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Andy Donner and premature violence

Of his quintet, I fully read Harold Covington’s first four novels at a time when I had some correspondence with him, and I still recommend The Brigade to everyone who visits this site. But I distanced myself from Covington when I learned that he suffered from terrible character flaws, such as the defamation of other white nationalists, as I have explained on this site.

When Covington died in 2018 it bothered me that Andy Donner, who now runs the Northwest Front, alleged in his obituary that Covington had been a man of impeccable character. Obviously, Donner is as dishonest as Covington was, who never regretted his defamations of his colleagues, even decades after having defamed them. (For example, he labelled William Pierce ‘a federal informant’ in one of his novels.)

In the most recent Northwest Front podcast now run by Donner, ‘Andy discusses Party happenings and the arrests of members of the Base and AtomWaffen Division’. I was struck by the brief segment that begins after the fourth minute, as it is the first time Donner has talked about these two revolutionary groups. Also for the first time, he who now directs the Northwest Front was disengaged from the groups that presumably promote accelerationist violence.

In my opinion, nothing better destroys the depression to which the white man has fallen than novels such as Pierce’s The Turner Diaries and The Brigade by Covington. But it is clear that the hour of revolution has not arrived.

We could call failures of the imagination the huge mistake made by those who believe it’s time to fight. Even before the pandemic of the Chinese virus erupted, I knew something was going to happen that would open a window of opportunity for us. Revolutionaries who read Siege completely lack this kind of intuitive imagination. A few years ago, for example, in a forum that mentioned the future fall of the dollar, a commenter speculated that the first piece of the dominoes that could cause it could be… a Chinese virus! I wish I had saved the link, but I seem to remember that a few years ago I read that online, perhaps inspired on the first SARS-CoV epidemic.

The revolutionaries with whom I have dealt with over the forums vehemently reject all speculation of the Austrian school economists that the dollar is going to fall. Their vision is that business as usual will continue unless the revolutionaries step in (‘Screw your optics, I am in!’). The 2020 pandemic, which could potentially be that little piece of a dominoes effect (see the clips of Martenson and Maloney I’ve been linking), is the perfect answer to unimaginative would-be revolutionaries.

It is silly to lash out at the enemy without a lot of soldiers. Let’s be patient. The System is run by such stupid people—I include not only the gentile traitors but Jewry—that it will collapse on its own weight. Few things exasperate me more in white nationalism than the paranoia that Jewry has everything under control, when in reality they are almost as imbeciles as whites.

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Only after completing Covington’s quintet did I fully appreciate Pierce’s most famous novel. Everywhere Harold equivocated, Pierce offered a bold and logical declaration. His iron revolutionary logic has always been a comfort to me. The good doctor always knew, and always let us know, that our billion dollar problems had five cent solutions!

I’ve often wondered about things like that. Was that simply put in to appeal to Americans as something familiar or did he actually believe in a White Christian ethnostate ? If there is ever an ethnostate in America it would most likely include a fair amount of Christians simply by default. It’s not like Christianity is going to disappear overnight; that would take a few generations.

Atomwaffen? Really now, this sounds so nuevo-Naziish, like something Hollywood might dream up – or maybe Japanese anime. One might wonder if they have a special FBI section to plan their attacks.

“The Base?” Strange a white group would adopt an English translation of that well known, CIA front group, “Al-Qaeda.” Odd and confusing.

Is this the best – or last hope of the white race?

As for the collapse of the dollar, because the economy is a Jewish fun house of delusion, there is no doubt this will happen, the question is when. Jews have phenomenal powers of persuasion in the global economy. As long as they can convince and coerce we-the-the sheeple to believe in their sham, fiat economy, nothing will change. Considering how long they have convinced people of other lies, like the Bible and the Holocaust, that could be a long time.

Like the the end of the world, people have been predicting an economic collapse for years, but it has yet to happen. One might consider the number of times we have reached the end of the oil age or how many tickets have been sold for Jesus’ return.

I take the advice of Gutle Schnaper Rothschild, “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” One can readily translate this into 21st century economic terms as, “If my sons did not want economic collapse, there would be none.”

The way I see it, America is the only Golem bully-boy Jews have big enough to push their global agenda around. Therefore as long as the Jews need America everything will continue to degrade and dissolve in slow motion.

But the moment America is no longer useful to them, Jews will “suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off…” (Actually, they have been doing this for some time now)

I disagree. As I already said, Jews are almost as stupid as whites. The only power they have over the West is the power granted to them by stupid whites. Once the West goes under they’ll go under too, as in the fable ‘The Scorpion and the Frog’.

“Norman Spear” is actually an American defense and intelligence contractor. Not to say that members of the System cannot rebel, but this information was revealed alongside multiple Base arrests. He even purchased land through an LLC called “Base Global”. Imagine the Red Army Faction forming an LLC called “Red Army Faction Global” lmao. It doesn’t help that they pose with severed goat heads, either.

With Atomwaffen (which I agree sounds like a videogame), it either started as a satanic cult or was corrupted into one. TLDR; AWD is effectively managed by a young man calling himself “Rape” that promotes O9A materials. The O9A is a literary project by David Myatt that urges satanists to “ride” ideologies like National Socialism and Communism. Hijacking radical belief systems achieves some metaphysical objective for them.

Let’s be honest here. Most people don’t have any idea what being a real revolutionary would require. Revolutionaries are not going to come from the upper or middle classes. They’ll come from the poor side of town, with a high percentage of them being criminals. Most of our current “revolutionaries” wouldn’t want anything to do with these sorts of “low” people. What’s worse is if we had people actively giving the system heartburn and sleepless nights, they’d get thrown under the bus as undesirables by our self appointed “leaders.”

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