Covid 19 Currency crash

Covid update

Left, The four horsemen of the apocalypse in the time of covid-19 by Joseph Hutchinson.

Chris Martenson has confirmed tonight what was said in his previous video: apparently, there will be no herd immunity or vaccine for the Chinese coronavirus.

Everything seems to indicate that it will truly be an apocalypse rider, as the devastation it will create in the service sector in the US (70 percent of the American economy) will surely contribute to the financial collapse we have been predicting.

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I understand your comment if it was ment to imply that you do not fear it. But as CT implies here there are greater forces at play.

My two cents on the matter is just nature that is coming back to harvest, no matter how man made the virus may be.

Even our medical system has been polluted by christianity. All the hard won knowledge has been used more than anything to keep an ever increasing population alive. The result being that the average health is deteriorating fast. We have to save the meek, you know.

I presume nature has more than one way of saying it has had enough of these mad abrahamic religions and their consequences.

White advocates are still in denial about what’s happening. Today at Occidental Dissent a commenter posted:

Speaking for myself, I accept the fact that the virus is real, is a bit more contagious than the flu, and a bit more dangerous than strains of the flu have been in recent years, yet, I am not willing to live on tenterhooks.

Neither my wife and I wear a mask, avoid friends, or get worried about entering buildings where other often frequent.

We simply do as we have always done – wash our hands frequently and do not put our fingers near our facial orifices.

When we feel sick, we turn to Lemons, Vitamin C, Zinc, and, most importantly, Garlic, and a tea made from Rose Hips, Raisins, Lemon Myrtle leaves and Elderberries.

We have used these substances for decades, and with the rarest of exception have not come down with anything, and when I came down with what I suspect was the corona virus in February, I beat it with these things, and my wife used these substances to kill the virus when it looked like she was getting infected with what was plaguing me.

‘A bit more dangerous’ than the flu, really?

Please don’t wear masks, flu bros! Today I not only used a nose/mouth mask, but also a transparent facemask and googles for my errand on the keto diet.

The flaw with this guy’s logic is that he’s unable to think in exponential terms, as pandemics grow.

In a year or two, those who fail to protect themselves will become infected, and some of them will even die after they catch the virus for the 2nd or 3rd time.

I’m putting this in what looks like a dead topic, as this is off topic.
How do I go about buying a hard copy of “The Fair Race’s Darkest
Hour,” C.T?.I checked the sidebar on the right but did not see any
links to a merchant (or to you if you sell it directly).

Perhaps you missed the sentence above the marble bust of a Greek:

The Fair Race, whose image appears above: Rome vs. Judea and Who We Are (PDF here, hard copy here).

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