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My rider friends

‘Either Aryans will overcome their prejudice against genocide or self-exterminate’. —Tito Perdue

Today I woke up with a dream in which I mentioned to Jared Taylor and Greg Johnson my idea of dispatching the vast majority of mankind for ethical and aesthetic purposes. We were walking on a street in another country and in the end I got to fly, but when I was awake I realised that I didn’t see either of them in the dream: I was talking to them but they were not actually physically there.

Several times I have been told in this blog that I am not talking to myself. But obviously I am, as no one feels the four words as vehemently as I do.

‘Eliminate all unnecessary suffering’ is a call for exterminationism, as the misnamed Homo sapiens is causing hell in many species not only of animals but among themselves, even from parents to children (the subject of my eleven books).

The vast majority of my visitors have not been through hell. And those who have crossed there dissociate everything and do not write a single post about their experiences (I could mention three of them by real name, but I won’t).

Speaking of the four words this day I leafed through two articles, one from Occidental Dissent and the other from Unz Review, which touch on the subject of unnecessary animal torment. I was disgusted in the latter by some things I read in the comments section, and I can only think of the chasm between these Neanderthals and the Third Reich regarding eliminating unnecessary suffering.

Even if the coronavirus kills the same number of humans of the 1918-1920 influenza, that would only represent a very small fraction of the number that must die this century for survivors to understand the need to implement the four words on earth. Fortunately the four horsemen alluded to in my previous posts will help me in this purpose, even if I also die.

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It’s not the virus that will break things. It’s everybody else reacting to the virus.

For starters, this quarantine policy getting imposed everywhere. Obviously the alternative – let the virus go, let people get sick, whoever dies, dies – is not something most human beings are going to be willing to walk into knowingly and willingly. People mostly like their parents and grandparents and don’t want to bring home the agent of their deaths. Therefore quarantine, travel shutdowns, etc.

But that means every restaurant loses several weeks or several months’ worth of income it was absolutely counting on. So it has to lay off its servers. But they need the wages to buy food and pay rent. Let them have it for free? Then the grocery store and electric company take a huge cost hit and (for the grocery store especially) suddenly have trouble making their own payments. Etc.

Repeat for every other optional aspect of the economy. For example, I’ve stopped taking dance classes, and I have zero intention of going back until I can see solid indications this thing is dying down. I can totally see how the local dance studio could go out of business because of this, and I’d hate that – but not enough to show up and possibly bring home the thing that could asphyxiate my parents.

This is going to torpedo a huge swath of small businesses. All sorts of people are going to lose their jobs. And the hospitals – judging by the Italian experience, they’re going to get swamped no matter what, and it’s just going to be wiser to plan on not breaking any legs or getting into any car accidents in the next six months, because no hospital beds will be available; they’ll all be taken up with pneumonia cases.

Then there’s the number of hospital employees who will catch it, and on and on.
This is an excellent blog from the Philippines.

The author started stockpiling and predicting doom back in February. Now his predictions are coming true. That country is in no condition to control this virus or its effects on society.

We haven’t seen much in the way of case count from Africa or elsewhere in the third world. I expect it is because it hasn’t been noticed yet. It may become endemic there, just constantly rolling through that population.

I note the travel bans everywhere. This might, surprisingly, be the thing to convince Western governments to stop travel from the third world for an indefinite length of time.

In the meantime, I expect trouble.

> ‘It’s not the virus that will break things. It’s everybody else reacting to the virus’.

Exactly! The Federal Reserve has done more damage to the US than any hostile nation could possibly do. And now with the pandemic the Fed is doing more damage to the System with their printing press than the coronavirus itself. Everybody, except those with silver coins below their mattresses, will lose their purchasing power altogether. After the readjustment the world will be back to the gold standard, there is no question about that. We don’t have to try to reinvent the wheel (fiat currency 1971- 2021?) when we already have the wheel.

The place I’m living is warm enough like those places you mention. It will be getting really worse in a couple of months, as the pandemic goes exponential. But the big question is: When will the people start to lose confidence in the dollar now that Trump’s America is rapidly becoming Bail Out Nation and QE4 is looking like Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear: ‘To infinity… and beyond’?

‘Eliminate all unnecessary suffering’….this reminded me of a blog of a “WN” mystic type I read a while back… He said the failure of buddism is its all about the 4 types of suffering, and you must improve yourself on the 8 fold path to reach enlightenment/happiness and not suffer (i’m not a expert on buddism LOL).

Anyway he said thats entirely wrong at its basis, suffering is often caused by others bad deeds, the removal of those causing the problems is the correct solution to stop suffering. It was a core part of our western criminal punishment system to remove people causing suffering to others.

This obvious deduction, sounded revolutionary to me, brought up in the falsity of our judeo-christian age, where we pretend evil does not exist, and can reasoned with or made good.

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