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One of the things that I liked about Richard Spencer’s recent eschatological speech about his country is that he recognises that what is at stake is the entire American paradigm.

If one reviews the sites of white nationalism, they are nearsighted. They try to locate the origin of white decline in the Jewish quarter without any substantial self-criticism about what caused the empowerment of Jewry in the first place. People like Tom Sunic have said, in public conferences full of white nationalists, that the Jews ‘did not fall from the Moon’, but that their empowerment was due to factors intrinsic to Western civilisation. The same I can say about Spencer. Unlike the endemic myopia in the movement, Spencer is an intellectual who has begun to see the big picture.

Spencer is a relatively isolated case. It is a pity that the other American intellectual who wasn’t myopic, Michael O’Meara, has retired from the forums of white nationalism. But if there is something irritating in the movement, it is for Christians to go out with specious arguments such as pondering whether Christianity is compatible with racialism, given the racial history of the United States at times when they seemed not to be fighting each other.

This is a specious argument as I said. This winter, for example, I suffered a terrible respiratory illness that, in my case, is chronic. The polluted air of Mexico City is killing me: and this shows more and more every winter.

It is silly to say that the capital’s air is compatible with health as apparently the contamination doesn’t affect my sister, with whom I live. Rational would be to recognise that the air is toxic, although at first it doesn’t affect everyone. Living in a toxic environment for health and saying that it isn’t toxic because the symptoms are not yet noticed is magical thinking. As magical as saying that Christianity hasn’t adversely affected us during every single historical stage of the West.

To have the god of the Jews as our god; obeying the precepts of a supposed new testament addressed to us gentiles (out of the pen of Jews, of course) and continuing to ignore Aryan history* is a formula for the continuing ethno-suicide. In fact, if we analyse it deeply, the ideology of white nationalists, in which I include secular webzines such as those by Johnson and MacDonald, is more in line with this continuous slip toward suicide than to what would be an authentic intellectual reaction against the American paradigm.

But at least someone like Spencer begins to glimpse that the problem has a much larger dimension than what myopics see in the movement.


(*) With the exception of Jake F., Arthur Kemp and an Englishman who sat on my right in one of the private meetings of the London Forum a few years ago, nobody I know properly values the only non-fiction book of Pierce.

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“People like Tom Sunic have said, in public conferences full of white nationalists, that the Jews ‘did not fall from the Moon’, but that their empowerment was due to factors intrinsic to Western civilisation.”

Even pre-civilization character of westerners caused them to be attracted to christianity when it came down the pike, or at least accepting of it when it was forced down their throat by their useless pagan leaders, who were merely the earliest manifestation of cosmic forces. It’s deep, it’s old, it’s biological. Islam found its home in the Arabs, early forms of Buddhism in the east, earthy religions in the northern asians who settled in North America 9000 years ago and so on and so forth. Can’t fight reality.

Forcing Americans away from Christianity in all its forms may or may not work in any meaningful way. Anything real comes from the ground up. And when it’s not right anymore, something else takes its place one way or another.

Even pre-civilization character of westerners caused them to be attracted to christianity…

Have you read the 1st part of The Fair Race? Or the other chapters on Rome? It looks like the spread of Xtianity was mainly due to miscegenation in the Roman Empire. No miscegenation, no Xtianity.

I have some peculiar responses to both Samia and César.

1. @Samia

It can be said that Europeans only converted to Christianity in 1789. Or 1917, 1945 or what have you. What I mean is that the Europe of Innocent III was not exactly Christian – it was a Europe of the 13th ct., in the continued fight between the Aryan and the Jew.

This much is historically true. I’m not even saying that “muh’ innocent ancestors were murdered by evil Christian mongrels” like César tends to. What I’m saying is that there are different stages and kinds of what is called Christianity. What I’m saying is that language may be unclear when it should and can be precise.

So, in a way, my point is that “muh’ glorious pagan Europe did not die with Saxony in 800”. Or “our ancestors cucked themselves, but gradually and partially.”

2. @César

Yes, Christianity spawned out of the filth of the late anti-racist Roman Empire. And if it hadn’t been this Jewish creed, it would’ve been another. (Imagine if Jews had been turned as powerless as modern Gypsies, and instead Europe had turned to Manichaeism.)

Still, the 100% Aryan Europe converted. From the Irish to the Goths and the Russians. Time and time again. I explain it away by saying that our ancestors were stupid, greedy and vain – blinded by the splendour and might of Rome. You are adding that some were conquered by force (such as the Saxons). Either way, the picture is grim.

