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Peter Schiff William Pierce

Doctor Doom

With the exception of the blogger Mindweapon, no one in the pro-white movement seems to be aware that we are heading straight toward an economic collapse and a foreign debt crisis of epic proportions. This will happen when the US’s creditors impose a lending ceiling to the traitorous US government.

Now that the US government-created phony crisis is over and that the debt ceiling will be raised for the Nth time, I would like to point out that I have embedded quite a few videos by Peter Schiff, called “Doctor Doom” by the media, explaining the subject (here: must-watch clips for those still clueless that we are living near the end of the long Diktat after 1945.

Of course, you may prefer to see directly Schiff’s latest videos in his own YouTube channel (here). Whatever you chose, this is the most important subject for all those who desperately crave for the long interregnum imposed by the Americans on Europe to end.