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Transvaluation of all values

Inverted values

St. Paul famously wrote to the Galatians: ‘There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus’.

But America in the era of George Floyd (may he rest in power) appears to be inventing a new religion of race.

In accordance with our culture’s declining intellectual prowess, our new creed is a very simple faith, with one black-and-white dogma:

Blacks are best and whites are worst.

In 2020, all you need to know is who are the good guys and who are the bad guys.

Everything else follows inevitably. For example, whites are sinners and must be disciplined, while blacks are saints and must be indulged.

As you may have noticed, the spelling of the word ‘black’ has recently been subjected by the mainstream media to ‘reverential capitalization’, much as in Victorian translations of the Bible, pronouns that refer to God were capitalized.

The point of newspapers now capitalizing ‘Black’ but, pointedly, not ‘white’ is to make clear that blacks are of a higher caste than whites. An Aryan conqueror in ancient India would have immediately understood the purpose of the symbolism…

Here in America, blacks are currently being reconceptualized as no longer our fellow citizens… It’s rapidly becoming the official ruling-class religion of the United States.

______ 卐 ______

I stole the above page from yesterday’s article ‘Our New Religion of Race’ by Steve Sailer. An exemplification with real-life cases about this inverted world (IMO courtesy of Xtianity) can be read in Spencer J. Quinn’s article also published yesterday.

15 replies on “Inverted values”

Steve Sailer’s article exemplifies what Caesar has repeatedly emphasized. That the white man can’t disentangle himself from the inverted morality of Jesus club even while recognizing the problem. As Steve states, today’s Black problem can be directly traced back to St Paul and white man’s efforts to “emancipate” literally anybody to feel more “Christian”.

But then he takes shot at Hindus for beating crap out of Abrahmics for butchering cows and for some twisted reason, compares the Black problem with sacred cows. I do not understand why he invokes “upper caste” here. Cows, or buffalos are owned by everybody in rural India. Anybody of any occupation will beat the crap out of someone stealing his cows.

Additionally, Steve is trying to virtue signal Hindus (muh “upper caste”) into guilt shaming them for such attacks. I think Steve has his head in his loins, for he fails to understand that Hindus are not Christ suckers to pay heed to guilt shaming crap. WTF man, why should Hindus, the original Aryans, in their own land tolerate what Christians and Muslims want. In India, Christians are known as corpse worshippers and Muslims as circumcised bastards. Both are traitors to the Aryan race and traitors should be treated worse than the stray barking dog.

Just as a man’s authority over a woman is decided by his ability to make her obey absolutely arbitrary commands (‘clean my desk without disturbing anything’, ‘ wash my towel every Sunday’, ‘don’t disturb me on Friday evenings’), authority of a people is determined by their ability to consider any arbitrary custom (animal, tree, cloth, festival) as sacred and make it inviolable. It becomes a marker of their strength. Just as Christians destroyed sacred trees and forests in northern Europe and gleefully turned them into Churches, same is fate of anybody who cannot even protect an arbitrary tree.

An American who cannot slap his wife even after she returns from a night of being run over by a football team of cocks, cannot kick out his daughter who gets tattoos and goes woke, cannot slap a black woman who burns his national flag and talks crap in his face, is mad seeing that humble villagers in India can beat the crap out of Abrahmic bastards and feel no guilt or shame in upholding their Hindu identity. Bah ha ha ha haaa…!!! Heck, you cannot even beat up ugly thots such as Kashmat Sawant and Ilhan Omar who immigrate to your country. No you’ll instead elect them and elevate useless pu$$y to monarch level.

I cannot even understand what Steve is criticizing. Does he take two pills of estrogen every morning to get so cucked as to spread his cuck Christan guilt in direction of India.

An American man has nothing scared – no sacred animal, no mythical animal, no sacred mountain, no sacred tree, no sacred mantra, no sacred cloth, no sacred festival. It has no myth. No narrative to make him connected to USA.
Unsurprisingly, even in his Hollywood myths, even though white man uses comic characters based on European gods (Thor, Loki etc.), all of them are Jesus in disguise. Superman is blatantly the return of Jesus. Unlike the old gods with their own lives, American “superheroes” are obsessively savior gods. They must save humans from evil people (Satan?). Zeus was never obsessed with saving “humanity” or “Greece”. Gods dealt justice. They didn’t give free pass to all. American gods suffer (Spiderman, Wolverine) to redeem, they must save others. This kind of secular Christianity was predicted by Neitzsche long back.

While reading The Fair Race I have several times thought of the unique position of American man. I can understand that a man in Europe can rely on his language and ethnic identity, but what will the American rely on, except his whiteness. I think it is a unique situation in history for the “American man” to create something from scratch. In this case, I would say that it is good that past history of America is being pulled down from public square. As long as people keep defending Christian morality, nothing new will get created.
Probably we might finally see an indigenous script for European languages, at least English. It is a strange situation in which the English alphabet can be accurately used for writing both Hebrew and Arabic, but not English itself. Because of course, it is a Phoenician alphabet. I wish the Greeks didn’t do the idiocy of adopting Phoenician alphabet. That would have averted Christianity. The reason Jews and later Arabs could easily read Greek was because of the damn shared alphabet. Alphabets are powerful. Korea and Armenia are two countries that have maintained their identity thanks to an indigenous alphabet. A strong phonetic alphabet can help prevent and insulate English in America from eventual corruption by blacks and other immigrants.

