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On the ‘Atomwaffen Division’

‘Satanism is alright. Depends on how you go about it. But then again, I’m more well read on the subject than most people. Most people get scared away and only go into the crust, rather than down to the core’. —Rape [penname], AWD Discord server, November 9, 2017.

Using a negative Christian symbol (Satan) to scare Christians, as the so-called Atomwaffen Division (AWD) does, should trigger the alarm signal in anyone wishing to recover the West. It is the reverse of using a positive Christian symbol (the hymn that Martin Luther composed) to please Christians, as in the case of another failed revolutionary, Harold Covington.

AWD with James Mason at the centre

When I see someone using satanic symbols the first thing that comes to my mind is: ‘A mental infant…!’

It should be obvious that if someone wants to start distancing himself from the religion of our parents, the distancing mustn’t be done childishly but maturely: assimilating books like that of the Spaniard Evropa Soberana about the psychological warfare that Judea fought against Rome after the destruction of Jerusalem; what I translated from the German Karlheinz Deschner, or even a book written by a liberal English, like Catherine Nixey’s.

But no: these neochristian Americans, unlike the Europeans mentioned above, make a teenage tantrum with Christian symbols that only denote their inability to reach adulthood.

If a revolutionary man wants to do something against Christianity, adulthood begins by reading, say, Uncle Adolf’s table talks. On this site I still have to collect the remaining of Hitler’s anti-Christian pronouncements in my cited quotations (I am missing another seven citations).

The tragedy I see with these groups who aspire to revolutionaries is that they don’t seem to realise that, given that the ethnosuicide of the West has to do with Semitic psyops, it’s more urgent to imitate Athens than Sparta at the moment; more important to philosophically understand the psyop than to do a military career. Otherwise one ends up playing with unassimilated forms of Christianity either with Satanism (which circumscribes an Abrahamic religion although negatively) or with the Luther hymn.

What kind of ‘anti-Semitic’ revolutionaries are these who cannot encapsulate the virus of Judeo-Christianity in their minds? Why don’t they follow the commandment of the Oracle of Delphi, an Apollonian oracle uncontaminated by Abrahamic religions (cf. my forthcoming translated autobiographical book)?

A Satanist would not scare the educated Christians of the racialist movement in the US. He would only inspire pity, as if he were a mentally ill person, a schizo individual. However, when I discuss with a Christian, as I recently did in Unz Review, he resorts to wanting to psychoanalyse me with my father because the objective information I represent he cannot answer.

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I didn’t want to involve in this post another revolutionary movement, Norman Spear’s ‘The Base’, because it’s unclear to me if the severed heads of goats they use in their pics also have to do with Satanism?

Satanism is nothing more than xtian shit based on adolescent rebellion devoid of retrospection; like the Cult of Yeshua it sides with the defeated, the downcast, the weak. In the place of a crucified hebe it substitutes a fallen angel [who like Yeshua never existed] as its hero. A loser pseudo-religion for perpetual losers.
In contrast to those dumb sheep in wolves skin, stand the true examples of pre-Christian as well as [hopefully] post-Christian values. A culture that is based on altruism for one’s kin cannot exist in the minds of those too stupid and/or immature to inspect themselves. Only a fundamentally clean and selfless worldview can change minds enough to better them. It makes little difference if one is a LaVeyan bonehead or a “temple ov blood” shits-for-brains-they are all degenerates. Even if they call themselves a nazi they will never be one.

In some aspects, they are worse than Ernst Röhm!

‘Satanism is nothing more than xtian shit based on adolescent rebellion devoid of retrospection…’

You nailed it.

‘…those dumb sheep in wolves skin’


‘they are worse than Ernst Röhm!’


“Satanism is alright.”
Yes, and because it’s ‘alright’, it is tame, weak and useless. Create an account on a normie forum with an alias like ‘the_satanist’: you’re a loony, a fool. You don’t scare anyone. But call yourself ‘the_racist’: insta-ban.

I’m not impressed by that group photo. Why are they indoors? Afraid to go outside dressed like that?
Why are half of them on their knees? Is this a soccer team?
Why is Mason sitting? Back pain?

If you’re not willing to show your face, Sgt. Rape, don’t bother posing for a picture.

Satanism is a joke. ‘Iron Gates’ is pornography. These youths are cannon fodder. The smart ones are inconspicuous.

“Satanism is alright.”
Yes, and because it’s ‘alright’, it is tame, weak and useless.

Sounds like the ‘white race’. More accurately it sounds like white racists.

“If you’re not willing to show your face, Sgt. Rape, don’t bother posing for a picture.”

I’m certain you won’t be showing your face on this website. Besides Rape’s face is available on the internet in both photo and video form, and he’s now under arrest by the FBI, which demonstrates he’s at least willing to put himself ‘out there’ on behalf of our shitty and ungrateful people who deserve a brutal white genocide like the cowardly goyim they are.

“Satanism is a joke.”

Like all white boys are, being the chief attraction of the circus that is clown world.

“The smart ones are inconspicuous.”

Can you give an example of worthy white males? My guess is they don’t exist.

@ Mauricio,

>’These youths are cannon fodder’.

Exactly. They jumped prematurely out of the trenches. It’s wiser to stay in the trenches for a while, and this has nothing to do with cowardice, but with wisdom.

@Joseph Walsh
A white racist is orders of magnitude better than a white normie, which is a borderline race-traitor in my eye.

I will not show my face. It would serve no purpose other than make the enemy’s job easier.

Did ‘Rape’ show his face, or the FBI did it for him?
Why put himself ‘out there’ for the normies?

‘Rape’ blundered. He wasted much better opportunities to inflict serious damage on a collapsing system. Now he’s tossing salads in an American prison until his death.

