who printed your 2018 copy to see if I can complain.

Cesar, please don’t be upset on my behalf, if you are. I am fine with getting an older addition. I don’t know who printed it, as I don’t see anything having to do with that in either the beginning or the end of the book. Where should I look to see who printed it?

Are you sure this—:

Printed by Lulu Press, Inc.
Morrisville, North Carolina
United States

—is missing in the last page of your copy?

Yes, the “Printed by Lulu Press, Inc.” stuff is missing from the last page of my copy. On the last page it starts on the left side at the bottom with:

CPSIA information can be obtained
at http://www.ICGtesting(dot)com
Printed in the USA

Then there is two lines of long code-like text with like a scanning box to the left of the written text..

On the right side on the bottom there is what looks like a UPC bar code.

So this is a pirated copy… Who knows what else they changed.

Please tell me if you find something odd while you read it…

At any event, I’ve just added a text on the sidebar, almost at the top:

Don’t try to get this book via Amazon or Barnes & Noble. They are selling a very outdated copy, before I removed and added several articles, and copiously checked the Spanish to English translations.

I didn’t consider that I could get a pirated copy. That pisses me off.
I might send it back and get a clean copy.

Perhaps you can let Barnes and Noble know they are selling pirated copies and get your book pulled?

Please tell Barnes & Noble that it’s pirated, and that the legit edition comes only from Lulu.

But before that, check if they didn’t change the content in a significant way (e.g., adding odd, PC articles that I never chose in any past edition).

The copy I have is in different order than the pdf. It is only 599 counted pages. There are no PC articles added, the content, as listed
in the table of contents, is the same. The pdf version has extra content..

I will let Barnes & Noble know that they sent me a pirated copy, and that the legitimate edition comes only from Lulu. Dang it, I was looking forward to reading it.

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