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White nationalism is rubbish

Click on the words from my previous post when I say that the Negro has become the new Jesus, and you will see the article that Counter-Currents has just published on precisely how the Negro is now the new God.

That’s what happens when you have two thousand years of worshiping a crucified Jew and people lose faith in Christianity: the mind immediately fills the gap with a new crucified one to worship.

White nationalism is rubbish for the simple fact that no one among them has realised that Christianity and the JQ are two sides of the same coin and, axiologically, the alt-right secularists and the racialist Christians are on the same page. For example, yesterday Christian Hunter Wallace said: ‘It is times like this when I write out an angry post only to have second thoughts and remember to love my enemies. I do not want a second wave of the virus to hit this crowd’. This good Christian thus referred to those so burdened by Aryan guilt that they are now, literally, bending their knees before the New Jesus. Similarly, a couple of days ago the pseudo-apostate Richard Spencer felt pity for the black man who died on the asphalt (I don’t remember the exact second, but his neo-Christian compassion surfaced in this video).

As I said recently: I broke my promise not to visit racialist sites again because recent events in the United States are more than significant, and I wanted to know what they were saying. But what racially conscious whites ignore is that, parallel to the normies, they, too, are part of the axiological problem that’s killing their race.

I think I should go back to my practice of stopping visiting their sites and only doing so until another major event shocks the US. But perhaps from now on everything will accelerate until their beloved dollar collapses?

Although their country was responsible for the darkest hour in the West, as we are seeing in the series ‘Love Germania, hate the US’, these folk don’t even seem to be aware of the role that the US has been playing in the destruction of their European blood since 1861, way before the Jews took over the media. Given so much blindness, as I said in my previous post, I must go back to the roots of my tree and only have contact with those who really know what is happening.

13 replies on “White nationalism is rubbish”

Obviously, I’m referring to the American Civil War. See the posts on this site quoting Jack Frost and Robert Morgan on the subject (actually, they’re the same person: an American).

I’m not sure what’s worse about “The Right”: It’s vulgar worship of money and consumption or worship of Da Troops.

Do you feel that Hunter Wallace is nearing his own Heimbach-esque antiracist, christian breakthough?

No: that was what Linder predicted ten years ago and it did not come true.

He will continue to be racialist but held back by his Lutheran ethics, which is the case with all nationalists, even if they are not Christians.

US “WN” mostly seems to have a belief in a “christianity”, with their own personal jesus and christian church, that ignores the facts that the christian churchs today are the greatest supporters of non-white immigration and wealth transfer out of our countries.

Besides that, I do thank the Gods that Trump did that stunt with the bible outside the D.C. church, and got the “religion” angle BEFORE the democrats did. He has put a line in the sand that will divide christians. The fact so many current christian leaders and “traditional-USA” people have criticised him for it shows they are not actually religious IMHO but inner-party $chri$tian$.

Regardless this rioting will continue all the way up to the US election at the end of the year, the Democrats and anti-trump forces will make sure it does!

There shall be a Blue Wave, as it were. Out of disgust at Trump, they will veer all the way to the other end of the Political Spectrum– the Far Left. They will even get to the fringe Left!

The self-debasement of “old-America” seems to have no limit, “taking the knee” will never be enough for these emboldened savages and anti-fa. But I think the more widespread destruction becomes it only strengthens Trump, and he knows it.

US “WN” should avoid the current troubles and let our enemies expend themselves, and instead prepare for the post-Trump era, whether it occurs in 2021 or 2025, the former-USA era.

The problem I’ve noticed in WN, Pro-White movements, etc (whatever the name du’jour is) is that while the people are racially aware, race is not at the top of their list of importance. It’s usually somewhere down the list behind Political affiliation, economic system, religion, etc, etc. That’s why none of these groups make any headway and are always being sidetracked by some useless nonsense. No one can seem to keep their eye on the prize… racial survival. Sadly, this is not uniquely an American problem and seems to be some kind of problem in general for Whites.

Read C.T’s “Return of Quetzalcoatl” about bicameral thinking in ancient Mayan culture, its more terrifying than H.P.Lovecraft.

It is also under the heading “Day of Wrath, 12” now.

The Roman Catholic policy of Celibacy, I suspect, had a very dysgenic affect on most populations of Europe. The most intelligent of us did not get to breed at all. Heinrich Himmler had a point about that!

Also, I can well see why Homosexuality is now being promoted, these days. After all, if a high number of the more intelligent are recruited, that would keep the average intelligence of Whites down.

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