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Peter’s birthday


The coronavirus does not compare to the
looming economic crisis (you’ve seen nothing
yet; it’s going to get a whole lot worse in the US).

In my previous post today I linked to a Robert Whitaker lecture in which Whitaker said that the profession called psychiatry works like a guild, in the sense that its purpose is to protect the financial interests of Big Pharma, not the mental health of its patients, and that it completely silences the medical dissidents. Now I would like to say something similar.

These days not a single sane voice is heard in the American mainstream media regarding the economic crisis that is coming upon us. The airwaves are full of nonsense. Even the billionaires are speaking nonsense. On the other hand, Peter Schiff is not even allowed to speak on Fox News, due to what he says about the financial situation that the United States is going through: a monetary crisis; a sovereign debt crisis; an American economy that will completely implode not because the coronavirus (the pin), but because of the bubble that the Federal Reserve and Congress are now inflating.

The Fed is destroying the dollar; it will be completely slaughtered. Other countries with fiat currencies won’t fare so bad as the coming American hyperinflation (their phony currencies are not the default currency in international transactions). It is Americans, including nationalists, who are unready for a pretty, pretty rude awakening.

To educate my visitors, what better than to embed Peter’s video today, which is his birthday, to know the point of view of a ‘prosecutor’ before whom everyone covers his ears on the mainstream media:

It is irrelevant that his father Irwin Schiff was the son of Jewish immigrants from Poland. The white nationalist who doesn’t want to hear Peter listen instead to what the gentiles Martenson and Maloney are saying these days, also recently linked on this site (tip: they say the same thing).

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“It is irrelevant that his father Irwin Schiff was the son of Jewish immigrants from Poland.”
No, it is not. It explains his verbal diarrhoea.
And I never trust them.
There are plenty of people with the same opinions as him, and they are all strangled in this cover up.
I keep him at an arms length just as I do with Henry Makow, Black Pidgeon Speaks and Gilad Atzmon. Kikes telling the truth maybe, but never to be trusted.

It is not a matter of trust, but that he is one of the few (like Martenson and Maloney) that have tried to warn people about the financial Armageddon that has just started. Unlike most white nationalists, Schiff has been predicting this since 2008.

When it comes to the economy, why should you trust WN’s top sites when almost no one saw it coming? See what I said in 2013 here. Now I recall that Matt Parrott scoffed at Schiff’s idea of gold and that Greg Johnson claimed that the dollar could not lose its international status a few years ago.

I bet most WNsts haven’t bought any precious metals and will be at the mercy of the unfolding apocalypse when it hits the fan. If they had seen the Martenson, Schiff or Maloney videos, they would have changed their minds.

Even from the POV of a WN revolution, in recent years I’ve been hammering and hammering around the idea that we weren’t ready for revolution but that we should save gold instead to buy guns once an ounce of gold gives you a ton of purchasing power after hyperinflation.

Guess what? To date nobody has followed my advice! (and here in Mexico the wages are too low for me to save gold for that purpose).

I would wager that a lot of WNs ( the revolutionary type anyway) are probably in about the same boat money wise, so your advice might not have fallen on dear ears… just empty wallets.

Peter Schiff is a Jewish con-artist. He’s been sounding the alarm bells along with all the other Jewish gold-pumping clowns that hyperinflation is inevitable and the dollar will go to zero. Do you really think they
care about protecting your wealth? Of course not. They care about enrichening theirs at your expense. They want to panic you to buying their gold and silver products (Jews run the gold trade btw) where they make a large commission on each sale. Do a google search for Mike Stathis and he exposes the clown that Schiff is.

If Schiff really thought that hyperinflation was coming, then why does he want your soon to be worthless dollars in exchange for his gold that is supposedly going to the moon? Why does he charge something like $50000 US DOLLARS for a speaking event? Come on people, don’t be fooled by him.

Though the dollar over the long run may be in trouble, right now the biggest threat is a not a hyperinflationary collapse. The sharp declines in stocks, commodities, oil, and metals signify the exact opposite. What has Schiff done for you over the last 15 years?

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