But then, I’m a curious observer from India. What would I know?

Seems to me that it is not so much the case that Conservatives are prejudiced against Blacks as it is that Liberals are prejudiced in favor of Blacks. For, just as the Hindus worship cows, Liberals worship Blacks, and not only Blacks but also Jews and Homosexuals. Moreover, the Jews– contrary to their original Holy Books– are now endeavoring to get as many White Gentiles as possible to become gay. Liberals certainly hate America!

Even most Conservatives, as sickening as it sounds, it would seem, are more loyal to The State of Israel than they are to America. But, as disheartening as it is, one can well see why. After all, the Israeli Jews are a Warrior People (unlike Christians, and very ironically much like Muslims); Old Jersusalem, a Citidel in hostile territory– like the Old Forts in the West. There is something, albeit in an evil and twisted way, sort of Romantic about it. Conservatives live vicariously through Jewish people.

Having said that, today’s Israeli Jews are not the descendants of the People of the Bible, not pure blooded descendants at any rate. AS said before, I suspect that the new trick, of the Jews, is to convince as many White Gentiles to become Homosexuals, as possible. This would, of course, make said White Gentiles targets of Muslim Arabs, which may be the entire game plan (aside from preventing us from reproducing).

Communism is the 4th branch of Abrahamism, a secular and purified form of Christianity. Leftist are just practicing another kind of Christianity. Jesus is the symbol of “diversity” and “equality”
the model who sacrificed himself to “save” the lowliest of the low.

Looks like you know plenty. You are absolutely right about American comic books. The “villains” embody Aryan values and the “heroes” embody Christian values.

Why should the superior serve the inferior? In a sane world, it would be just the opposite.

«But then, I’m a curious observer from India.«
Obviously. You are absolutely all over the place with your comments.

As to you being ‘the real aryan’. Just take that to an iranian website and you can argue until your cows come home and beyond. None of you have any indo-european (of which the aryan group is just one of many – read Who We Are by Pierce) blood left to speak of. The muslims made sure of that.

That is why I called Muslims as circumcised bastards. It pains me everyday to see the great mountains and the Indus valley under control of incestuous retards. Muslims miscegenated the great Aryan bloodline and hijacked its glory. Abrahmic poison needs to be ended if Aryan spirit must rise again like the Phoenix. I have read who we are.

@bashospeaks :
Some very interesting points you made !
And as an observer from India you know a lot too.

As a north European Dutch national I spent years, actually the best years of my life connected to the Rajneesh Ashram in Poona.
That is why I gathered a considerable knowledge of the artistic and spiritual history of India.
Hinduism has deep roots in Aryan history . The Vedas show this connection as Tilak has indicated.

How the Aryans, and especially the Greeks and Romans , degenerated so soon is the real issue here , and I have been grasping for an answer since decades.
I tend to think that we have to find the neurological roots, the anthropological roots of the problem why the christian malware could nestle so easily in the Aryan mind about 2000 years ago.
You hit some nerve of the problem by saying ” I wish the Greeks didn t do the idiocy of adopting Phoenician alphabet. That would have averted Christianity ”
Amazing !

In a comment on a previous post here I mentioned that the degeneration in Greek culture started after Socrates and Plato shifted the focus of their culture to verbal dialogue and sophistry.

And there it started,

Studying the Aryan ( European ) history it is obvious that we are gifted with a tremendous capacity to create visual beauty in art. The Greeks were a shining example of this. This is a right brain faculty .

So the Aryan mind prefers to think in pictures but spoiled his mind by getting used to this rotten alphabet. The Anglo Saxons are proof of it.
Through MRI and PET scans scientists found that the Chinese are using their brains much more efficient in energy terms than Europeans
when calculating. The reason is they use more pictograms in their
Their phonetics however is on a less sophisticated level as ours,

The bottom line is that to ease out our minds we should introduce more pictorial thinking and a clear phonetic alphabet in our language,because that would tighten the connections with the body. And it is exactly there in the body that our capacity for an emotionally healthy expression ( that is in art ) is rooted.
But of course this would not remove the christian pestilence out of a matured mind in the present setting. That needs heavy therapy.
The work has to be done on the young children that are growing up now.

Those who created the modern West are now destroying it as it has just about served its purpose.

The AntiChrist and Gog&Magog are behind it all.

One of the various ways Jews, and Homosexuals, it would seem, desire to spread Homosexuality is by gradually and incrementally endeavoring to criminalize heterosexual love, or at any rate heterosexual sex. Again, the Jews desire to reduce our numbers considerably. And, that is precisely why the (((US))) Media endeavors to play upon the fairer sex’s fears of crime, sexual crime in particular. Very manipulative of them.

Uh-huh, so It seems that what Jesus said in his parable about the Rich and the Kingdom of God has become completely fulfilled.

Jesus said to them, “Truly I tell you, at the renewal of all things, when the Son of Man sits on his glorious throne, you who have followed me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. 29 And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life. 30 BUT MANY WHO ARE FIRST WILL BE LAST, AND MANY WHO ARE LAST WILL BE FIRST.

Yeah, sure, tell me again, my fellow Christian, how supposedly, this modern era is the Anti-Christ.

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