Currency crash

The system is beginning to break

Mike Maloney had just made a prediction this week: that the Fed would possibly cut rates to zero. The video hadn’t even finished uploading to YouTube before it came true. Join Mike as he cuts through the jargon and explains what this unprecedented panic move by the Federal Reserve really means to everyday people.

Still don’t get a pair of silver coins? It will be too late a day after the accident occurs…

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i hope you are buying up silver. I hope It’s Happening, God-awful & bloody as the fall of the system shall be.

I don’t expect to survive it, I only started caring to participate at all a few years ago & had a tremendous amount of negative momentum which i only started getting a handle upon recently.

Sucks, but I’ve despised this social order since I was about 14. What it is is evil. It must die.

I am afraid that in America we shall have a “nationalist Christ-cuckoldry” arise anew. I expect Richard Spencer’s take (from the video you posted a few months ago) is accurate; a hot global war shall break out. Cleansing fire.

Also, it’s the psychopaths who sell our ppl out who are also best prepared.

Hope you are buying up silver (thanks for the tip), & your health upholds what’s to come.

I wish I could, but in Mexico the wages are too low. As to the psychopaths, most of them ignore that their precious paper dollars will turn confetti. Some of the will survive the first catastrophe, yes; but not the second or the third later in this century.

Silver is at the lowest level in history 104:1 and the average level over the past few centuries has been 16:1. Silver production is approximately 10:1 compared to gold.

Will the jew puppet Trump return the dollar being backed by something tangible? I doubt it.

Precisely because silver is cheap now, racially conscious whites must purchase it before it’s too late. It doesn’t matter what Trump or the Fed wants; the markets will decide for all. In a bubble economy, after it pops the power of the dollar will be inversely proportional to the value of precious metals.

I agree 100% with you. Most online stores of silver coins are in very high demand and running out of stocks.

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