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Blacks Deranged altruism

Good Christians must forgive blacks

Since Jared Taylor’s parents were fanatical missionaries who migrated to Japan to convert the Heathen, Jared will never dare point to Christianity as being responsible for whites having gone bananas. In their article today, American Renaissance reminds us of what happened to Amy Biehl, and most of the following paragraphs come from that article:

A pretty American girl Amy Biehl (1967-1993) went to high school in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where her father ran an art gallery of modern American Indian art. ‘I attended a large public high school’, she later wrote, ‘where as an “Anglo” I represented a small minority. My attempts to do well in school and to win the acceptance of my Hispanic classmates often met with resentment’.

She felt none in return, however, and as a student at Stanford became passionately committed to ending white rule in South Africa. She went to Cape Town on a Fulbright scholarship, and spent much of her time in black slums, studying the sins of apartheid and sex discrimination.

On August 25, 1993, just a few days before she was to return to the United States, she drove three black friends back to their homes. Young blacks stopped the car, pulled her out, and hit her in the face with a brick. She broke away but they caught her and beat her to death as they shouted the anti-white slogan ‘one settler, one bullet’. The 26-year-old died on the sidewalk pleading for mercy.

Seven blacks were charged in the killing, but one disappeared and three others were released because the main witness against them refused to testify for fear he would be killed. Exultant supporters left the courthouse carrying the three men on their shoulders. At a hearing for the remaining defendants, blacks in the audience taunted whites, and giggled when Miss Biehl’s wounds were described.

None of this mattered to Miss Biehl’s parents, who attended court hearings. They publicly forgave the killers and expressed sympathy for their families… When their daughter’s killers got out of jail in just a few years, they offered them jobs at the foundation. According to Wikipedia, her father shook their hands and stated:

‘The most important vehicle of reconciliation is open and honest dialogue… we are here to reconcile a human life [that] was taken without an opportunity for dialogue. When we are finished with this process we must move forward with linked arms’.

A commenter of Jared’s webzine quoted Jewess Ayn Rand: ‘What is the moral code of altruism? The basic principle of altruism is that man has no right to exist for his own sake, that service to others is the only justification of his existence, and that self-sacrifice is his highest moral duty, virtue and value. Do not confuse altruism with kindness, good will or respect for the rights of others. These are not primaries, but consequences, which, in fact, altruism makes impossible. The irreducible primary of altruism, the basic absolute, is self-sacrifice—which means; self-immolation, self-abnegation, self-denial, self-destruction—which means: the self as a standard of evil, the selfless as a standard of the good’.

Like the father, Amy Biehl’s mom was also a good Christians who forgave blacks: ‘We were raised in a Congregational Church when Peter and I were growing up in Illinois, and he taught Christian ethics to junior high kids. If people are really living their Christian values—or their Muslim values or Jewish values—there is always the element of forgiveness, but often people aren’t able to live up to that value’.

I hate to say it but the Jewess Ayn Rand was sane. Amy Biehl’s mom (photo of 2002 above, with daughter’s killers) was insane, courtesy of Christianity. Incidentally, haven’t new visitors read part I of The Fair Race or at least one of my latest posts? (Inspired in the psychotic Christian doctrine about post-mortem survival, someone just tried to post a comment today, asking me the stupid question ‘Are you still of the belief that there is no “life after death”? Because that is…’)

10 replies on “Good Christians must forgive blacks”

Aside from the public completely ignoring the Norman Bledsoe/Jaden Hayden case, I immediately thought of the murder of Amy Biehl in regards to the current events.

Amy Biehl’s father’s reaction to his own daughter’s murder is the epitome of Matthew 5:44. Shaking the hands of the perpetrators like a good little Sunday School whelp. I can’t even articulate into words how pathetic that is.

I’d love to hear a WN Christian (committing cognitive dissonance) try and argue with you that such actions AREN’T in accordance with the masochistic philosophy of Yeshua.

Remember that recently Hunter Wallace said about the negrolatres*: ‘It is times like this when I write out an angry post only to have second thoughts and remember to love my enemies. I do not want a second wave of the virus to hit this crowd’.

(*) I don’t know if this is the correct English way for a neologism. In Spanish I could say, ‘negrólatra’ relating to negrolatry.

I know certain words such as “sinister” (Latin) can be written as either “sinister” or “sinistre” (obsolete English and Old French), however the modern spelling would most likely be “-er”. For such a neologism, it would just depend on your preference I’d imagine. Same goes for “theatre” versus “theater”.

There is something I notice while arguing with people these days.

Given the recent riots, it proves that forced integration during more than 200 years just doesn’t work.

When I tell people that the best thing we could do for the blacks is to send them back to Africa (to Liberia, the country that was bought for them), some agree with me, especially when I tell them that we should help them reallocate by taking the millions of dollars wasted on foreign aid and give that to them, as commander Rockwell once proposed.

But others (only women so far) are eager to tell me that we can’t just do that. That we should keep trying this failed experiment, even if that means our own destruction!

What this good intentioned but air headed women don’t realize is that once the whites are gone, their precious negroes are gonna be exterminated by the mestizos and Asians that are taking over the country!

Women foolishness will be the demise of both the white and black man.

Perhaps you haven’t read the PDF linked on the sidebar about women. The first guideline of the priest of the 14 words is thou shalt speak only to Aryan males. 97% of all the shitstorm discussions is avoided by following this simple rule (and only Aryan males will actually fight during a revolution; it makes no sense to try to reason with the weak sex).

Jews hate Christianity in the same way that snakes and spiders hate their own venom. Snakes and spiders do not consume their own venom: it is for their prey. Similarly with Jews and their venomous creed of christianity. It is not for Jews… it is for their prey i.e. the white goyim.

Fulbright Scholarship. So, an enemy of the white race won herself a Darwin Award. That’s all.

A more recent example, from Amren article “The Great Replacement: Indianapolis”

“In November [2015], three blacks entered Amanda Blackburn’s home. She was pregnant. They raped her and then one shot her. Luckily, her 15-month-old son was in a crib upstairs and wasn’t harmed. Two suspects accepted a plea deal to testify against alleged killer Larry Taylor. Mr. Taylor reportedly shot her in the back of the head, leaned over her, looked her in the face, and watched her bleed. Mr. Taylor also murdered a Mexican man and raped a woman at gunpoint a few days earlier. He will go on trial this July, almost five years later. Mrs. Blackburn’s husband, a pastor, has written a book about forgiveness for the killers. Mr. Taylor’s defense team may use the book at trial”

Another example of a christian Norwegian girl (Monika Korra) who was gang-raped by mexicans in Texas.

“Monika found that her hope in Jesus Christ carried her through her pain, and that hope let her hold on to life. Monika found healing through justice being brought to her attackers. She felt that her attackers’ imprisonment helped her get over the pain. Monika also found hope through her passion in running. Running helped her find her true self-identity over the identity that she felt forced on her as a rape victim. Finally, Monika found that forgiveness healed her. She said that forgiveness is letting go of what happened and not allowing it to rule her life.”

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