Second World War West's darkest hour

Scary stats

These statistics are chilling!

They show that white Americans have definitely given up the thirst for life.

The context is well presented in Jared Taylor’s latest video.

What bothers me about Taylor and other white advocates is that they never point to the crime their nation committed during World War II after which—if we use a scale metaphor—a weight tipped a weighing pan off the side to racial self-hatred.

And even here you see how even white advocates are committing suicide. If from 1945 the balance turned to the ethno-suicidal side, it should be more than obvious that the accepted narrative about WW2 is involved in this new self-perception of whites.

But to my knowledge none of the main white advocate webzines constantly review the accepted history of that war.

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What can you do if people won’t save themselves? White are not curious. Whites are more, MORE than willing to believe the lies against us. Whites actively embrace the slander and persecution. My Race had a death wish. I’ve tried for 20 years using every argument and tactic that’s out there. The very that that White almost immediately accept any negative thing about us reveal that we are screwed up to our marrow. Who else does that? Other Races have enough primal survival instincts to deny any thing that is negative about them, even and especially in the face of facts. Not Whites. We instantaneously accept and apologize and grovel before EVERY lie that’s told about us, no matter how outrageous or absurd.

Even on alleged pro-White sites and forums – White grovel and defend and cater to any orc that appears.

We are being systematically exterminated, with the willing and eager participation of MILLIONS of other Whites. They will go too, once they cease to be useful. You can tell them that – but they don’t believe you. Whites REFUSE to believe any one could hate them and mean them harm just because of their race. They REFUSE to believe that their “good non-White pals” will turn on them and abandon them when the moment is right. I’ve seen this happen again and again – and even the betrayed Whites REFUSE to believe that it’s “not just that one time”.

It’s not White “guilt”. It’s never been White “guilt”. It’s cosmically insane vanity and egoism

The pain will be over when we are dead and gone.

Understanding the Jews was not that difficult for me.

Understanding the death wish of whites has been a real challenge.

The canary in the mine are precisely those who perceive themselves as white nationalists.

Not being able to see that worshiping the god of the Jews is directly related to the empowerment of Jewry, in addition to their reluctance to review the narrative against Hitler shows that they do not want to see what is happening. (For example, Hunter Wallace yesterday wrote a long article in which he spoke of the 1930s and 40s as the times when the anti-racist Frankenstein was created without saying a peep about the false anti-Nazi narrative.)

If at least white nationalists (canaries in the mine, I say) were brutally honest with themselves, they would see those two factors, Judeochristianity and the WW2 narrative, as the primary double-helix mind virus of their ethnosuicidal mindset.

You can still try to get these white nationalists to see these things by sending a link to The Fair Race, which explains these issues. But I think they will only begin to change when the System openly begins to genocide whites, as Stalin’s willing executioners did with the Russians.

Cesar, I am afraid it has to come to this point ( Stalin s willing executioners ….) for whites to be able to change course.
In my opinion you under estimate one thing and that is people s ability to be brutally honest with themselves. Nobody wants to admit that his mind is a machine, a software program, an algorithm that prevents any brutally honest self criticism because that is painful and humiliating and nobody wants that .

Part of this algorithm is that the cause s of ones misery are always to be blamed on outside powers and not on ones misjudgements .

Nietzsche once said that the measure in which one can withstand suffering is a measure of ones spiritual level and ones rootedness in life.

Yes: I’ve thought many times of this computer metaphor. And whites are absolutely reluctant to consider that their ‘hard disk’ is infested with malicious malware, viruses and lies, even nationalists. Very very few are willing to run an antivirus program in their minds.

Thanks for that info. I was considering checking in on the OD – but enough happens in my day to day world the fills me with disgust – so I know I am right to stay away.

Dont be desperate. There are enough whites who realize this but it makes sense that they dont shout it from the rooftops.
You and everybody else s problem is that you cant connect to them because of the grid you are living in.
It is my insight that western man has walked into a spiritual dead end street by creating this rational technology culture which has sacrificed everything for the sake of material comfort and tech progress, and the masses have not realized that they have disconnected themselves from their interior intuitive faculties to be able to do this.

They have everything on the outside but no joy, no meaning in life , because they cut off the roots . We call it self exploitation , which inevitably ends up in self hate.which we see all around now.

But be sure , it is not even a white s problem because if all the mud races , who are still vitally innocent and are longing for the status and the technology of the white man will inevitably will succumb to the same problem if they have to sweat to keep upright the society that they are longing for. They will even faster give up than we whites have done.

It just means that life on this planet Earth is facing a bottleneck right now.

If you are intelligent you will mentally prepare and start living with like minded souls.

This mental illness only affects those whose historical past was Christian (the West and Latin America). The Chinese do not suffer from this racial death wish because they lack Judeochristian malware. Although the Chinese and other Orientals imitate white technology, none of them have a passion for ethnosuicide.

If you knew Spanish, I would advise you to read El Grial, where I denounce how even those phenotypical Iberians on this continent are also heading towards ethnic death; how many lightly mixed people who do not look like Indians at all dislike their Spanish roots and idealize the pure Indian, etc.

It is clearly Christianity and its bastard son who created this virus for the mind.

I dont read Spanish but a read a lot of your works that you translated into English some years ago already.
As I understood it you reached a solid conclusion about the influence of the mind virus called Christianity,
My point was that there is a connection with the over rationality developed by the white man. The christian malware is the root cause but it has a free reign in the white psyche while the Chinese have a more stable integrated mind and are better protected.
We need a very earthly and non verbal therapy that can free the mind of this spiritual cancer.

My books are different from the stuff here. I focus on exterminationism. As I have said, they’re basically about the psychic toll caused by child abuse, and the other side of the coin: animal abuse.

After all the terrible atrocities humans have perpetrated and continue to perpetrate against animals I think we should abolish all human history and exterminate all humans to make the world a better place for the rest of the living. Lets end speciesism and human supremacy. – Joseph Walsh

He tweeted the above this year and none but me retweeted it.


I would like to ask, where do we draw the line between acknowledging Christianity as a threat to be wiped out and embracing it as a struggle to tackle and overcome? Would we not be better for it if we do overcome it?

I mean, look at Jews and persecution they (rightfully) faced. They went from a mere tribe of inbred nomads to being on the cusp of controlling the world. Even the Negro, despite his stupidity, has obtained a certain hardness about him after 400 years of cowering to the whip.

A species adapts and evolves only under evolutionary pressure, often times only after a drastic evolutionary bottleneck in which only a handful of the species survives. It’s easy to be bothered by these statistics, but looking at this situation from the context of evolution, I see an opportunity to hammer out our impurities and arise, reforged, from the flames as an even sharper and stronger sword than before.

To break through a mental reaction formation is no small task. If successful there is no going back. The “Age of Truth” will simplify into an era of instinctual survival.

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