Also, don’t forget that the predecessor to both Christianity and Buddhism was Zoroastrianism in the Empire of Iran. Iran is the same as Russia, Byzantium and Rome. Iran should be destroyed.

Not only the Saxons. If visitors were already familiar with Part I of The Fair Race, they’d know that all the south of Europe was converted by force and genocide too.

I mean it’s bad when it happens to us, but good when we do it.

If whites had the fanaticism of jews they would have conquered the world a long time ago.

I’m sorry, César, but you cannot have your cake and eat it, too. What was it? Miscegenation or “genocide”? News flash – there was no “Christian-pagan” war in Rome. There were neither the White Movement nor the Confederates in antiquity, only Julian (who seems more like a Rockwell figure anyway).

Who genocided those Romans? Jews? Again, Christianity could have lost to Manichaeism, Mithraism or any other stupid universalist creed. The Roman race had been dead, along with its religions and philosophies, by that time anyway.

There had been no “South of Europe” to be genocided by 212, let alone 313. Rome was West Asia. There were civil wars, but not about religion. Christianity actually brought political stability for a century. No, temple vandalism cases do not count, the Mediolanum edict was a formality to the failure of the Roman race to inseminate Carthage and Syria.

Augustine the Punic is the successor of Zama!

Miscegenation caused the huge reduction of whites in the Roman Empire. Already a minority, it was easier to genocide them. Have you read the Judea vs. Rome essay (kind of masthead of this site)?

A issue Norse paganism faces is it is too dark, there does need to be a certain degree of darkness, but people need hope too. Almost everything I hear about Odin is negative, the word grim is in a bunch of his names. Another problem is some of these pagans seem to be practicing animal sacrifice too. I advocate wine libations as being offerings to the gods or ancestors. Ancestor veneration is an option for people. People who want to explore pagan paths have some mental work to do in discerning what path makes the most sense for them and how they want to go about it. It is important for a path to offer someone hope.

In my view, Norse paganism is much sunnier that Christianity. It doesn’t have a creator God who sends the vast majority of human souls to suffer eternal conscious torment. Just not having to worry
about that happening to you or anyone gives strength and hope.

But you’re right, Paganism has plenty of work to do. One of the biggest problems is that Christian monks and so forth added
plenty of Christian themes in their pagan “histories.” So it’s muddy water and easy to get lost. But one CANNOT accept Christian “rules” or judgement about how Pagans should proceed. There’s no need to “adapt” to their imbecility.

It’s a different worldview, but how is it different? I’ve been reading
and thinking about pagan vs. Christian (or Jewish) conceptions of “time and space.” Trying to get down to root issues.

adding: One difference, I think, is that Christians see the physical world we life in as “evil” or at least, unimportant. Pagans see the physical world as “good” and important.

“Almost everything I hear about Odin is negative, the word grim is in a bunch of his names.”

That’s only true if all you do is listen to Christcuck lying.

“Another problem is some of these pagans seem to be practicing animal sacrifice too.”

Nobody I know, or in anything I’ve read indicates that “pagans” are practicing “animal sacrifice.” “Animal sacrifice” and “animal cruelty” is another old lie that Christcucks tell. Sounds like “projection” of Jewish cruelty to animals onto pagans.

It’s startling when you see how much, in particular, “white nationalist
Christians” lie They virtually lie about everything, as it pertains to religion. But by calling them liars, I’m doing them a kindness. Because the alternative is that they actually believe what they’re saying. And no one could be that stupid, could they?

I suppose the people telling these lies could be Jews, but I don’t think so. Jews seem more indifferent about “paganism” at this point than Christcucks. Frankly, it’s hard for me to tell the difference.

brainofboltzmann is right.

You cannot cure most people of their goyimhood; if it’s christianity or any other creed, it’s irrelevant. And this was true for millennia. And it will be true as long as human beings exist on this planet. That’s why nothing like Sparta or NS Germany will ever come to dominate the Earth. But the myth is important because it prevents the total triumph of the lie (goyimhood).

Your pissing up a rope. Yes, white nationalists are “nearsighted” first, for their failure to use (and weaponize) the minority races to their advantage in the fight against the jews (minorities are jews victims too) but also because they don’t distinguish low IQ whites from high IQ whites. Anybody thats ever been around white trash, will understand these distinctions instantly. Nobody but nobody wants to be around uneducated, alcoholic, drug addicted, sexually perverted stupid whites, as they’re in the same category as ghetto niggers, and 3rd world, gang banging spics. My problem with you is that you keep saying “whites” facilitated/enabled the jewish takeover of white societies, and this shows your massive ignorance into our social structure based on individualism (every man for himself) and the degree in which jews work as a team to collectively take over educational criteria, mass media, and the entertainmant industries and then use these mediums to dumb as all down. Simply put, we have been atomized as individuals, and told this is “personal freedom” when in fact, this atomization has left us powerless against the huge corporation known as “jews”. You need to sit down and realize the jews get holocausted in every society they infect because they’re a criminal organization that takes over, and then exploits the host population. One of the key ways jews do this is by controlling the way we think, and it’s obvious they’ve been successful in your case. “War is the father and king of us all” as Heraclitus used to say, and the extent of this profound statement is well above your intellect. Asshole.

