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Not so isolated

It’s funny how Richard Spencer and Ed told the ultimate truth about the religion of negrolatry while the rest of the white nationalists cannot see something so obvious. Well, at least I’m not as isolated in the alt-right world as I thought I was before Spencer spoke to Ed on the podcast I recently linked. At least other voices are beginning to realise that Christian ethics, which I have compared to malware in the operating system that was imposed on the white man, is the ultimate responsible.

Yesterday Counter-Currents published ‘Now is the Time to Work’ by Donald Thoresen, which contains this phrase:

Our real enemies are the anti-white propagandists, the Judeo-capitalist ringleaders and those middlemen with whom they collaborate. Without them, this would not be happening.

I would have said:

Our real enemies are the Christians and the secular neo-Christians. Without them, the Judeo-capitalist ringleaders would not have any power over the white man; this would not be happening.

As more time passes, it will become clear that the evil of the West not only covers the Jewish-dominated media, or the treacherous elites, but also the white people in general: whose operating system contains malware implanted since the time of Constantine. The only salvation consists, as I have said so many times, in a Nietzschean transvaluation of values: the elimination of malware in the psyche of the white man until it reaches, once more, the pristine mental state before the Christian infection.

But white nationalism is still light-years away from such a goal.

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Our real enemies are the Christians and the secular neo-Christians. Without them, the Judeo-capitalist ringleaders would not have any power over the white man; this would not be happening.

Some say that was in fact why Jews foisted Christianity off on the white man. The fact is, had there been no Jews, there would be no Judaism, no Islam and no Christianity to blame for his demise. They did away with Christianity in the Soviet Union, yet, with Jews running the show, things became ever more dissolute and decayed over the decades.

Somehow, the same kosher chickens always come to roost in a nation’s rafters. Somehow it always seems to come back to earth’s deadliest, most virulent parasites.

Jews were really lucky in their last two wars in Europe, otherwise, Hitler and the Germans would have wiped them out of existence (maybe) and ended this destructive cycle forever.

If there is a race that deserves total annihilation, is definitely the Jews. They know it pretty well and that’s what makes them so ruthless and cunning.

I tweeted a text similar to this, and I got banned out of hate speech:

“There is no moral reason to keep a parasite alive, it dies after it kills the host, or if the host kills it. It will die anyways. Nature itself demands any host to never remain passive.”

Jesus instructs in Matthew 25:40-41, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.
Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.”

So as you do unto no-good Nigger George Floyd you do unto Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. George Floyd = Jesus Christ. Get it?

So you better bend the knee and let the Gibsmedat flow to George Floyd/Jesus Christ, Christcucks, good and hard. You don’t want to burn in hell now, do you?

If Spencer keeps denouncing Xtianity like this, maybe he can redeem himself from that ridiculous claim “I’m a cultural christian” he made in one interview a few years ago.

There is a convergence taking place. It’s happening in many dissident blogs and channels – the CQ. It’s been lurking around for years, mostly disregarded as trivial topic of debate.

But this rising nigger terrorism is making the Internet’s Occam razor cut deeper and deeper.

White Nationalists will have to choose. CQ: Yes or No.
If you choose Yes, you’re out. You’re not part of the White Revolution. If you choose No, welcome to Level 6. Now start concocting ways to solve the CP (christian problem). You’ll find that transvaluating moral values isn’t so trivial after all.

There are those who come up with a third option, “it doesn’t matter”, like that Devon Stack from Black Pilled. They want to continue to ignore the CQ, and want to continue fighting the system without any regard to the morality of their movement. “We’re all brothers”, he said. “We’re united by REASON”. I laughed when I heard that. Here’s the video: LINK

I’m reminded of the Turner Diaries, when, after the secession of the western states from the US, there was one rebel General in charge of a movement that was less radical than Earl Turner’s. They completely fell apart from infiltration and in-fighting, and got crushed by the system.

That’s what these purple-pilled, CQ-ignorers don’t understand: accepting Xtians in your movement is the same as accepting Jews.

The time will come when the ship will sink, and you need to sever the hands that cling to the lifeboat. Xtians can’t do that. Quite the contrary, they will pull up even more people into the lifeboat.

So start cleaning your mental room of filthy moral garbage, because you’ll need a clear head with a clear morality, and a lot of HATE to fight the war that’s coming. CQ is old news for those who have been preparing. Get Updated or get Outdated.

Today I quoted Robert Morgan in Twitter:

(White nationalists have) failed because trying to stir up anti-semitism in a culture shaped by almost two thousand years of Christian delusion and a white race imbued with the conviction that a Jew is God is a fool’s errand.

What we have been seeing this month about the new religion of Negrolatry is so maddeningly delusional that it is similar to … (I think I should post a new post to explain myself).

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