Varg Vikernes is a worthy White. He’s raising seven (eight?) children to be self-sufficient racists. He’s influenced hundreds of thousands of whites to prioritize the 14 Words.

CT is a worthy mixed-White. He’s producing vaccines to the Xtian virus.

I’d say even you are a worthy White. You’re not wasting your hate away.

‘Rape’ did what he could with what he was capable of, at the wrong time. We’re in a demographic winter. It’s time to sow. The harvest will come soon enough.

I’ve got words I would like to say to you but some of them can’t be written on the internet due to the need to avoid the authorities in my country and other things I’d like to say would take up too much space for a comment on TWDH.

If you would like to talk further you can give me your email or I can give you mine or I’d even be opening to speaking over Skype or Facebook etc. If you don’t want to speak any further I won’t comment on your above comment, I’ll just leave things here.

All the best regardless.

If there are Whites fighting the system actively (slinging lead, etc.) they’re working alone or as a small cell. Since we live in a Police State, any kind of group just won’t work for long and you’ll end up dead or imprisoned. Also, if there are people successfully giving the system black eyes the system will definitely not advertise the fact lest it give people any ideas.

So, the question is, could there be a few people out there harassing the system? It may well be, but it’ll be low key. If they’re smart, even the system won’t be sure if it was just simple crime or enemy action. Actions would be infrequent, seemingly random and not attention grabbing. No groups, no manifestos, no calling cards.

It seems we don’t have any scholars of Western Esotericism in the comments section here, and most are erroneously conflating the “Satanicism” of Ricky Kasso and Sean Sellers with Anton Szandor LaVey, Dr. Michael Aquino, etc.

I would object to the claim that “Satanism” is a modus vivendi for pariahs and adolescents. LHP methodologies are astutely designed for a spiritually elite coterie (in a Nietzschean sense) and don’t seek proselytes. However, it would be unwise to undergo this “Transvaluation of Values” without the proper foundation regarding Christianity’s repercussions on the Classical world and Germania. The extracts from Might is Right and the obvious Nietzschean influence in the worldview of The Satanic Bible demonstrate its contents as being implicitly anti-egalitarian to its core.

I have my own objections and criticisms of LaVey in particular (his positive view of artificial human companions for instance), but isn’t it ironic that LaVey has a more positive view of Indo-European archetypes such as Prometheus and Odin, whereas these Christian WN adopt the Augustinian view of conflating such archetypes as being “demons” (and not dæmons in the Classical connotation)? [LaVey was said to have been a card-carrying member of the National Renaissance Party in a biography on the far-right, however the CoS’s Twitter denied that specific aspect].

As far as “Rape” is concerned, I believe he practices a form of Satanism founded by David Myatt, an erudite Englishmen and ideological shapeshifter. The concern with AWD should not be their Satanism, but their Christian Identity through James N. Mason. Related, O9A (Myattian Satanism) is a prospect for being the next outlawed group in the UK. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-51682760

The Satanic Bible? You must be an American. For European’s ears all this sounds like teenage tantrums of an extremely immature country as to what spirituality should be about. Cf. the essays of Evropa Soberana on this site to grasp the concept of genuine spirituality. We need Zeus, not Xtian symbols to scare the normies. Only those who watch American TV are sacred by demons, ghosts or the paranormal, etc.

LaVeyan Satanism serves as an expected ephemeral period from the detoxing of Magian (Spenglerian term for Levantine civilization) malware to the initiate’s rediscovery of his ancestral archetypes. It’s a gateway drug so that the initiate may begin to commit deicide within his or her own psyche, which has been possessed by the “pallid incompetence hanging from a tree” and the ethos of the Abrahamic covenant and that of Yeshua. [Furthermore, it’s a gateway drug to Nietzsche and Redbeard]. Once the initiate has completed this process, they can go forth and concoct their own LHP methodologies in accordance with IE archetypes. This is when the initial recalcitrance to YHWH/El goes from callow to mature. Then you can fulfill Savitri Devi’s imperative to become a god.

But I agree that the very root/foundation must be by promoting the criminal history of the Galilean cult.

Then prepare for Christian ethno-nationalists to swap Yeshua for Zeus without the implementation of the “Transvaluation of Values”.

Nietzsche calls upon the Northern Europeans to discover a new god, and that is the Higher Self/Übermensch whose Destiny is to constitute the aristocratic stratum in the caste/varna of the Yockeyite Imperium.

What are you saying, that the only way to the ethno-state is thru American-style Satanism? The only thing I see among Satanists is mental distress and disorders. It’s like those poor Xtians who enter a Xtian monastery.

We need pre-Xtian archetypes. Not symbols that smell to putrefied Xtianity, like ‘Satanism’. I will tell you exactly what I told those lost souls who were placing Charles Manson above Hitler last year: What would the Nazis thought about American Satanists?

“What are you saying, that the only way to the ethno-state is thru American-style Satanism?”

No. LaVeyan Satanism is a left-hand path philosophy within the Western Esotericist tradition. I am personally in favour of a LHP methodology in congruence with Indo-European archetypes and ethnophyletism/caste/varna. LHP traditions are universally known for their practice of self-apotheosis in contrast from religions that advocate Bhakti yoga and/or sujūd to an external deity. Nietzsche would fall into the LHP category, while priests/brahmin personality types would possess a propensity towards the RHP.

Dr. Michael Aquino held Heinrich Himmler in high regard. I just wish when people would criticize LaVey (and other similar figures), they would criticize him for his philosophy instead of from the scope of Christian ethics. You’ll see many Christian WN denounce a figure like LaVey for being Jewish, then you’ll see that these Christians are on the polar-opposite of the spectrum of the Nietzschean Übermensch who has transvalued all values; they have no interest in the genius of Nietzsche and/or Redbeard. [This concern isn’t in apropos to you].

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