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A Chinese Dr. Peters?

Update of April 9:

I’m relocating this post today because, in the end, I’ve added a couple of sentences about the Chinese bitch who, according to Institute researcher Chen Quanjiao, released the virus. Yesterday I wrote:

______ 卐 ______

Further to my April 1 post, ‘How did the coronavirus originate?’

I only laugh with black humour, especially black humour that mocks mankind. In 2018 I had been joking around with the Dr. Peters story from the movie 12 Monkeys—a virologist who leaked a virus that dispatched almost all of mankind—; that only someone like him could make a difference in today’s totalitarian West. I even called him ‘One man, one army’.

Lo and behold… Now there is a possibility that, in the real world, a Chinese virologist came up with not only to joking with the figure of Dr. Peters, but to put it into practice with the coronavirus!

While this image deserves to be contemplated on the desktop of your PCs or Macs, the actual leaker seems to have been a woman. Feminism has surpassed itself, along with the deranged West sharing all its virus secrets with the Chinese, according to the above-linked video.

This is Wang Yanyi, the suspected Chinese version of Dr. Peters.

This virus is indeed diabolical. According to Chris Martenson’s video yesterday, more recent studies now indicate that a certain percentage (possibly a third?) of ‘recovered’ patients have so few antibodies to covid-19 that they’re able to get re-infected at a later date.

Martenson adds that, if this is the case globally, it would dampen hopes by substantially retarding progress to herd immunity and increase the public health risk as the severity of the infection seems notably worse the second time around.

This is what I find disturbing: So few antibodies against covid-19 after becoming re-infected? Is this due to the HIV segment found in the virus’ receptors? Was it manufactured as a biological weapon? Was Yanyi’s leak just an accident? These troubling questions motivated me today to move this post.

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I don’t know if you listen to The Savage Nation, a radio program by Michael Savage:

[removed bare URL by admin]

But he has a lot to say on the virus, I don’t know if you agree with his analysis on it.

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