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Greg Johnson on the coronavirus

Ferdinand Bardamu’s long and important essay on Christianity appears in The Fair Race. On the coronavirus as a subject, of the in-depth articles that have been published to date in the racialist forums, I only recommend the article by Bardamu on The Occidental Observer, and the one that Greg Johnson published today in Counter-Currents. Johnson wrote:

Extreme classical liberals don’t believe it is legitimate for the government to do anything for the common good, because they don’t believe that collectives exist or have interests that are legitimately pursued by the state. Thus their reaction to the globalvirus is the same as their reaction to any other collective problem: simple denial. Denialism comes in two flavors: vanilla economism and tutti frutti conspiracy theories.

Since we have a Republican administration, when intelligence reports about the globalvirus outbreak in China started coming in as early as November, they fell on deaf ears. Apparently there was not a single populist who cared about the American people anywhere to be found in the Trump administration, just business boosters who wanted to protect the economy from people who feared drowning in their own bodily fluids. And, because Republicans are not just greedy and stupid but also cowardly, they were well aware that any attempt to restrict travel from China would be decried as “racism” by the Left. Hence they decided to go with the “It’s just the flu, bro” narrative.

If Hillary Clinton were in office, the result would have been exactly the same, because she is 100% owned by the oligarchy. Her rationalizations would simply have put greater emphasis on anti-racism.

However, the criticism I made of Bardamu can be made to Johnson as well. Bardamu and Johnson are well aware of what the virus earthquake means, but neither is aware of the economic tsunami approaching their beaches: the real killer, as unlike the virus it will affect the hundred percent of westerners.

This is unsurprising. Hardly anyone in the racialist forums has followed Austrian economists closely, whose message I have been promoting since 2011 on this blog, and more so now that their predictions have finally begun to come true.

The only content creator I know who masters both topics—the coronavirus and why cash will become trash—is Chris Martenson. While Martenson’s latest videos are all about the coronavirus, there is also the older ‘crash course’ videos on his channel. For a brief intro to the course see, e.g., here.

3 replies on “Greg Johnson on the coronavirus”

Well said.

The damage in America will be colossal. The people and the government have their typical American arrogance underestimating the impacts and that their powerful government will resolve everything as always.

The American industry has been so weakened in the last decades that they depend on China, their main economic competitor, to cover basic things like masks. A country that 100 years ago was almost 100% self-sustainable.

China has brought the world to its knees in this crisis. They could take this great opportunity to invade America, but unfortunately it is practically impossible in this peaceful and gay world.

When civil war erupts in the US, I am expecting the “losing left” government to invite the Chinese, who will land in California and sweep to the East Coast killing every man, woman and child.

I really hope the Chinese will not lose on this one in ten millennia opportunity. Strong America is unassailable otherwise.

The 50%-mutt America will never have the ire to murder hundreds of millions.

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