My problem with you is that you keep saying “whites” facilitated/enabled the jewish takeover of white societies, and this shows your massive ignorance into our social structure based on individualism…

If whites did not enable kike takeover who enabled it? Blacks? Mestizos? Gooks?

Have you read the writings of Michael O’Meara?

Have you read the writings Tom Sunic?

Do you believe that the average monocausal commenter in WN (it seems you’re one of them) has a wider meta-perspective than these two intellectuals, an American and an European?

Have you at least read The Fair Race? Remember: I am considering closing comments altogether for the simple reason that commenters don’t want to read it.

There really is no use in finger pointing who did what or when, as we must focus on how to defeat the jews NOW, and figure out how to regain control of our banks, corporations and identities. The atomization process of men and nations goes back to ancient times and the chaotic rise of the first civilizations. Jews realized then that a philosophy based on collectivism (strength in numbers) was necessary for their survival (on this endless war planet), and that individualism is a divide and conquer strategy, which they’ve proliferated throughout the world, in a variety of ways (christianity, as example, is an selfish, individualistic based ideology). Realizing this, they then hid this “collective power” realization by injecting “individualism” as a way of dividing up their competation. I did read “fair race” and there’s not much there. Read “Of Arms and Men” by Robert O’Connell for a good description of the warfare processes mankind is trapped in.

But you missed the point: How is it possible to beat the Jews when white nationalists share Xtian ethics? Or haven’t you read the collection of Robert Morgan articles on this site (also, Jack Frost)?

Where are you getting your stats on american white nationalists being xtian? From Mexico City? The (((internet)))? I assure you, with almost 6 decades of life experience, living all over this country, most people throughout the USA, are not xtian, or anything else. Most churches are emtpy. Any stats that you see saying otherwise are either jews hoping their invented psyop comes to their rescue (again), or xtian themselves lying through their teeth (as they always do) to puff up their numbers. And that’s the problem with the internet. It’s easy to fool people that are young, or don’t know this country coast to coast in real life. As far as beating the jews, it’s a work in progress. The numbers are there, all we need is a centralized political platform pulling the jew aware folks together. We are getting closer

I’ve never said that all white nationalists are Christians. But there are certainly quite a few Christians among them.

The real trouble though is that most white nationalists (except, say, Linder) share Christian ethics, even the secularists.

That’s the problem.

Cesar, have you seen Richard Spencer’s interview on the Alex Jones show?

Here it is:

Alex is a well known shill who is paid to divert Whites from a racial consciousness to crazy conspiracies and in this interview he did everything he could to try to smear Spencer, but I think that this will ultimately backfire and actually bring even more people in our direction.

My favorite parts were the ones where Spencer said that our current system is a secular form of christianity and also the final part of the interview where he said that Whites need to collectivize and take control and “become the badasses of history again.”

The problem is jews have had control of the modes of mass communication in the west, from the advent of the printing press, and have used these mass communication systems to spread confusion, disinformation and outright chaos as their means of preventing non jews from forming a centralized worldview that they could rally around, to challenging jewish rule. Jews do have a centralized identity and purpose and see all other systems as threats, and instead of working for peace, instead work for war. Mankind is still in its infancy, and the world is too big, and too diverse, to unite behind one belief, thus we will continue to have different nations fighting wars over the earth’s limited space and resources. Unfortunately, the victors of war will dictate how socieites are formed and ruled, and in this hi tech world, the advanced weapons systems of the higher IQs will be the deciding factor on who wins the wars, reducing each social system into a mad scramble to out develop all the other competing systems for the best weapons. Man is trapped in endless war, and the system with the best bomb wins. It is all that simple.

I am getting a little tired & didn’t read beyond your phrase:

The problem is jews have had control of the modes of mass communication in the west…

Since I didn’t read further I ignore if you’re still missing the main point: it was the westerners who handed over the press to the Jews, ergo the Aryan problem encompasses the JP.

I’ll ask a last time: Have you read The Fair Race?

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