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Blindness in TOO

Kevin MacDonald’s blindness about the root cause of white decline has already been discussed on this site. Yesterday The Occidental Observer (TOO) published Giles Corey’s ‘American Roulette: Imagining a Dark Future and How to Deal with It’, which contains these words:

…every single institution that was taken from us by the century-long Jewish coup that is responsible for nearly all of the afflictions we are yoked under, including the viral egalitarian infection that has forever ruined the minds of the contemptible and damned White ethnomasochists that disgrace our race every day. We must never forget the fact that the Enemy is Jewish; all else is a distraction.

Corey doesn’t connect the dots between white ethno-masochism (caused by Christian guilt) and the power of Jewry in his country. The reason for such blind monocausalism is explained in another of Corey’s sentences:

We are living through the greatest crisis to have ever faced our White race, our White civilization; this is no coincidence, for, whether or not you are a Christian like myself…

Corey is blind because he’s a Christian. Compare Corey and TOO’s focus on Jewry with my recently republished quotes from the conservative Swede (here) or Robert Morgan (here), where the focus is redirected to classical or secular Christianity: the real cause of all the bad that has been happening to the white man.

It is a real disgrace that, on the verge of losing their nation thanks to the new religion of Negrolatry, as Corey says in his article, at this stage American racialists don’t have the faintest idea of the root aetiology of the whole affair: it’s they themselves, whites, as without Christianity there would be no Jewish takeover. (This is why Corey says ‘Jewish coup’, as if the Jews had used military force to subdue the white nations.)

The United States will die for the sin of pride of not wanting to see what is right under their noses. Not even white nationalists want to see the ultimate cause of their misfortune.

If you are a new visitor to this site, read the first part of The Fair Race, PDF linked in the sidebar, which explains how Judaism seized the soul of the Aryan from the time of Constantine. Anything that does not stem from this historical fact is quackery.

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May as well blame Diocletian as anything else. His appointing four emperors(two senior, two junior,) led to the Milvian Bridge and it didn’t work out well for him, either. Constantine’s pagan nature got the better of him and forced him to follow the god that appeared to give him victory over his rivals. Then the Roman Church he created usurped the authority of the Caesar’s and then evolved into the monstrous institution that it is.

History is what happened and you have to live with the consequences of that history.

Incidentally, the first three letters of “diocese” come from Diocletian’s name.

Constantine made the decision, he made it formal. Otherwise we may as well blame Diocletian’s great-great-great grandmother for no having an abortion. Nonetheless, thanks for the pomposity-signalling.

You would think somebody using the pen-name “Giles Corey” would understand the CQ and the implicit hocus pocus surrounding Western Christendom’s holocaust against alleged “witches” and heretics.

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